hey guys it's me Miranda and that's right today we're doing a makeover I've been eating a makeover for a while I've been wearing these striped shirts I've been wearing these red pants the cat's shorts for pretty much as long as they've been aligned so I asked you guys to give me a makeover and so many of you sent me wonderful outfit so let's try the first one mm-hmm since you guys are mean disgusting and porn and sending me horribly rude things I'm just gonna have to do the makeover myself so guess what that's a brand-new marshmallow Trigon check it out brand-new much baby this is the best much I ever even it says my classic phrase hey guys it's me Miranda and it has my lips on it so you guys can take in and copy my DNA probably from and clone me and have a copy of me in your house you're getting a shot and you're getting my DNA oh you thought this was it please check it out it comes in a long-sleeved - chicken and my lips are right on your tongue we got a woman the first ever Miranda sings honey this is a colony wait dis immigrated you guys have a knack see me for new March for pretty much a bajillion years and I never even date now I did it and it's the best much I ever even have so make sure to go get your merch today this is a limited time only there's only a few of these they're gonna sell out really fast and then they're never getting sold again so if you want one you have to get it now I'm like knowing and getting if you do not buy these they will sell out don't miss your opportunity to buy all these wonderful new clothing and for all the my fantasy to get them I'm gonna be following you liking you all these types of things you guys wanted to make over here nice whoever sent me that freaking nasty porn bikini you should be wearing this and covering and freaking self up no one wants your chest at home fans so for the rest the video I will be doing a fashion show for you guys I hope you like it don't forget to subscribe like and get these shirts before they go away I'm not kidding we only have a few of these we're selling out and once they're out there long for I'm wrong and there's not that many of them so you don't get on you get'em you snooze you trust me you want to be wearing these when you come to my bus tour this summer we're gonna create I'm a friend or me I'm a farmer who wants to be part of them are for me my god do you get this much get it BAM boom doing alright here's the battery job [Music] uh-huh yes I can talk to her for you right now oh sorry she's busy she's wearing new launch thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] it's seeing this team [Music] [Music] [Music] get yours tonight [Music] you [Music]