MLB Strangest Delays Part 2

[Applause] [Music] so two outs with a man in have some thunderstorms going on in the area and we've lost a little bit of the candle power here the lights will take a few moments to recycle and then fully illuminate so right now we're waiting for the lights to cool down and then to come back up normally that process once you see the little the little blue light in the beginning of the process that means you've got about 15 more minutes the verge hopefully you're putting that thing out well they're on top of their game or you're not kidding in that job you don't get mulligans that's getting it done cincinnati i'm sure the roads are going to invite them to come out and throw out a first pitch knowing the reds they've probably already done that ready [Applause] i've never seen that guy feel i've seen it at other ballparks i've never seen it happen here it got everybody bruce boats he called that in he called mark rasmus and he said can you wake our guys up well moscow and they're trying to get the attention i guess you know we'll we'll own this uh our studio pre-game show the lights are still on out there so they they would really like to have them off it looks like pedro is soaking up the moment i think pedro and sheffield [Music] somebody get word to pedro go unplug whatever wherever that light is plugged in unplug it and let's go i always knew pedro had an aura about him but i mean this is crazy wearing their patriotic garb ooh the lights went out well it just went 1201. oh somebody clap your hands maybe they'll go back on all of a sudden a bank of medellin is talking to wow that knock the players are coming off the field whether they want them to or not yeah one more time in real time this is what happens you see everybody flinch in the stands and umpires players alike spread out they're gone it just came out of nowhere there was no rumbling or anything there hasn't been anything since then except for those four goodness so we are going to put a halt to things they're going to put the tarp on apparently stolen base and an rbi and this coming off his first start in a cardinal uniform last night when he homered and tripled now there's a little lazy bees or something trout likes the weather he just doesn't like bees i don't blame him yeah oh that one got jerry lane and jimenez grabbed the right arm of jerry lane to make sure he didn't tumble over that got him square he might have gone down if he hadn't grabbed him got smoked here off the bat of nick marchakis in the eighth inning and i don't know if he's gonna be able to continue yeah i said collarbone it obviously missed everything and got him in the set off one mask and then right into the collarbone of jerry lane of this series and maybe he had his best fastball of the year he was at 98 miles an hour i don't see any lights on out in center field they're pointing out towards center field oh there you go oh brother second base umpire chris guccione going to have to try to tell him there you go didn't know it was on there we go oops we're just covering it now there you go time is called apparently they're having some bees on the field smoke backing out so is nick franklin young power second base offer andy fletcher has cleared the way here's bar and throw it in that thing but you need the lid to keep them all in there right looks like he's got a two-iron [Applause] right [Applause] him back go back the other way stop we've locked off the camera we have a squirrel here and they're working on a camera or microphone and back to home plate this game is televised what that uh is not supposed to be there oh i don't know where that came from that's not from roots i'm going to say there's a squirrel rally squirrel is back danny that's a squirrel that's a cat somewhere here guys member of the grounds crew coming out there to hopefully pick up the cat but remember that it's [Music] [Applause] rodney getting loose in the pin rodney looks like he's ready the delay well the bride needed a new gown fernando rodney had the wrong jersey on and our good buddy has kept stats for us over there is randy so one out now and baker replacing ugla on it first cody ross steps in i think we're having a padding issue down the right field line that'll work kick it back on tedderson baseball comes in hitting it 381 three homers and nine knocked in he's talking the empire about the batters box now looks like he says they've got it cut too short now he's going to have it checked out cabrera meanwhile hit 344 last year with 30 homers and knocked in 105. and so they're gonna redo the batters box two batters into this game white sox tried to pull a fast one on the tigers how about that it's a brilliant move if you can get away with it if you really think about it can you imagine that for cabrera to walk in there i mean we've had two batters and they will measure it carefully this time batter's box delay time oh he's hearing it now day of major league baseball on fox sports one and big fox tomorrow it's the kind of attention you get at fantasy camp as well right yeah you don't like you don't like the mound it will come out pat it down for you smooth it out you're still on the grass we are in a waterfall delay here in kansas city with a runner at second and two down as they try to squeegee the excess water on the warning track i knew something was weird i saw everybody standing up against the fence with their arms raised just wondering you