everyone please go pre-order my new bunk my diary please get it off the shelves all of my secrets are in this it could ruin my career go buy it right now Ramsay hey guys Miranda and yes it's true today I'm making meat slime I asked you guys on Instagram what you want me to do and someone said make slime with meat and I think this is a great idea well I'm is really popular nowadays so I think it's a great idea to make stew over the best things in the world meats in slime it could be delicious it could be squinching it could be fun by also slime BAFF in here which means you can put slime into a bathtub I'm not doing a whole meet slime bath that sounds like a great idea click the like button if this video gets over hundreds of trillion likes then I will do a back you have a bowl of water here so I'm just going to turn this into its fine [Music] I don't want I want thanks like I wanted sink [Music] I'm trying to get slimy okay I'm accept nice and good and we got some good time happening here which means now it's time to add the me first I have a chicken brain i microwaved it nice and calm smells rotten I figure we can just take some chunks of this and drop it on in here really nice this is the fun way to have a healthy snack and stay on the trend I also hear mom's all the time being like oh how do I get my kids to eat this is a good way to hide me inside of slime so if someone's like a vegan or vegetarian you're trying to get them to eat me you can just give them you know this so the chicken breast is in there next meats we have chicken breast slices so we have all these delicious slices of chicken breast and just stack these in here ladies Oh Frank and last but not least we have my leftovers from lunch so I was eating this chicken so we can take off the skin take off the chunks there's some bones in here off here we go look at this chicken meaning flying dreams come true everybody if you just believe it it can happen look at all that meat this is a dream come true for a cannibal warrant so much meaty slowly this is just a dream come true I've always wanted to have me in my farm I don't know why I never thought of this before I'm so happy that you guys asked me to do this I can feel the bones in here look there's a rib cage just alleges maybe I'll make this for dinner for my mom tonight I will say this I am so happy that YouTube has become a place for talent because only a really talented person can know how to make slime thanks for watching everybody and I hope you like my slime video make sure to subscribe and share this with all your friends [Music]