MIUI 12 Update for Xiaomi Phones Best New Features Release Date in India

if you have a Camry smartphone and you'll be happy to know that the company has launched to me UI 12 which is it's customized version of Android the good news is that me by 12 will will be coming to lots of Xiaomi smartphones including budget consoles such as the red meats M&A and rent me 6e so there's a good chance that in your shop a smartphone or will be getting the new software update pretty soon new in 12 brings a ton of new features improvements and visual changes and I can't wait to tell you all about these new features that you can expect on your xiaomi smartphone before we go ahead I want to ask you guys about your favorite py 12 feature and if you're strong be smart owner will be getting this new software update let us know in the comment section down below new i-12 will be rolled out to xiaomi smartphones in three batches on the first path you will get the new software update by the end of June the timelines for the second batch and the third patch are yet to be announced let's take a look at the list by June a couple of Xiaomi smartphones available in India should get Bui twelve no timeline yet for this patch but many of these devices are very popular in India [Music] the third pack includes several budget smartphones but no update timeline yet for this one either also please subscribe to our channel if you haven't already and with that well I can see you know when we post in your video [Music] [Applause] [Music] with me UI 12 Xiaomi has opted for a flatter look it uses a bright background to highlight text and has wider spacing between text too I like how this UI looks and it will be fun to check it out when new UI 12 starts rolling out new UI 12 added a new set of gestures and animations which look like they have been inspired by iOS I don't mind that as long as the end result looks good and works well in this case I like the new animations for screen rotation after launch and close and even rearranging icons on the home screen the new Android 10 like navigation gestures are here as well Xiaomi has collaborated with NASA and brought some really cool looking live wallpapers and always-on display styles in me UI 12 that feature the Earth and Mars these wallpapers are unique as they show you an image of the planet from afar on the lockscreen and then zoom in to show you a close-up when you unlock the device additionally when in dark mode the visuals also give an idea as to how the planets look like when it's dark with the newly developed dark mood in Wii UI 12 Xiaomi has worked on adjusting the font weight to improve readability besides says also a nice wallpaper dipping feature that applies a dark tint to the wallpaper based on the day/night cycle Xiaomi has also focused a lot on privacy in me UI 12 there is a new feature called flare which keeps a tab on all the permissions given to different apps and flags and alert when these apps are using camera or GPS the new barbed-wire feature allows you to grant permissions to apps for a specified amount of time it will allow users to enable permissions for apps only once every time or reject at all times there's also a new mask system feature that prevents apps from accessing information like IMEI calendar called locks and more me UI 12 features some advanced health monitoring tools that will help you keep an accurate track on your sleep pattern along with determining the quality of your sleep besides you'll also be able to track other activities such as walking running cycling etc me UI 12 has better multi window support and has implemented a form of picture-in-picture mode too for example you can expand a text that you received in a small window and just exit it after you're done replying also you can put pub t-mobile in a small window while you reply to a text once you are done texting you can get back to the game seamlessly definitely sounds amazing the camera on me UI 12 has also been revamped the UI is designed with simplification in mind and the new app will let you rearrange shooting modes and introduces new sounds and colors well these are the best features that will be coming to Xiaomi smart phones with me UI 12 but I still feel that the company needs to to win some other key areas for example ads and bloatware is still a very big problem in xiaomi smartphones and i hope the company takes care of it when the indian version of me UI 12 is released which reminds me that we recently did a video on how to remove ads in me UI 11 be sure to check that out by clicking on the I button above or by visiting gadgets 360 comm one more thing that Xiaomi needs to take care of is bloatware such as a host of free loaded apps many of us just used services by Google and additional bloatware apps eat up space and send spammy notifications with that said we'll test me UI 12 as soon as we get the chance to downloaded that's all for this video if you found it helpful then please hit the like button and definitely share this video with others thanks for watching and for all things tech log on to gadgets 360 com