MLB Hilarious FAILS and DISAPPOINTMENTS of 2018 ᴴᴰ




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all right he thought he brought the right glove but oh no big glove no cancer first the parents thrilled the center that balls hit pretty well and that's over the head of Jones cave to second and he'll try one more weight falls down and now he's got to scramble back and it gets there safely Carlos Gomez is hit by that pitch but that backs their going back to the wall it stood up here and now place Dozier at second base this one hits Lance McCullers the Flex pass fragment into the outfield that'll score run Pro far heading to second curiel leg covering and Coke bars save and you'll spray this one toward left-field slicing away from Reyes he is on the move can't get there but it's foul look out as a goes into the seats in between the railing and the screen tamper over the mouth this is trouble Peraza and scheanette collide the ball dribbles away and everybody's sake we're 118 games into the season one to two Davis on the swing and a Miss way down the line and that's a gold-medal toss I believe he strikes out he was right there in the dirt again and turn her heads on down did that ball hit him that was only ball three he's coming back he thought it was ball four if she was this rebuild as Moncada makes the play and there's now number two couldn't get the ball out of the glove might have been a double play but the buck the ball is still jammed in the glove I don't know if the cat could do that anymore ren-dono rocket it hits the umpire Andy Fletcher a run scores and Andy Fletcher took that one base hit to the vacated spot on the left side Grossman scores Bauer to third just for a second we have a little malfunction here funny because there's a dude there there's Bruce courts right on the money into the camera well there I think his camera lens saved him stray Mancini had to chase it down trying to get three and ran out of his shoe in the process flat tire that's why you got thrown out but take a look at the shoe there it goes it loses a little bit of traction oh my goodness the throwback hits Bellinger's helmet the Cody kind of dropped his head a little bit to get ready for the next pitch and put it right in with with all those guys who were who were going to the game oh poor Lucas I mean it is a dangerous job but bad two changes things both the pitcher and the hitter max very eager to be the first baserunner he's running to first on ball three that's why he checks swings right there what was that that's a strike yes asked for time and got it right as brios but let the cell pretty good tardy to the first for that he's face do we have here ozzie alby's in roughly the cunha Junior halftime hits it high in the air back stasi they catch her back behind a home plate and whoa it didn't come down I don't know that I've ever seen that where one didn't come to again and breckman pops it up on the infield for rent fielder's converging who wants it [Applause] Mac Williamson has got a long run heads up kid as he went right over that mound and up against that side wall that is padded up he had knocked away his one two I think he swung at it he did so Brinson one of the my swinging am I getting out of the way and he's out [Music] now a grounder Meyers will trip and fall but get to second base on the throw for the out downwind Meyers at first base he tried to plant to make that throw to begin the double play short sleeves for Jim Johnson on a night when it's snowing yeah I've got a wool jacket on keep me warm yes here in Kansas City chess Lord Cuthbert from corn island Nicaragua [Music] [Applause] Chris Owings my go-to also many off-speed pitches the next half-inning it'll pop up in shallow left field and look out Iglesias and Reyes nearly collide and looked like they did have some contact