MEGA Redmi Note 7 Camera Test vs iPhone vs Canon FAKE 48MP Camera is GREAT

here it is the redmi note 7 real world review we're going to see how this thing performs in real life it's a phone with a lot of hype a very low price with some mid-range specs right now I've actually switched to the redmi note 7 selfie camera it doesn't look too bad actually one thing you're gonna get with a smart phone is that essentially it's going to be exposed really well because the processor just automatically exposes everything really well which with my Canon camera is down to me and I'm a overexposed or underexposed so what you get with this camera I can see maybe the colors are a little bit muted compared with the Canon now if I switch to the audio from the phone then maybe you can just see what the audios like obviously I can't hear it here with the Canon I'm using I'm just using a lapel microphone just to get some better audio obviously if you're using the selfie camera from the river United 7 you will just be using the phone's audio it probably doesn't sound as good as the lapel mic at least it should in any way but if we just put the cannon and the redmi note 7 side-by-side you can just see which one you like better which one you think is a better image which one has better colors and which one picks up good audio is it this mic or the mic from the phone now this is on a tripod now if I just pick it up and walk around one thing that you might notice is that the redmi note 7 doesn't have image stabilization so that may be a problem when you're walking around the Canon camera that I'm just going to compare it to you today actually the image stabilization isn't really that good either so they both might not might not look very good but it just gives you an idea of how the image is stabilized if you're taking selfies how it's gonna look I can see that my face on the redmi note 7 is being beautified a little bit it's being smoothed out and there's some digital sort of sharpening I'm now filming on the main camera on the redmi note 7 the main camera is 48 megapixels to see how it looks maybe you prefer the colors maybe you prefer the digital sharpening that the camera is undoubtedly doing I can't see anything that's going on because obviously using the back camera it's facing away from me but just looking at it I would say the colors are probably a little bit more vibrant on the back camera as they are to the front camera the front camera seems a little bit muted in the colors a little bit cold whereas the back camera looked a bit really vibrant you can see maybe in the background some greens and some reds just compare it to the Canon and see what you what you think do you like it or do you prefer the Canon camera again if I just walk around here I hopefully that I am I hope I am in shock because I can't see anything I don't know if that camera has optical image stabilization or not it definitely has electronic image stabilization from the sensor but I don't know if it has optical image stabilization as well also you can just hear the audio as well how does the audio sound compared to my microphone my microphone should sound better than the phone Wow so that mic really doesn't sound good on the phone but it's a little bit of an unfair test I was using a lapel microphone which is going to sound better than any other type of microphone in that situation the mic on the Canon if I wasn't using that microphone would sound around about the same as the phone anyway it was windy and there was a lot of noise from the road as well so it definitely sounds worse than the lapel microphone but of course it would so I don't really give it too many - points on that one let's have a look at some images from the camera right let's have a look at some shots on the RHIB me note 7 I really like this shot I like the sky I like the colors in there I just think it looks really good but let's put that up against the iPhone the iPhone is an expensive phone it costs about ten times more roughly than in redmi note 7 but putting two images side-by-side on here I can't really tell the difference between them I actually think that they're really comparable they look really good another shot here I prefer the iPhone here the colors on the redmi note 7 a decent but have a look at the trees at the bottom the ribbon at 7 is underexposed it's just too dark and there's not enough detail in there another shot these two are really similar again the riperino 7 is slightly darker than the iPhone those colors look a bit richer but you could say that the image is just a little bit too dark but it is up to personal choice again these two images wow they are so similar these phones have a price difference of about 10 times but those images are really comparable now look at the 48 megapixel mode you've got the normal mode on the left and the 48 megapixel mode on the right you should have cleaner crisper images from that 48 megapixel mode but can you see any differences there have a look at the exposure on the 48 megapixel mode look how dark the shot is it's just dark I would say it's underexposed I can't really see any difference in clarity between them though let's zoom in a little bit can you see any difference in clarity between the note 7 and the 48 megapixel pro mode I would say these two shots are really really similar there's absolutely no difference this is zoomed in 450 times there's really no difference between them I can't see any difference in the clarity between these two modes let's try a different shot let's zoom right in on that detail up there now this is clear as day can you see any difference between the 48 megapixel mode and the redmi note 7 normal mode I personally cannot now the redmi note 7 doesn't have optical image stabilization are just that which means going down these stairs is probably going to be a shaky mess and you probably won't be able to use the footage now you can't really compare it against an iPhone because that's ten times more expensive but you can just see will stabilize footage that the video you think is when the user so I probably couldn't use Rapinoe footage because it's too shaky but the iPhone footage is absolutely fine as I said you can't really compare the two because there's a ten times price difference in this but maybe seeing them side-by-side will give you just a little bit of insight into if you want to buy the redmi note 7 if you think that actually the footage isn't that bad and for the price it's really decent but I can definitely see on both phones testing them side-by-side that the iPhone footage looks like it's on a gimbal it's totally smooth whereas the footage on the rebbe United 7 is made more shame now they say that they have you is in the redmi note 7 which is electronic image stabilization basically the processor tries to stabilize the image you can see the difference between them and see if it makes a big difference for you on b leave Abul now i can tell you when i was filming those two the footage on the redmi note 7 looked absolutely awful the footage on the redmi note 7 when you're filming is so shaky it just looks totally unusable when i was going down the stairs when I was walking around just looking at the back of the phones the footage on the rim United 7 I just thought there's no way I can use that in the video it's terrible the footage on the iPhone looked so smooth so buttery smooth now the difference is the iPhone has optical image stabilization so the actual camera unit moves around whereas on the rim you notice seven they're using electronic image stabilization basically the snapdragon 660 is smoothing out that image digitally obviously it can't do it in real time which is why it looks so shaky when you're taking the footage but just look at that footage it is incredible go back rewind and watch it again the iPhone $1000 phone and the redmi note 7 150 bucks unbelievably similar crazy blew my mind watching that back incredible one thing I would say about the rim unit 7 camera though is that it's always under expose the image is just a too dark now that serves to make the colors a bit more punchy and a bit richer but the image is just too dark is underexposed it needs to dial up that exposure a bit everything is just too dark and it's not exposed properly so that is a problem but just looking at the quality and images between the two it's amazing how similar they are also the audio on the iPhone is just pure hot trash I don't know why it's so bad I think the bottom of the phone was facing the road so I had some problems but the audio on the ribbon o7 was pretty good in this instance all right let's have a look at the selfie camera on this versus the iPhone all right so this is the iPhone 10 just against the rim you know seven look how bright and how over exposed the redmi note 7 is now this is a Chinese phone and Chinese consumers like to take selfies that have a very bright exposure and they like the camera to whiten and brighten their skin obviously I do not need that the redmi note 7 makes me look like a ghost I am so incredibly white and pale so I definitely prefer the iPhone intense selfie camera night mode on this wow this is against the Canon camera a DSLR expensive canon camera with a big lens versus a 150 dollar redmi note 7 i prefer that redmi note 7 i think the note 7 actually has more detail in the image let's zoom right in on that sign this is a dedicated camera versus a camera phone really similar right have a look at this I'm gonna do a test here I'm not going to tell you which camera took this shot but it's either the ribbing note 7 or the Canon camera and it's rich to camera number 2 this is either the rim you know 7 or the Canon camera so those two cameras are together and you can guess which one is which the first one was the redmi note 7 and the second image was the canon camera I would say colors are a little bit more vibrant on the note 7 the Canon cameras are probably more true to life but those redmi note 7 colors just seem to be really really saturated which is a setting you can play with on the Canon camera but that's just exactly how it comes out of the redmi note 7 this is the note 7 versus the iPhone 10 really similar shots here I could not choose between these two the colors are great on both the exposure is a little bit different but in terms of clarity and overall picture I really like them both let's do the redmi note 7 verses forty eight megapixel mode on the right have a look at forty eight megapixel mode again it just seems to under expose the image the image is too dark whereas the note seven on the left there seems to have about the right exposure on the image but is there any difference in clarity let's zoom right in on those flowers the colors are different the exposure is different the 48 megapixel mode is dark the notice ever normal mode is a bit lighter but I personally cannot see any difference in clarity between those two modes one thing I will say about the camera is that because there's no image stabilization on there sometimes when you're trying to take a picture quickly and the phone's moving around you can get some blurring in the image which isn't really that great so you have to retake the photo sometimes when you're trying trying to take an image quickly and you don't have much time to take it you only get one shot and if you're having a blurred image then you're you didn't get your shot although I am nitpicking a little bit to be honest all in all for the price I've got to say that camera really does hold up well