MLB Oddities Part 3


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[Applause] flora taking his time now set and steps off and it's a buck but and that's the ball game it's a walk-off buck valley saw it first maybe gets doused dave roberts saying he's stepped off and as the he's going to throw out the first pitch but with a little added extra look at this thing a pretty good job that throws it in the zone so i asked her how hard can you throw a baseball and she purposely took something off it on the pitch there because she wanted to show her impressive move fly ball left field struck pretty well john jay going back at the wall he will not make the kick oops i think we have an issue yeah we do roy lavello is looking to challenge this yeah and i'm not talking about a spilled beer being the issue i'm talking about contact within a bunch of runs too and he drives this one high in the air deep to left center field that ball is way back and that ball is gone enters out urban santana it's a reverse bat flip and the umpire caught it i've never get on the ground correa unbelievable even he got a laugh about it i'm not even sure how you think about trying to do that don't hurt yourself can you believe that that was a curveball brandon dixon doing it look at this coming with a hook to get the best player in the american league [Applause] as uh stephen donahue is going to check him out oh he's got a bug in his ear that can't be fun he can do it all that's some freaky stuff oh my gosh they got it and it's still flapping [Applause] go stevie you know that hole you see and carlos gomez is hit by that pitch oh well he keeps it lively strike one if you're key hole in somebody you're yasiel that's the place oh wow got a mouthful of the bat that time base head right center hustling swing at what you want to swing at well gomez strike three third strike out this afternoon from here i think was gomez absolutely losing it that's a squirrel that's a cat number here member of the grounds crew coming out there to hopefully pick up the cat there it is ow stop it hazardous job he's part of the the crew here at busch stadium that's lucas hackman with the rally cat lap williams will lift one in the air shallow center this is orlando he can't handle it but lorenzo kane is there in an 12 in a 12 to four this one is popped up right side foul ground boar now moving back toward fair territory he stumbles and that one falls foul not by much no doubt justin thought he was underneath it as he was kind of making his way over to the dirt spin around and look at the out of town the american screen you'll see what you will be using all right instead of your baseball glove you're going to use what a watermelon [Music] he got it [Music] hey how about a fan she caught that last foul ball with her beer yeah with two misses and she's letting it go [Applause] [Laughter] so it's a little bit more of a starting point than that one two three go you know it's just amazing to be able to see what see what we're able to do to help people i mean there's a lot of people out there need help and we're in a position to be able to help them and it's just it's great to be able to get out there and do that you know just being able to really came into his own as a third baseman blandino will lift the fly ball shallow left center field long run and making the catches perez the assist look at this yep did he get a piece of it he did there's a danny i thought these are like the highland games in scotland that he was able to catch that club this is a replay on jock his ability to play tennis [Music] weeks are gonna be the one to get there this should be fun he just deflated it look at that is that a catch it's in his mask ball never hit the ground on a foul tip two strikes i got it and i'm going to keep my eye on the ball and guillen drives it to center field and deep fowler going back and this one's off the top of the wall that's in play gian going to third base and he'll get a stop sign there he try to make a catch on this baseball good effort but he's now he's going to try to grip the wall to keep from having a face plant and his gloves at center field high fly ball right field deep canseco back to the track look it out it is no wonder david hulse was laughing when he went over there jose you've hit a lot of home runs you did a lot of great things but that shot will live forever that is you will be remembered for that a couple years ago hit hard to center field martine going back still going back to the wall tie game ball stuck it's stuck in the wall double for dozier all the pads out there of course they have that divider right there [Music] well the boys in the audio room yeah that's on you it's it happens [Applause] that's one of the oldest phrases in baseball he knocked the cover off the ball he literally hit the cover off the basement look at that you will not see that again that is absolutely amazing you can watch looks like a chipmunk be dipped down to third base you can watch a hundred thousand more games and never see that