MEDITATION for PREGNANCY ANXIETY Meditation During Labor Hypnobirth Guided Meditation


Bridget Teyler


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hey mamas it is so important to step into your birth space feeling confident and safe in your bodies and your babies and Nate wisdom of birth one way to build this confidence is to meditate and I know meditation can seem a little bit funny or even a little uncomfortable at times but basically all it is is finding a space in a rhythm where you are able to fully relax your mind and your body and release any tension frustration or fears that you have now when we add affirmations into the meditation it really allows your mind and your body to be guided in the direction that you want to go and in this case it's to have a beautiful fear free birth you don't need any special accessories you don't need to be in a specific location to do this meditation maybe you're doing this right when you wake up in the morning maybe you're doing this on your lunch break or in the car or maybe you don't get the time to do it until you're laying in bed and maybe having a hard time falling asleep no matter where you are when you're doing this let these truths of this affirmation meditation really resonate in you and lead you to a beautiful birth experience settle into your own space take a deep breath with me mama take a deep breath for yourself take one more deep breath for your baby you are aware of your strong and beautiful body peace and calm is washing over your head clearing any stress from the hours before or ahead of these moments now that peace and calm is softening your jaw relaxing your shoulders and clenching your hands loosening your hips and making your feet hang loose with each breath you are sinking deeper into relaxation and finding peace in your pregnancy and your birth these affirmations speak truth over you and your growing baby my body is capable of a healthy and natural birth I trust my baby to know when to be born my place of birth will be calm and unrushed I have someone to advocate for my needs and my wishes surrounding my birth experience I will be the one to make decisions for myself my baby and my birth I will be patient with my body to go into labor and as it makes progress to birth my baby my cervix will ripen shorten and open in its own timing my hormones are working perfectly together to prepare my body for birth every day brings me closer to meeting my baby when I give birth I am joining the legacy of mothers who gave birth before me I have tools and resources to guide me through births challenges discomfort is my body's Way of telling me to move or change positions I will listen to my body now in pregnancy into my body during birth gravity and movement will help me find comfort during labor I trust the people who will surround me during birth to build me up through confidence support and information partner is there to support me every step of the way I am confident that my birth desires have been made clear to my birth team and they will do their best to follow them my pelvis will be able to shift and expand during birth to provide a passage for my baby with each surge during labor the muscles of my uterus are moving in rhythm with one another to gently bring my baby down and out I am ready to experience the power and the beauty of birth wrap your arms around your womb I am safe my baby is safe the space around us is safe I am tuned in to the needs of my baby through the sensations of my body when I listen to my body I will know how to move in pregnancy and in labor my vagina was created with birth in mind it will stretch easily as my baby is born my easy controlled peaceful breathing allows the surges to work effectively to gently bring my baby down and out I can envision my baby being born naturally healthily and gently I can communicate with my baby to read their needs and to tell them mine place your hand on your belly and speak these truths to him or her you know when to be born you will know how to descend and turn in the birth canal to prepare for birth you will be welcomed into my arms to find warmth reassurance and a home you are loved your birth story will be one I am proud to tell you one day now take a moment to tune in and listen to your baby what is he or she telling you if I could guess what they're saying it'd be that they love you and can't wait to see you touch you nurse with you and be nurtured by you to end our meditation let's take several cleansing breaths together as you breathe in envision the air collecting all your fears all your stress all your worries into it and as you breathe out you're letting go of all of those things pushing them out of your mind and out of your body let's breathe together in out once more take a big breath letting all those fears collect and then breathe them out of your mind and your body now when you breathe in your breathing in peace trust and relaxation that fills your mind and your body big breath in and deep breath out from head to toe from your mind to your heart you feel ready to birth and confidence and love and with full trust of your body's capabilities well mama I hope you're feeling it not only relaxed from that meditation but that you're also feeling confident and empowered about your bodies and your baby's capability when it comes to birth your body was made to be a home for your baby for nine months and was also made to give birth to your baby and you were made to then nurture your baby so I hope that you are feeling confident in your ability to do all of those things I believe whole heartedly that where your mind leads your body follows and so I hope your mind is feeling relaxed and confident in everything that you have been created for thanks for being with me in this meditation if you liked it make sure you give it a thumbs up if you have any questions or comments or looking for more make sure you comment them down below and I will see you guys in the next video bye mamas