MLB Bloopers and Oddities

popped up altuve right at second now [Applause] that is a safe ball [Applause] that's his pop-up hit by mark trumbo and josh hamilton is going thinking it was two outs forgot how many outs there were at that point then the communication be able to get the double into foul territory two outs and hamilton forgot how many outs are where he's going to get doubled up at first that's how this game well there goes belt the pitch is inside the throw down to second base goes into center field belt gets up after his slide and he moves over to third sanchez had to backhand that ball it was down and in i don't know what pablo was doing swinging at that when the ball was already in last night's ball game and kimbrell throws but myers wasn't there and now pacheco is going to end up at second base in scoring position will myers playing behind him now usually when that happens before the hitter comes up to the plate [Music] there's a line drive base hit an aggressive turn at second he's going to hold up and he'll go sliding back in time call by the home plate up fire dan ison pitch right there of course the pitcher's tall winter lets it go and look out at the top of the net whoops jake does it all there on that turn of second base and he's going to take an extra minute to catch his breath [Applause] broken back toward donaldson he's got it throws to second for one perino has to get out of the way the helmet pops off pierce he's okay sure you keep your foot on the back the neighborhood play works but you're not always sure so a little stutter step came up that ball hit well to right center field del monte on his horse and able to chase it down long throw back to first base and you get him he slowed up so eric young watch eric young on the right get down and and then dickerson's like what let's get confused and pulled up that's downstairs three balls and two strikes turns to well i think you have to have three of them and a throw to second that hits the runner so russell martin trying to pick off todd frazier and with any angle at all he's out by plenty [Music] [Applause] spring training probably right well you know they didn't really want to listen but he listened i'll tell you what and why not get on the first and it's underneath the glove of reynolds would've been a really close play sooner got up the line and he's called out sort of intent to go to second one will score and now they both slip and fall they've got two runners caught between third and home they'll get one out but going back to the bag is the second runner he slips before the bag then slips again and that prevented and a fly ball deep left ozuna back scales the wall and it drops [Applause] i think his cleat may have positions and wainwright strikes him out gomez trying to break his bat and will not give up until it dies so gomez so that's gonna oh look out he uncorked it here comes upton to score he's in safely that is the very reason why a lot of managers do not want them to interfere back to aldridge and the royals are out popped up third base side a-rod and jeter and who's gonna get it they drop it oh man dick jeter thought he caught it nobody's at first and going down to second is granderson who's going to make it [Applause] that's one thing you have to know as a pitcher you have to know what the defense is i mean that's something runners go whoops they've got a hang up here on the bases castro throws to first and they get him robertson went too far russell is thinking the same thing look at this ball's dead dead ball the ball actually hit shoes bat as martin went to throw it back to the same thing that an umpire has to look at it's just an unfortunate deal but that's that's what [Applause] [Music] [Applause] thanks for the rbi pal well again on a day like this you take what you can get and the ball thrown into center field guthrie lobbing one over the head of cologne and now two men are in scoring position let's see if the twins can take guthrie just kind of stepping off and a quick throw that over shoots cologne and torrey and joe mower reyes gets hit right in the back pomeranz turned around and saw there was no play and then just decided to move and there's really nobody there except reyes who catches it with his back takes his eye off this time to left up and watching that one fly it's gone solo home run bregman it's six nothing the young fan almost gave away the fragment home run it was a good throw though yeah good [Music] follow-through off the end of the bat a busted bat and dozier bat most of it ended up with some grass after he threw it away going down the line oh up the middle and off the bag and pass walker into short right dodgers get a break first and third and nobody out see him where he's located so he had a beat on this ball and luckily it hits the bag it would have been an interesting play but it was well hit as well done with the mariners there's a ground ball in the hole peralta backhand stop and a throw that's wide and into the dugout so long lost the handle getting by and into the camera well that just came out of his hand i thought they're going to have a hard time turning that double play you see castro on wong right there but he just got beat evan pilar hits the o2 pitch on the ground to short scoop dan can't dig this one out boy pujols has gotten some down and the bad part about this one is pujols gets in front of that baseball looks like he hit him up around the face area and then he collide paul hit rollins in the face or at least the top of the head as it came up i think [Music] an eye burner well the boys in the audio room yeah that's on you it's it happens [Applause] sounded like uh did he go yes walls tumbles off the mound quintanilla strikes out and you're right he's going to hear it from a lot of the guys in the dugout [Applause] [Laughter] it's a great robert jones broke his bat on that one francisco's up with it and gets away jones is going to go to second the empire got run into and is down his head hits the dirt a little bit there geez [Applause] [Music] i think his spike got caught he's fortunate he wasn't called for a dock he somehow got that throw over there [Applause] which is a strike the conditions from minor league umpires are abysmal yeah they get paid very little the travel's bad the the the the entire and take second base so second and third but now the force of the game frankie drops a baseball kendall's coming home same he throws it back to him routine frankie took his eye off it nonchalanted it went off the end of the glove kendall alert scores the division curveball hits velasquez and he's going to throw left-handed how about that and hopefully he's okay as he sprawls to the he drops the glove drops the glove look at that picks it up left-handed [Music] you