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so I have Ritchie hustles with me shout out rich he hustles Ritchie hustles if you are vlogging you are winning [Music] what's up everybody welcome back to the channel it's been a long time coming since we've done a sourcing video today I got my little girl Valentina being a little shy today and we are going to hit up some Marshalls home goods t.j.maxx and try to sauce some good products to see what we can find for profit I'm taking Valentina with me because I'm trying to give my wife a little bit of a break instead of having to have juggled two kids as you know I just had my second daughter last week and I am trying to alleviate some of that kid pressure right so Valentina is gonna come with me as my sidekick we're gonna go and let's go have some fun we're gonna go shopping [Music] my head is heavy alright guys we're here Valentina we're here at HomeGoods our first stop we're gonna go see if we can find some good deals she wants to get hungry hippo so we're gonna see we could find that for her but yeah let's go see if we can find some profit [Music] do this without [Music] together and tell me [Music] that I like to stores in when I'm in t.j.maxx it's the beauty section so here [Music] [Music] what we're looking for is parents items parents beauty products so that beauty section didn't have anything on clearance that I was looking for at this t.j.maxx sometimes you get that but we are heading into toys now Toys is literally probably one of my favorite things to source so let's see we could mine literally my buddy they see if they have hungry hippo we're gonna get these el mozo first always gonna pick up Elmo's alright so we got one two three four Elmo's you like Elmo yeah you do see what else we could find [Music] [Applause] like the attention girl I know you know you put your everything I wanna [Music] besides [Music] if you ever need a helper you should know that'll be there say like nobody else I'm here just to treat you see when they do this and they cross it out so frustrating but thankfully you have your Amazon solar app you can try to take a picture this one isn't taken though of course [Music] see that's a no-go price I already know the prices of these these are a no-go too expensive here don't have it here they might have an another store you can see if they have it at another store all right guys well they had a little bit of toys and we're gonna go check out home wares kitchen appliances better go check out that clearance section first guys no I'm already done for you especially this one that's hard to find I'm gonna look it up on eBay here Wow the price has dropped since I've sold it let's see what it's selling for you're gonna go here and you're gonna click sold items and it's gonna tell you see that one like $59.99 twenty two twenty three twenty I'm gonna leave it I'm not gonna pick it at this time [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] I always like to come to the glassware section because there are certain items that are worth money let's see the herringbone Ralph Lauren herringbone I don't think it's anything yeah no one's picking up so we're gonna check the Marquis [Music] this is the listing so we'll make $8 if we pick that up 420 honestly look at that rank I think we're gonna pick it up so here's a bowl [Music] [Music] selling for about 90 bucks on Amazon this one's broken I will pick this one I'm still here this one but we will grab this one over here now it looks like we're gonna be able to get so we got one two three bolo for you guys guys or something I just picked up on clearance with some I'm surprised it's on clearance is just here already done it's a trick or treat black planters it's on clearance for 15 bucks and it's not even fall yet so I'm not quite sure why it's on clearance but there's no damage or anything so it's going for about oh wait a minute yeah there is damage that's why it's on coins so we are going to just kind of put it right back here in its home have a good day right let's keep it moving almost can you check out some other things real quick next so that's all for this store we're gonna check out head to the next one this one doesn't have a big clearance that's what I'm looking for so we're gonna check out Marshalls and another TJX to go grab some alright guys so we just came out of home goods as you know we found a couple of things I gave you that bollo of the veggie bullet Amazon does sell the veggie bullet so I kind of split my stock last time I listed some on eBay and I sent the rest in to Amazon I sold two on Amazon for 90 bucks I purchased them for 25 so that's kind of a little bow low but you know like I said Amazon does sell that item and listen when I show you items I'm not telling you to go out and buy it because what happens is when this video is released people are gonna be like oh okay they're gonna look for it they're gonna try to send in they're gonna list it this video was made probably about a week after my inventory got sent in so you have to understand I'm doing these videos to try to show you how to find products how to search for items how to look things up how to look at the kippah graph there's a lot of things that go in that that are involved with this so anything that I show you I don't recommend you going out to buy it the bolo I mean if you're gonna list these on on eBay cool all right now we're heading into Marshalls because we want to find more things [Music] it's just fired so we found a couple items not much but gonna move on maybe see it's outsourcing when you have a four year old with you says she wants everything she sees what do you want what's up everybody we just finished up at Marshalls and I am going to be rolling solo to the next HomeGoods the next Marshalls whoever else that we source to try to find some profit so let's head out [Music] and inside now we are going to see what we can do so come with me we're gonna go shopping [Music] too strong [Music] this is nothing either folks changing like the land call it and our toxic they for being self see mostly what I like to go for are the sets I'm gonna check that on eBay in a second but like these here canisters right there at 12 at 11 so we pulled the trigger on that that's for eBay all my rain tons for eBay but they have to be at the right price toss 15 bucks we're gonna pass but I want to see that they're on eBay so let's pull up eBay and we're just gonna type in all the little names of the knives there see and we're gonna search see now these are coming up white so we're gonna edit our listing here and just type in black okay 99 we want to go to sold 1550 95 and they want how much for that 12 bucks no way you'll get smoked on the price I do like the canisters though the canisters of my favorite so it doesn't even matter if the canisters a full price I'll always buy the canisters just because they always sell [Music] big set at 18 bucks too rich for my blood looking for more of those nutribullet that's what we really want nothing man sit down so Jesse I'm gonna head over to Toys [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh [Music] [Applause] you know what I noticed is that a lot of times home goods marshals and t.j.maxx have gone up on their prices I almost feel like cuz they know that we are 16 bucks too much I picked these up for 1209 not 16 you'll tag 8 bucks see look what that comes up as the wrong listing see that comes up Ghostbusters how weird is that oh here we go sometimes that'll happen restricted product it makes 16 on the river let's see if we can get approved so we go to a bit of a seller central probably gonna have to login from now of an interaction inventory and a product and then I'm gonna paste that ace in there and search comes up request approval requests new we did not get approved so because we did not get approved we are going to put it back not today I take funnies now if I know I've had good luck with these in the past I'm scared I was up today to make more sense looks like the beauty section is already picked over Oh Clarence so kind of disappointed literally walking out with this that's it sometimes it happens and we just look forward to going to the next store let's go check alright we're here in store number four and we are at Marshall's I know if you can see we're gonna head in but more profit I know I really hope I come out here with more than just a canister cuz that was that was pretty depressing the last visit we need more than that let's go so we're here at Marshalls in Westborough I thought half an hour for my house we're just gonna keep going north until we run out of money [Music] I'm just enough to make you smile you need me [Applause] [Music] to hold you though your fear [Applause] the Chu dream [Music] disappear Oh [Music] just a little bike in the middle ground is where we'll stay let go by [Music] just look [Music] and dial it down and all your fears [Applause] [Music] let him you said hi everyone it was loves like this all I ever needed was to feel like so sing I can offer so much it was to feel our ease or ever needed was to get up off my feet cuz I believe [Music] I mean the price is because I've seen these for twelve and sixteen I know I'll make $11 but I mean it's a pretty good rank I'll pick it up dude these ones are good to the Zoe but these are all scatter though all my Greeks out there you know what's got that means I mean I'm Italian but my wife is Greek so [Music] if you see the coffee ones though the ones that say coffee those sell really well on eBay [Music] so this is the clearance it literally just looks like crap yeah and that's because that's what most of the stuff here 13 bucks we're gonna pass it's going for some elmo's you know I love my Elmo's you know I already see my animals from here do you see them look at this let's count them down three four six seven I swear to God that TJX only orders Elmo's coz us on the East Coast by up like every Elmo we see clearance and you will oh wait a minute wait a minute trying to hide on me you see anymore Elmo's here part of the thing about being a flipper is that you end up getting these for the baby wipes you see all the deals for the baby but you know we crushed it on the elmo and now we are going to check out and head to the next place so couple of beauty products now we had me too I think you should see it over there which is home goods across the lot we're gonna hit the home good to see if we find any more almost some more things then we're gonna head up north some more all day all right we're here stop number five home goods check it out we're gonna see if we can snack some more profit first [Music] look at the breakdown I'm really looking for the black canisters those are really going for a good money [Music] see the coffee this one is the good one I'll pay full price for that man those go for good money on eBay flower goes okay - but the coffee one is fine coffee ones are a bunch of them I'm gonna take them all these are going from forty fifty bucks on eBay so we are going to take the rest of those as well it's hard to do with one hand they're all 15 apiece and the profit after shipping is gonna be about 20 bucks see this one you see see any other coffee one see I usually get the cookies a flower they don't sell as quick as the coffee the coffee is gonna look so even there's another one hiding chilling smooch that - this is why I need to get a storage bin because look there's another one coffee I'm taking them all you guys see any other coffee ones see these ones fly so quick because let me show you they're the original tall ones the big letter tall ones these are the 9 inch canisters they started coming out with these a little stumpy er they're about a 7 inch they don't sell as well as the originals so keep that in mind if you're picking up brai done that the short stubby ones are the more the newer styles ah look at this man look if it's on clearance I'll pick it up it was a nourish like a watering can see I've never tried to sold the whisk or not sure how that sells let's find out pull up our ebay app we already kind of have some stuffing else we're gonna type in whisk [Music] they're an internet connection oh boy see this is where it gets frustrating because I don't think they have a Wi-Fi it looks like it's connected to that's funny all right let me see if I can get this to work and then [Music] like I want to like these they're just such a pain yes she's crazy not much in the clearance aisle 10 to the kid any Elmo's save the day was hiding no no I'm just I'm searching for Elmo's amour here great it's just my blog I won't get you yeah I was I won't catch on camera they always because I clean them out every time and I feel like they look at it and they say great and they are because every time you get them in I'll take them so this is what we got we find some Elmo's Elmo saves the day [Applause] [Music] and I gotta have [Music] so I don't usually pull on that many ray guns but like I said the coffee very done so really well on eBay so anytime I see the coffee ones I will buy them all because I know that they'll sell let me get my car here so now we're gonna head to two more we're gonna go to home goods and another Marshalls before we call it a day that'll make seven stores in this time frame we'll really look at for elmo's I'm really just trying to do quick hits I'm really not trying to waste a lot of time in this skin skin skin skin skin because I haven't visited these stores a long time just want to get what sells get home I want to pack and prep and I want to get this shipment that I'm hauling today I need to get this out by Wednesday morning I'm giving myself Wednesday morning because I am a daddy and a husband and while the husband you know the Hustle is real I'd like to get these out in 24 hours sometimes that's not a reality so it'll be great if I can get this out tomorrow but we're gonna plan to bring these two ups on Wednesday morning and then I like to do another haul on Wednesday to have it out by Friday so I'd like to start doing two shipments a week to keep that flow constantly going being in you know q3 and getting ready for q4 getting as much as we can get in listed on eBay Amazon and trying to make that money so let's get to the next store store number six [Music] [Music] [Music] so I literally have no service in here and I literally am probably just gonna have to go for items that I know that sucks it's the second one that I haven't had service and it's crazy well look who comes to save the day we're gonna take them all cool got no service in here but we got elmo's in here so I'm good so we found 13 Elmo's we're just gonna take them all and prep them and get them ready to ship out Amazon you know there's I mean listen I'm these Elmo's sell them for about 30 bucks apiece and TJX companies literally raised their price they used to be $9.99 and now they're $12.99 but the still room to make eight bucks apiece and after shipping so shipping in fees rather so they sell really quick like a really quick seller and I've been selling them for a few months so we are going to take them that was a good find anymore so we cleaned up on more elmo's which is great beep trash bag it's been an Elmo day so far and nothing wrong with that you know just scored 13 of them I'm gonna stick them here and good thing is that Elmo's are very easy to prep you know the reason to prep can easy to send out they're lightweight so yeah that's what we're doing right now and then we're gonna head over to savers to see if we can find a couple things in the savers so I can send to ebay VCRs electronics all that type of stuff so yeah making that profit man I mean you know we're jammed in here we got Elmo gang is back all right everybody we're here at our last seventh and last stop here at t.j.maxx on them you can see we're gonna go see if we can crush it here we are in North Baro mass really nice place around here but we're gonna go check out see we can get for profit inside and then we are going to head home we've been out for a few hours you know we've been crushing it with Elmo's and everything else so let's go in and see what we can find and then to come back I missed you girl funny think I'm fine I'm the eight Hertz with love but it's your fault I wish you'd just accept when the only focus is me looking for some clearance like here tools and stuff like that over here see watch I'm probably not gonna have any any service in here either some of these these aren't clearance Davi no full brace I swear TJX companies know that we come in here and they cut off cellular service and they don't give you any service because they don't want you to resell it because they're pissed you're making the money I'm gonna bother with that you could tell them getting frustrated now right let's see see the hot tools are good but they're not on Clarence let's keep it moving [Music] that's another thing I don't understand understand why people Park the carriages right in the middle of the aisle it's all about them continuing on so I'm still looking for those radon black canisters but I haven't found any of those it's crazy can we get Elmo to save the day we will be able to find some Elmo's here not that kind of Elmo oh I see Elmo I definitely see oh I see some more over here too what's good Elmo come with me anymore over here cuz I saw some back there but before I get them two more up here not too many but enough that will take them I should have named this video the ELMO Hall sets walked up I see some more I spy Elmo take in for them so far it's probably some underneath but I'm not getting on my hands and knees [Music] well I think Barney would go for money but Barney's not selling humming Elmo will ever go on class because we're always buying them you know there may be someone almost on the stands here see if we can check out some Under Armour [Music] my head is heavy let me lay it down to y'all love to drown I need the story [Music] [Music] alright guys I am home I didn't end up going to that last Marshalls as you can see behind me it's dark out and I did stop at Target so you can see that my car is just absolutely filled so I have to unpack all this stuff I didn't make a target video just because this was really about TJX and all that good stuff but you know I did grab some for realz for 20 bucks they sell them for a hundred I did get watermelon smashed about prophet nine dollars off of so you know there's a bunch of things that I did pick up for profit yeah thank you for watching this video I appreciate it we went to a lot of places today we did a lot of things and I look forward to the next video I want to do a Dollar Tree video I want to do a bunch of things so stay tuned let me know what you want to see and we'll see you on the next video [Music] Oh