MASK S01E02 The Star Chariot

see leave the mission the spectrums gone is thank you the other man oh he's writing on bed the desert is tired today dog like you he is hot in his breath move slow diletto ah whip on and the Braille dots are we go if you ever want to see another sunset you'll hand over your half of the Emerald Arrowhead hey I don't know what you're talking about we'll see about that so here start talking old man daggers temper is explosive hues and real sharp there was an emerald Harrow an ancient tribe passed it down from one chief to the next but the tribe long ago disappeared the arrowhead has never been seen since you better tell us where it is chief so eagle or you'll find there's a snake deadlier than a rattler whip hon I I passed it on to my grandson let's go please don't hurt him it was terrible they used their strange weapons to force me to tell them Daniel had the other half of the arrowhead your grandson Daniel you why Daniel and his mother picked up Scott this morning they drove to Canyon Creek to go fishing I'd better hurry what have I done select the mask agents best suited for this mission personnel Sato mechanical engineer and design specialist vehicle code name rhino computer and communicators expert systems commander just again on our memories our driver people condemn Gloria Vegas champion race drivers like Belden comfo vehicle code names ah I've got a bike look Scott but the biggest one yet you're supposed to be catching fish t-bog not tin cans what are you doing Scott here comes one god I haven't even had a nibble here I come from a long line of great Indian chiefs but I can't even catch one fish hey don't feel bad I hardly ever catch any fish today I was just lucky maybe but a lot luckier than me at least you caught some here I want you to have her and I want you to have half of what I caught - I want to show my friendship it's so beautiful it's a tradition in my tribe between friends you can wear it until the Setting Sun Wow thanks and I'll take good care and according to old Indian legend the other half of the arrowhead was lost over a thousand years ago lost all that time curious where could it possibly be maybe in an old Indian couch an emerald Arrowhead wouldn't be worth more than a few thousand dollars venom doesn't bother with anything less than a million it matters not what a key is made of so long as it opens the lock that's it Bruce the arrowhead must be the key to something far bigger hmm something much bigger a canoe dusty sometimes I think you've got an empty tepee whatever it is Venom's got to be stopped and fast right Wow I feel just like a brave Indian warrior you look more like a plucked turkey Kanak t-bob the Indian boy all right that Arrowhead will lead me to the biggest prize of all the star chariot moving Oh what do they want with me I'll let him flip on diva radio dad it's all more trouble hurry Yuki get off my antenna ya silly frog er fouling up my signal the emergency frequency we're in big trouble yay go get up I'm going for Scott's bed you're covered that you keep them busy Oh but for now watch me give Vanessa whip clunk ha ha that ball go back Oh we'll have a better chance of losing him if we split up good tiger get that kid let's go of me I don't get it he took Scott Daniel I've got to stop Jagger no you don't I'm putting Thunderhawk on autopilot stepping out the fresh air spectrum hang glider on ah trying to sneak up on me too bad just what I was thinking of going on a little spin spectrum hang-glider on ah there at the Scott who was after him Daniel quick hi Jacob I'll divert their attention mark anguish sure no stop I starve or pepper it's no use the fire extinguisher isn't good enough how bout there we can't get through the flames they're too high not from me Daniel thank you whoever you are or saving my son oh I'm okay mom I'm fine wow those are great masks I didn't know the fire department had that kind of stuff they don't we are not from the fire department where's your Arrowhead son how'd you know about my Arrowhead John slow Eagle told a friend of mine he gave it to you I let Scott wear it Scott so that's why venom went after Scott hey Scott's in trouble let me go let me go shut up at last it's taken me ten years to find the other half of the arrowhead according to the symbols on this ancient Indian tapestry the emerald Arrowhead will point the way to the star chariot an alien spacecraft buried beneath the desert a thousand years ago we've got all the vehicles we need maybe but this vehicle has something you lack intelligence the intelligence of a civilization millions of years beyond Earth a ship that came from so far away must have an incredible propulsion system I'll adapt it for an unbeatable new generation of venom beer pods I've located venom they're moving south on highway 770 straight for the Mesa Verde National Park Bruce I want a chance to check out the park before they arrive think you can slow venom down and meet me there don't worry Matt a wounded rabbit makes the full box hungry indeed rabbit rubbish by Jove I'm the strategic expert around here and I say we set up an ambush that's what Bruce just said we should reach Mesa Verde National Park within the hour and uh looks like an accident well it appears our masks friends have had a little mishap prepare to take on another prisoner no an ambush looks like we caught mayhem unaware go get a mask ha ha Oh lock your attack I wouldn't want that my young boy to get hurt don't worry about me blast them dusty oh yeah cool the Fox has eaten the rabbit the arrowhead sporting it's those cheap Welling Oh there it is the star chariot tough even mass will be able to stop me once I possess its power never will take him yeah one step closer is you'll regret whip on let's go yeah Wow right I hate to tell you this t-bob but you're not alive oh uh I forgot we'll be cross don't give up so easily who I perspire Oh oh no Scott no but it's too late here's a real eye-opener for Benin rhinos ultra-bright five things out of you I can't see the control the lights to a third I can't stand it anymore they're trying to escape not for long Spectrum's mom were crap I'm going to personally see that you spend the rest of your life behind bars mayhem sorry not this time I'll be back for the star chariot you can bet on it Matt Benham will pay for what they did to Scott did somebody call me Scott you're alive of course I'm alive and did I ever have a weirdo dream t-bob and I were hit by the huge rolling pin next thing I knew this UFO took us to an alien planet where they fixed the Sun you're kidding uh I had the same dream that's impossible robots don't dream we a minute you don't think I get the funny feeling this star chariot is more than it appears to be yeah and what happens when venom decides to come back and try for it again I do hope that answers your question dusty old chap I guess we'll never know what message that ship held for our world when the eggs are disturbed the bird makes a new nest birds oh where oh I have enough troubles with frogs no teba but bruce means is the star chariot isn't gone it's found a safer home look the arrowhead when all of the miles Mayhem's of this world are gone I think it may finally reveal its secrets Hey look at the great dog come on pal let me pet you careful Scott you know that dog no but he's so friendly you have to be careful he could bite remember you're a stranger to him too Alex I don't know he owns a pet store thanks for the tip I won't tell any strange dog that's the best way to keep a dog kids best friend next the t-bone secret in spectrums gods Hey man you