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[Applause] well part of the problem is that the conditions from minor league umpires are abysmal yeah they get paid very little the travel's bad the the entire and it gets by mchenry here comes ramirez might have a play ramirez is in there that throw gets away in the score is mark reynolds [Applause] and the pitch that was up and he gets it over gillespie about to see it again he was saying well i know i hit it that way where'd it go i don't know you know what if you think you've seen it all [Music] oh oh oh i'm sorry it's 90 ended really a little dribbler off the bat of lagarus stoltz off the mound and off the bag alonzo he couldn't find first base well this is uh have a cup of black coffee for him when he comes back in the what is he thinking having a little fun there was maddy watch this no you can't come back to the base yeah he's kind of blocking him out and then carlos said what's going on here maddie's smiling watch d.j rayburn the umpire [Applause] [Laughter] peter pops this one up beltrain yeah yeah he wanted it and i think he hit elvis to get him away from it it's all fun and games until you get slapped by adrian gloves elvis said i know better than that i know i know castro rose and barney got a piece of it somehow break the pinata with this one so you see that swing without seeing beltray charging and the ball bounces crazily by him it's going to be an infield single for ruggiano spin on it thanks ben yeah [Music] and somehow mccann avoided the tag and he never tagged him with the club yeah i don't believe he did either he tagged him with his body and his up and now alex calls for time something flew into his eye kimbrough didn't want to stop in mid and sure enough there it goes there's the moth him right in the eye super slow-motion camera shows the evidence [Music] my goodness 62 miles an hour in cabrera cork screwed himself into the [Applause] ground i mean coming at you well the boys in the audio room [Applause] [Music] i think his spike got caught he's fortunate he wasn't called for a doubt he somehow got that throw over third in the middle of that and stopped i don't need your laugh but swung on and missed it the bat went all the way back to the backstop and here comes the pinetar rag that was blowing and he could use a little more of that pine tar he'd slip out of his hands there goes the bat all the way back to the screen hits the phone box knocks the padding off opens it up that one was right over second base pat and belkey says milky timeout in tampa too so that's surprising trouble in the middle part of the ballgame oh two delivered to jones broke his bat on that one francisco's up with [Music] this kind of moving back and just his momentum kind of takes him back chiropractic mode well he lost the helmet completely this time when partially a skew the first time and completely gone this time [Applause] another little cutter away base he deals and brantley rips it into right field swisher coming around third he's going to score it's oh no he won't he went down he fell coming around third base and he has to hold there he hit the wet grass and just took a tumble and so he is now the one two up the middle by the dive of infante into center kinsler around second will motor into third and the rangers playing first and third check it out [Music] did everything right took one for the team and blocked the ball you know now if there's a guy going to second i guess he could what hold on to the ball through his uniform he's kind of a laid-back guy but alex rios is probably bubbling over with excitement to get that opportunity odor has that come up about this shirt and it stretches his pants right right in his shirt he took one hot it took one hop and went right in his shirt king felix swung on popped up a mile high on the infield foul brown near home plate now drifting and making the catches marjoba who then is on to the pop-up in foul territory wow can't teach them all right he gets the call tempe diablo stadium today the next pitch that's low and uh unable to find that one is congruent the repair jordan smith actually fell down running the second but still gets to the bag without even a throw that was a very awkward looking situation for that young his 54th pitch is lifted in the air deep left davis going back onto the warning track look at that ball carry and it is gone davis looking into the stage the sarasota product was called up tradoslovic actually was on deck when the bottom of the seventh ended mathis thought he had walked [Music] you