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Lupo dr. Lupo wants to play hey Ben you want to play video games [Music] doctor I'm here for my appointment I just saw Pluto in my chat in the middle of that whole fight at a dog fight yeah dad Jesus Christ what does when I become that's cool poo bags out in your stream in I haven't seen a monster is your partnership rep yeah no that's your stream only six or seven right now hmm so guys I want to go ahead and tell you guys all the benefits of mixer calm yeah you're gonna want to go to mixing that complex Chris J where do not drop it guy big what the hell Tilton all right sorry medium guy may get massaged guy huh did you watch The Avengers trailer I did yeah Wow IBS I like a baby during that whole thing I'm just gonna cry I'm gonna think it's over I'm gonna think I'm like good and I'm gonna cry some more dude if Game of Thrones comes out what I hope it comes out that will mean Game of Thrones final season and Avengers will release in my birthday week it's gonna be an emotional week yep it'll be so emotional chat can we please get five guys please watch we're really Ben and I are really you gotta we gotta get you know we both have a family to feed guys so yeah yeah jet yeah wait you have a family well I eat as much as a family of four as we talk about Tim well Tim watch the trailer you watch a trailer and um dream I didn't know what those rules are because I know yeah watch something and then react to it and like add your own thing into it it's technically not copyright that's open or else how would those reaction channels exist that get millions of views you know I mean Jack people take our stuff and turn it into highlight reels that is true yeah I don't know what I'm saying so we can definitely watch a trailer on you know you know what switch come after me you want to ban me twits try it try to ban me Edie Lupo you think you can better you can't ban a switch watching Ben and I offer you a challenge Banas right man that you just sound like you just got executed I'm not kidding that was horrifying sounding Amaya I got what it takes jack go ahead and shoot this guy the face right - one shooter to the face yeah that was not the face yeah nothing but body shots look at a happy my dog is post I literally just place that directly back on the roof perfectly well chillin yeah it's perfect Jack EE perfect landing why do I feel like you're belittling my achievements as a pilot right now yeah okay could I do for you so you fell through there you go did I want you to come up here please oh you're done jump I'm drinking please be patient I'm open this animal box and now I'm gonna jump okay what's up look what's good what can I do for you oh wait we got a plane behind us this is I'm getting emotional about of ar mo I can no longer shoot don't you have nine bullets alive I've been up at the nature oh my god I'm jumping down were jumping out I hit it with the name 400 it's really fun when discord poops himself midway through the game you know crystal we loved when this cord dies yeah that was like wait could you not could you know humming in the final time no I had my game audio off oh I wonder why Zevon always have it off sorry what do we do I'll play this like it's random cue smile alright let's pretend let's pretend like we're doing random duo's ok when we join in we're gonna hacked like this is random okay you're out there wait are you the streamer or a Midas rumor or we bolt the streamer I think we're both the streamer ok cool cool cool cool perfect they we're gonna / - no we're gonna realize no no we're just gonna join back whoa we matched up random drools me and Lupo out were the odds that that we can clickbait it for YouTube I got perfect you'll get like you'll never believe one match with some random duo's sort of thing oh my check oh dude you've gotta be kidding me alright well hey Ben how you doing good wait you're curious JD the streamer right yes - did you do we just hug out this week why'd you say it like you didn't know me man it's got a weird yeah I mean I this is turtle head plus is a-- oh yeah what are the odds of this guys no way look at chat chats freaking out oh my god hugs dude duo's cows turn off your plane to the bathroom are you the bathroom right now yeah definitely in the bathroom Oh okay just give me a yell real quick I wanna check we reenact the last time I use the restroom really good the audio quality is actually top-tier right now it's that's how I knew that it was you cuz the audio is so good if someone on your building me careful spreading to you well as your dynamite or theirs this is my dynamite and I got shot and it hurts and enjoy that you idiot oh god Jack don't let me die I don't have built I don't have built it on a bill turnip bills I don't have a face I'm laying down I'm crying over here in the bushes just get some wood or something see all right just this can't go wrong we're in random duels we can't mess this up bro this is one of the odds of this is this would never happen again I don't we've got to get it we've got to win Oh behind us behind us Jack I have a Goldie let's go did you kill those two I shot the guy that was northeast he's dead he's dead well then what the dudes to the west are still alive okay there's a rift to go there as well yeah we absolutely need to okay we getting RIF to go and get out of here and reset if you want to I'm kind of down why what eise we get a plane to get out here it's been looted but nobody took a plane no throw what who doesn't take a plane Jack oh hey look being just a sick oh okay that was a wall yeah the one off the wing dude one not the piles jumping can't control myself what I just danos way better thank you I got it all that time how many nights you got one one zero about one well what brand is your microphone I'll see you about picking one up myself I think it's a logitech HD like c720 it's really it's that webcam actually but it's got really good vocal range you want to hear how it handles the beat yeah yeah pest please yeah absolutely when you play it like a dream perfect perfect ya know they're absolute sweats bro wake up here well out stop jack dude have it done right it was in a while hopefully you get something good in here it's been a while since random duo's still got that blast Wow wait wait is this Ben again again yeah this game - wait we just matching Rado duos dude watch what are the chances jack he's serious dude someone tell her I'm telling my editor right now this has to be a Youtube upload I just matched Lupo in random duos dude oh my god Wow chat what is it do you think it's like a does it favor people on your friends list or is this just are we just serendipity Jax is this meant to be good so I'm doing open mics you can't hear my keyboard too much can you cuz it it's not picking up is it dude then I literally I don't even hear it couldn't hear the thing no good even here it's that quiet that's amazing dude that it's that quiet yeah sup dawg well done well done haha go back to roblox yeah oh I'm gonna grab this something to grab a scrapbook cuz I'm a grappling pro do it get it do it get it get it do it you're gonna blue blue okay no I'm good I think in LAN Center oh but I'm getting shot at next to me as well good shot got this guy better than him I'll use dad I'm gonna miss I'm literally his father to know if you can look it up legally I'm looking usually nice to see I see him is the corner of the building of they're also doing a go-kart way past that I'm shooting at bag the go-kart one time inside bottom door shooting shooting shooting shooting shooting shooting do you play by play is it helping Jack sounds like he has Rockets and he's got a buddy you tell em jack I'm really glad my mouse is there my keyboard you can get picked up above my cat all either so like yeah wait you try it let me try it one more time okay hold on I'm going pretty soft to visit you hear that dude seriously it's like it's there's nothing there you might not I think you're trolling me there probably no typing I don't hear any keyboard at all it sounds great perfect okay good I have a MIDI for you by the way perfect thanks random kudos courage JD dude unbelievable unbelievable man like like seriously dude bullshitting time this house over here better you're just gonna use this use this Max value vo game what my chat is asking what's up with you - Mike I don't hear anything I think it must be on my side it's on my side twitch yes yeah Chad what are you talking about alright I'm ready to go another policy I'm carrying three vital be carrying three I'm kind of stuck learning for the rest of the game so what do you what are you running Jack talk me through it I'm trying something I called the European technique okay I've got a scar at a shadi okay a grappler that's the set you have a second grappler sorry you run three you've read three grapplers it's called the it's called the other European technique that's impressive actually I don't know how to counter that how can you count three grapplers you think if I just ran two grapplers to be enough but then you have a third grappler in case they try encounter the first time a second let's go man let's win these random duo's bro yeah all right but swoop it on somebody jack in with a battle cry so I meet you man I feel the same way I didn't fully understand what you said but yeah dude I'm on him I think I think you met this guy oh please playing this down well done who's got a desk outside brick outside brick show me your face wait this campfires campfire over there using campfire oh let's go Ben you know what he did wrong there what he thought I only had two crackers what an idiot try to counter to counter only to grapplers but sighs the building so dumb nowadays man here bet help me GG men I can't even I can't think of how to how to bump into movements because the number of grapplers that you have is so intense I don't know oh I just got absolutely wrecked kneeling they never think you have three what okay okay keyboard key jockey boat keyboard oh I think I heard it once there huh rest time I haven't heard it but it's not annoying is it like when you don't know very rare cases you hear it no students um one of my chat that said your voice in lieu posts is so bad just a heads up I think it's off you didn't tell you it's opposite day my channel oh it sounds like angels weeping yeah yeah yeah okay yeah braixen my weapon swap oh you're good I like that a lot yeah yeah we showed them Jack dude there's only four enemies left we could win this random duo random cube duo with courage JD and dr. Lupo okay so you can't believe we got matched together dude what are the odds one in four million someone in chat asked what's with Jack's audio I think they want to know what what kind what kind of compressor three five eight eight six three okay yeah Barto actually can you tell Jack to talk louder yeah parently they don't have I've got you turned all the way up if you could try something where you just reclaim the mic out it was it you blow up ya know there's stuff in the way I'd leftover cheese and bags get this one guy left is he in there 48 damage I got the spin I got this watch I got him like a flirt [Music] baby wait wait Ben what's up we we were in the same Lobby the whole time dude wait are you serious yes oh my that's why we cute together oh so dumb dude wait man let me see this helps with the audio quality one sec yeah I could hear yourself yeah yep it's it's it like it literally it sounds like a dream dude hahahaha put the fuck you put it in your mouth am i in your mouth right now Jack Jack did you break it [Music] [Music]