even though we might not see it daily sometimes we get to do or see something that completely caught us by surprise with new lamborghinis starting usually over 300 000 people tend to take extra care of them a mind-blowing moment caught in the back of a weather report is a lamborghini owner driving the car through a flood like it's a submarine it's a similar scene throughout all of broward county really and unfortunately it doesn't seem like the area is not going to be getting a break [Music] probably most people would agree that caterpillars are interesting to look at and apparently gorillas would agree too an unbelievable video to watch is the silverback and his son observing a caterpillar with great interest and trying to understand what it is you might think at first this is fake but this was actually in the background from an interview at the airport in which the camera caught a woman disappear even after watching this multiple times it still doesn't make sense how this could have happened despite cheetahs not being an active threat to humans and there being no recordings of a cheetah using lethal force against a human they're still incredibly scary when a tourist in tanzania was on safari a cheetah came in to check out the jeep and out of fear he froze and remained in the same position for 10 minutes straight at the london diamond league kenny harrison broke the 100 meter hurdle race world record and this was the sort of redemption race for her after not being able to get into the olympics she even jumped the hurdles so fast that it looked sped up oh there's been a fall there i think it was but look at kenny harrison storming away with this and look at the margin of victory what's the clock 12 50. an unbelievable moment caught on film came from a dash cam that showed how a bull-eyed meteor basically turned night into day for a few moments normally if you put a burning match on water the fire goes out immediately but this woman was able to prove that her water was contaminated from fracking by quite literally being able to light her water on fire just like that there are some moments in life in which we mess up a kid took it to another level when he was distracted walking in a museum and lost balance and accidentally punched through a 1.5 million dollar painting to avoid falling down a very costly trip indeed for one child in taiwan when he even though seals are adorable they're also large wild animals and kind of dangerous but when a small dog ran into six seals they all got quite scared of the dog for people that take their privacy really seriously a woman decided to make a diy on how to make glasses using the screen of your iphone and basically if you're seeing the phone without the glasses it just shows a wide screen [Music] if you were to light up hundreds of fireworks you probably would expect many loud sounds to follow up but to this man's surprise after lighting almost a thousand fireworks it sounded like many people zipping their jacket when a couple booked a helicopter tour of the area they got a scary bonus when the pilot decided to pull a joke on them by pretending to pass out midair even though watching tumbling is extremely impressive when it's caught on slow motion it's even more mind-blowing because you can appreciate the tricks even more and it shows how hard those landings are because of the height the athletes achieve [Music] with advancements in technology a lot of things are getting easier an amazing piece of tech is this pool table that shows the trajectory of the billiard ball so you can calculate your shot perfectly we usually tend to underestimate the use of green screens in the making of movies here's an example by ian hubert that shows the incredible power green screens have in which what looks like it could be a real set is actually completely done in post-production okay not sure what the odds of this happening were but a jaw-dropping moment happened when south dakota state basketball team managed to make six half court shots in a row which left everyone in shock [Music] nate robinson is a former nba player who despite being 5'7 he has a crazy jumping ability and he decided to display his skills by dunking over shaq o'neal who is seven foot one okay even after watching this a couple of times i still have no idea how he did this but david blaine showed an incredible trick in which he pulls a tooth from a woman and then puts it back sweet just trust me on that oh just trust him [Music] when a dash cam caught a yellow lamborghini in singapore driving recklessly it was expected that the driver was probably going to get stopped by the police soon but one of the craziest events happened and that same lamborghini crashed another almost identical yellow lamborghini even though the crash wasn't at a high speed and thankfully both drivers were totally fine the damages were well above the quarter of a million mark a mind-blowing thing to watch is how this elephant manages to make an elaborate painting of a flower in thailand he even knows which colors to use to make the flowers and leaves in order for wildlife to be able to cross from one way to another without the danger of traffic the state of utah made the first wildlife overpass for animals to safely cross the highway skimmers are card readers used by scammers put in places which normally we insert our credit cards a good lesson to learn is always make sure at gas stations to give a little pull before inserting your card when your best student talks about how the school is not doing a good job something's probably wrong a mind-blowing act done by the principal was when he cut off the valedictorian's mic when he was criticizing the school causing it to go viral combined with the authoritative attitude that a few teachers administrators and board members have prevent students from truly developing as leaders hopefully this will change for the sake of future students when a dog owner didn't understand how her pug was jumping a fence twice his height she decided to place a camera just to find out her dog knows parkour in the city of zhang jiaji the world's highest and longest glass bridge was made and in order to prove how safe the bridge was they invited hundreds of volunteers to try to break the glass with sledgehammers and well obviously none of them managed to break the glass in game four of the western conference finals jamal murray made a jaw-dropping layup against lebron james which was the highlight of the game because we gotta see this murray is attacking look at him go up no i'm not gonna dunk not gonna use it with my left but england in the city of cejang south korea there's a massive solar panel set up in the middle of the highway which has a bicycle path underneath so it can produce clean energy for the city and at the same time protect the cyclist from the sun and traffic skiing is a sport that's known to be relatively easy to learn but extremely hard to master at the audi 9's a skier showed his amazing level of precision by high-fiving his friend while doing a flip it's not uncommon for upscale hotels to have an omelette booth in the breakfast buffet in singapore a restaurant took it to another level by adding an automatic omelet making [Music] robot one of the most common questions astronauts get is how do they wash their hair nasa astronaut karen nyberg decided to make a small video showing how it's done bring it up to the ends sometimes i'll actually take my comb to help work it all the way to the ends perhaps the most intriguing thing about this is that once your hair dries out the water that evaporates will then turn into drinking water by the air and water system sometimes people don't think about the consequences of their actions with an increasing amount of people flying their drones in places such as airports boeing came up with a solution by creating a laser machine that can take down drones safely in 1994 a mind-blowing picture at the time was this one from bill gates showing how the cd he had on hand can hold more information than all the paper below him