MLB Funniest Umpires Moments

[Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Laughter] sir seriously seriously [Applause] gray's now with oakland come on is that was that a somebody just take a picture yeah cruz brought up his phone no way wants a picture with joe west hey five thousand games all these guys in the game pitch from the right hand the bat goes flying on the swing and the miss almost got the umpire they almost got laz diaz oh nice move by liz diaz did you see that move very dangerous for the back going down here but laz poser those are ups those are up change up popped up nap off with the mask behind home plate and the inning is over hernandez i got your back andrew and i'll hold your mask too times where the catcher will get in front of the umpire and they'll try to you know work that setup just like you're seeing in the game but he'll sit right in front of him he's a big fella and it's hot out how about these two today it is hot i get it i love it too but it's it's the right day for me to be doing this but you got basically prince fielder catching and you got his buddy who's the umpire with the eye block on which i don't know if i've ever seen an umpire where i blocked before but [Music] well this is reminiscent of the great eric gregg las diaz doing a little dancing with the fanatic you beachbody headaches this went on for a few moments before laz actually broke into a smile and then broke into a dance oh two delivery to jones broke his bat on that one francisco's up with this gets away jones is gonna go to second the empire got run into and is down hunter wendelstadt got knocked over bundlestead and it doesn't get him hard but you see wendell stick kind of moving back and just as momentum kind of takes him back his head hits the dirt a little bit there geez this is okay you see he's still well in double digits off the umpire and that's a foul ball joe west gets drilled and he appears none the worse for it he's a strong man nice joe can't move he's hilarious you know steve well we all have our uh our aspirations some of us want to be ball players some dream of being announcers some kids they want to be umpires oh this is terrific we've been we've been watching strikes favorite players did vincent will go to and he will run through every game looking for the ejections and the replay reviews and then he will go back and watch those and make his own calls see if the judgment was correct with this catell room to count balls and strikes so he met with the umpires before the game and said hey guys any of you guys have an extra counter and somebody did they gave him an old counter so what he's using today is one of the umpires on the field so it's a new indicator for uh for young seven home runs [Music] two and two dutch can really do his number now i mean this crowd is so quiet it's almost as if dutch [Music] well he's had a busy you know someone proves otherwise fair ball that one right right there manny gonzalez hey get a good look at it yeah that's a yoga pose right there yeah and a double for rodriguez that was hilarious three 3-1 look at they're intently watching working as hard as fletcher now are they they take the mask off the two down the whole thing they got the numbers on their sleeves they got inches first time uh there you go [Laughter] there you go [Laughter] cool dude you should keep the ball right on hey my knight is made so here comes the bad style yeah look at his smile right now he's going to ruin the night are you kidding me ah just playing with it kid and then the kid offers him a fist pound how great was that that was lukroy mishandling now when runner will stay put though lukroy has not been his normal self defensively today had a pass ball earlier that set up a scoring chance popped him up behind the plate easy play for lee but here you go throw the mask away take that act on the road [Applause] these guys are having any fun left on the rock and that'll in the inning so degrom does what he does best he goes for the strikeout and he gets three of them single into third hit and les diaz just scooting out of the way first base on fire handed all the way well at least he knew which way to go [Applause] let's listen it was the wobble right is that what he said that's exactly what he said yeah because he said then they continued matt is always so into this and he does such a great job helping out the fanatic center fielder orbit never lacked uh having any fun he had to take a second look there i didn't think that was a real umpire getting it whoa wow yeah that doesn't look like chris conroy who's watching in the background saying boy hey above uh just behind home plate you can see them there just just off to the left they're real fake umps and they are raising money for ump cares charities you see them around a lot of ballparks you look right there right after the outside in the full count we don't need a shill who's like distracted between two different things right you're all right yeah i can look both ways okay outside cut and i mean absolutely perfect location mike crew coat radiant the umpire strike three call that's a good one i like that one got him again yes yes yes yes it's pulled on the ground foul [Applause] bar told greg gibson that's how i used to get up eye opener lass diaz some fancy footwork gets a nice ovation from the crowd and a helping hand for mike gerschall and good to see a big smile on his face [Applause] however many guys oh look at how you're calling a big strikeout so guard down looking well a little paint fastball down and away oh yeah that's there tom hallian daddy's pretty good now this is earlier jimmy rollins gets a triple and he just saw it jimmy there's a progressive strike twofold blatantly with i want to look back at back at him ago you're going to bat flip me on two strikes [Applause] that is just par for the course today even the umpires strike three call john gomez basically in the same spot he goes back outside corner you can see it judged underneath the three this time it's a strike and here's gomez's reaction you're kidding me chopped and snared to sheriff will grab it now all right brian mark to share it going played bumper pool with joe west out of the stands out right field joe doesn't look too happy about that throw down to third close oh man down goes gary cedarstrom oh healthy sometimes oh man he could pull a muscle very easily but you know what great attempt on the pick off throw 71 and petite in line tonight stays two balls and two strikes on danny espinoza oh my salvi went up to the foul ball and went right into the home plate umpire mike everett almost took him down next dance i mean the changeup it's almost and now he's calling it a ball no no he called that a strike he's changing the count to 2-0 right now pitch there's the strike sign it was kind of a half-hearted strike signing vernon wells first pitch swinging and pops that one up behind the plate into the seats and you see the home plate umpire mike muchlinski goes down slight contact you know it certainly wasn't intentional but much linsky gets his feet crossed stern gets a pop-up [Applause] wilson ramos with a good look did he toss the mask right here to get back on an umpire during the game is winging your mask at him but he just handed it to him basically usually when catchers