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he's up you're not believing again you're not polluted kid you ready really throw it down on the ground it's it's a big thing have you seen it it's a big box what yeah you break it you break it for wood really but you don't get what you want at Christmas [Laughter] right out of the pilot's seat shot go to the face of a boy's good Gigi's good stream policy leader row I have a massive value item for you wonder if you can stand it if throw the gift on to someone and sit inside of it bro we need to try it you know what you do know what you do like right here right we'll break it down on this side and then and then to tend to break this down essentially and then all three sides as a gift will be open yeah like that metal wall on this side it will be in the gift yeah I want to see if we can throw the gift in on top of someone and you sit inside of it like it spawns and you're in it because it spawns like a big box so that that will be the ultimate way you're a little just inside an unopened package someone said you can carry up guys one shot again 150 attack on the one do you know how I have to do you know I have to I have to I feel like arch my like upper lip in a weird way to get that voice oh thanks yeah it's like it cuz it's like very like courage yo Clippers like that's like arch my I look like in front of my teeth and like get like a what a sacrifice you're making sacrifices explaining what a sacrifice you look at a prison Merry Christmas you filthy animal oh my god that's what its gonna be like Oh Tyler talking about a good clip from this works oh my god yeah briar here forty shield dad would you guys wear a onesie if it was just my face fully zoomed in like this just huge at the whole torso is it's my face like that yes out of me lanes coming down low I was good can you carry a slurp or do you want to carry the present you you carry the present it's right here oh wait the sound it makes when you pick it up is incredible dude I think are the best man oh my god okay what are you guys doing what are you guys doing no yeah hey what are you going what are you guys doing back there a these Merry Christmas bro eeyaah ye yeah you can't handle the turret Pony bathroom dive who's so annoying what the heck the dreams of four people chasing this one dude right here they ripped it again oh I try to hit him 90 96 96 going up again gonna be close again photo I knocked the woman's vehicle the planes are falling forward a blood-curdling scream Oh lost a brave soldier today all right we're really put out great content today well riff to go right off the bat we're getting a present this game we're doing a chat this game we're getting the president we're doing it and then you're all gonna freak out that just hit me for five damage dog what the little lace of things Wow I just ruin their Christmas I actually just ruined their Christmas oh my god I feel terrible I actually just ruined their christmas guys like their parents are not gonna give them gifts anymore yeah I got this I got this on the other song all right so try to get some already it's gonna be hard okay oh yeah rocketing quad rocket that's hold it's more I'd really be styling on him like that jet I kind of try to guess this one oh is that all over Christmas is you not it I really can stay baby a shoulder Pat oh well they work well that wasn't fair Jack why'd you have to do that never got to fold in damage in my history of this game chat me it's got a shotgun this is not gonna be fun like I got my girlfriend a one by Kate Owen well I got a ghost a trucker come on boy come on boy you buckets good for you all you have the president I get the present this is perfect dudes just get it knocking you're talking about a doughnut cutter Machado yet pom pom pom / here rare yep grab it [Music] no no why dude ha ha ha I got a rocket present I got a present yes let's go come on this is it this is it oh my god that rock you just scared me sane dude this guy just jumped out on the side they're going for the llama oh Jesus Christ there's nowhere safe these guys both want it hold on hey I'm running back to your money back to your money back what's building up behind you there's so many people oh my god yep come on honey they're weak yeah it's nice in here weak oh great guys yeah nice because week please knock me off this thing thank God okay okay plane plane top of the mountain right there right by the plane right by a plane dip down right between the tip line olive oil yeah come on please dear lord I need gases chat gas him up No be patient chat while you still can move directly in the center of it just I thought the box is way bigger to be honest when I turned I was like I'll take a couple steps and what's that back oh there you literally moved happy noise Merry Christmas you filthy animal no he's so bad it's so bad it worked oh my god it works let's go chat some aegyo let's something wrap it right there well I mean if you go if you go off like the Jurassic world you're it's like oh that's Tim in the bedroom [Laughter] [Music] [Music]