MMAs impact on the last WrestleMania


Chael Sonnen


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did you guys catch WrestleMania last last week it was at Sunday I had a couple of thoughts and the only reason I would bring WrestleMania I realize that product is crap I'm well aware I'm well aware of how painful it is to have to sit there for seven hours and watch adults come out as though they're videogame characters or cartoon they're wearing Massimo got pain on their face right it's embarrassing I get it but it's also relevant to us in some ways because we had two of our own we have Brock Lesnar open the show we had Ronda Rousey closed the show and I think that you guys might find that interesting cuz I also think there's a couple stories line there's story lines there allow me to condescend to you I'm gonna speak to you guys I know I just said did you guys see it but I know what your answer is I couldn't hear what you said allow me to condescend you for any of you that might have missed it let me start at the beginning the show starts okay pay-per-view and Brock comes out Brock's the world champion and Brock comes out first so you assume as the viewer that he's coming out to cut a promo he's gonna build his fight that's coming up later in the night but then you notice you know he's not wearing a t-shirt and he kind of looks ready and he's got a sweat going all sudden I'm watching it with Joel and all of a sudden we're going hey wait a minute I think Brock's about to wrestle so Paul Heyman takes the microphone this was great anytime they reveal a fourth curtain in wrestling anytime they give a nod to a smart marks out there it's very fun Paul Heyman comes out and he says I want to get the quote right Paul Heyman says if we're not going to be the main event then let's just come out now and get this over with so I can take my client to Vegas where he will be ultimately respected so okay you get it Vegas the UFC Lesnar's on his way out ultimately I thought it's great I thought it was a lot of fun and I also thought it was a really smart and good way for Brock Lesnar's advocate Paul Brown Oh Paul Heyman a thank you for this by the way which I'm sure Brock is smart enough to know and has given him but this was a tremendous covering of what was about to happen which was a three to four minutes squash match we're Seth Rollins pin Brock Lesnar clean okay you guys also have to understand if you're not wrestling fans the relevance to a clean pinfall if you want to do a screw job finish where somebody comes out and gets hit with a chair or the referees not looking and the brass knuckles come in or there's a double-team or cheating or the holding of the ropes or the the holding of the tights something along these lines that would be known as a screw job finished that helps to protect the person who loses so the audience can then say yes he lost but the other person was outside of the rules and they cheated the company achieves their goal to try somebody else out as champion but the champion who gets defeated it doesn't have to be a championship match but the wrestler that gets defeated doesn't lose very much shine sets up for a rematch sets up for a lot of things when there is a clean pinfall and to put this for perspective for you in 1999 Hulk Hogan had only been pinned clean three times in his entire career he had only been pinned clean three times the other relevance in 1999 is that essentially when Hulk Hogan quit wrestling and before anybody pushes back and goes well he's still rested I get it I I'm well aware that he did many matches but but he used to be up every single night every single night on TV then he was taking the roads and doing house shows that it was coming back for pay-per-view used to have an extremely full schedule so basically for the balance of his entire career he was pinned clean three times one was Andre the Giant the final one was Bill Goldberg I don't know who sat in between who Oh was it Ultimate Warrior that's exactly whom I just nailed him for you so the relevance Beach doesn't happen very often to the top guys and Brock is certainly a tough guy not only did he get pin cleaned it was what we call a squash match meaning he there wasn't even hope spots he didn't come out and I got the big slam and he gets his ass kicked they did everything they could to send him out on a bad note and they did everything they could to pass that torch to Seth Rollins that's the business they did absolutely nothing wrong what I'm saying is from a psychological standpoint where Paul Heyman to go out there and essentially call that early essentially say we're about to do a job so Penn me pay me and let me get my client to the Octagon to essentially come out and say that was the best covering of the pending squash match that you could possibly do and there's no way that Vince's writers told him to say that Paul did what we call going into business for yourself and in this case he harmed himself he went into business for Brock Lesnar which is why I say Brock Lesnar owes Paul Heyman a thank you now we move to the end of the night around Ronda Rousey who not for nothing but has done an outstanding job over there and not only her I got I got an I gotta spread the love a little bit around her family because her husband Travis Brown is doing an outstanding job as well Travis just gets it on the looks I don't know if he can wrestle yeah we haven't seen him wrestle but I'm just telling you the looks making you buy the emotion making you buy into the intensity making you buy into the anchor knowing where the cameras aren't taking it all the way to the back and getting into that character he is a natural at the highest of levels at the highest of levels Travis Browne is a natural Ronda is great and Ronda was fast and Ronda was a fit I want to call her a natural I don't think so I think Ronda Rousey's had to work for everything she's ever got in this life I think she deserves a credit for that I want her to have the credit for that because she deserves it there was something interesting that happened that involves Travis Brown Bret the Hitman Hart night before WrestleMania is doing something they call the Hall of Fame for the WrestleMania he's being inducted and some fan who actually get ties back to us because he was an amateur mixed martial artist which is with a two-in-one record he interrupts Brett's speech now this was a crime this is not part of the show this guy committed a crime he went into the ring and then he attacked Bret Hart I have no idea why I have no idea what the payoff would be but I just know that it was very real one because they beat the hell out of this guy starting with none other than Travis Brown first one on the scene there watch it he sees something Fugazi happens he jumps in a number of other people did too if you guys happen to see that the other reason why I do not believe it was a work meaning that Bret Hart and it certainly would have been on the WWE the only one that could have done it again going into business for himself would have been Bret Hart to bring in a plant have this guy come and attack him and make all sorts of attention Bret Hart is way too arrogant to do that just for the record way too arrogant he would never do that and he went down like a bag of dirt to a bum kid to a bum 21 year old kid so and they're just simply would have been no payoff it just made no sense but I did think that it was very interesting I also thought Travis Arnold Travis Brown deserves a little credit there for his quick reactions but also thought it was a really weird moment why did you attack Bret Hart well what would a Bret Hart ever done the other side of the coin is he was probably getting ready to blow us all up for about 45 minutes like mr. t did a couple of years ago before the Big Red Machine Cain had to walk out and tell him his 15 minutes is up okay so main event time out comes Rhonda and Rhonda now you have to understand this because what is the most fun thing to do about WrestleMania it damn sure isn't the wrestle and a matter of fact the worst part of WrestleMania is the wrestling the most fun is trying to predict the outcome and there are some rules at WrestleMania but they are not absolutes by example in the wrestling business they will always give you what you want but they will not give you what you expect and that statement is never more true than the finish the outcome of the main event of WrestleMania that is not an absolute sometimes you know full well going in what's going to happen you can still enjoy it and you still want to see it the best WrestleMania is there's always a swerve and the way this main event was set up we knew that there was going to be a swerve on some level because it was a triple threat match it was the women females were headlining WrestleMania relevant very relevant to the story kisses first time that had ever happened they got a lot of media they got a lot of traction out of this but also you know okay we're gonna see something here and it's going to be something fun it's going really hard to predict now who's going over at WrestleMania whoever the fans want to go over whoever is the most popular person and is the biggest draw is going over never in a Enhancement talent never the b-side and never a jobber ever it is always whoever is most popular and who the fans want because the first rule of give them what they want but not what they expect the first rule and that is you give them what they want so but there was still a big question who is more popular is it Ronda Rousey or is it Becky Lynch I don't know the answer I asked people in the business they said I don't know they say it's really close it was Ronda but the honeymoon is now over Ferran de and Becky's coming on strong they said but I don't know the answer I don't know that's still Ronda she still has a high level of faint but it's the gap is closing I asked that in December the very end of December of last year it's a man that gap is closing Becky's coming after the honeymoons over all of those things I just said were exact quotes so then you also insert Charlotte Flair and the biggest thing with Charlotte Flair is everybody just look around what are you doing here what is Charlotte Flair doing in this thing so they bring Charlotte Flair in now don't forget whoever walks out last that is a big tip of the hat that is a big tip of the hat of who the stars the star comes out last and everybody knows that rule so Charlotte Flair who happens to be the champion comes in first okay great we can take her off the board we can take her off the board with one caveat that if you want to follow the second rule of the two rules and the only two rules that the following I'll give the fans what they want but never what they're expected it does satisfy rule number two which is we most certainly would not expect Charlotte Flair to get a win over Becky Lynch and Rhonda Rousey of what she can do at the same time we wanted to expect this so they bring Charlotte in first and they bring her in in a helicopter which was a relatively cool entrance but you can also see by her body language she's about to do the J OB it was obvious she she wasn't even a team player about it there was no intensity there was no happiness there was no excitement that was the look of a woman that was getting a paycheck and was about to go out and do the job okay great she's off the board but now we're gonna get to where it's really interesting cuz now they're gonna play somebody's music and that person is going to now walk out which means whoever's music they don't play just like Miss America whoever's name they don't say is now the a side boom Rhonda walks that was interesting for me I didn't like it because I was cheering for Rhonda I didn't like it it made me darnit but now we know Becky is coming out last so now you've got your biggest prediction and your biggest guest who will not only who's walking to the ring last who's gonna leave the building last I mean they're leaving with the championship and basically I thought it was a good match I think it was a really hard match though you know I've heard wrestlers say their least favorite match to do is a battle royal the fans love it but you have no idea what you're doing you can't call any spots and you're just in there just with a melee for a half hour or so until everybody goes over the ropes and it's like well yes I watch those if it that's kind of what it looks like it looks like a disorganized mess it's like yeah it is that's not what we trained for we're trained to be in the ring with twenty other people it's a one-off it's a twice off in an entire career we don't know what we're doing okay great because I would say the same thing goes for a triple threat match I realized there were some botched spots and I realize it wasn't fantastic action in there but it's also not what they trained for I mean in their defense that's not what they trained for that is not what they do that's not a normal match it was a special match now with that said I am being critical I thought it was a good match I just understand that if you would have done though that three-way dance with a pairing any which way you want you would have had a much better and cleaner and clearer match ultimately Becky went over rolled Rhonda up pinned her one two three they tried to put a little something on it at the end and I couldn't tell if that was within the script or that's just the way that it organically played out but the little something was that Rhonda's shoulder got up before the three-count came down the announcers began to talk about it again I was watching it with Joel swim it made Joel and I get involved we're looking at each other oh my gosh her shoulder was up we thought this was going to be a storyline they were gonna expand upon and there was way back I can't remember the was roughly 87 maybe as late as 89 uh Hulk Hogan Andre the Giant and the referee brought his hand down for a three count Hogan got his shoulder up and I'm convinced to this day that that was on accident that it just worked out that way but I've also seen that tape 20 to 30 times and I do not know if that shoulder was up in time or if it wasn't it was like it was like magic the way the referees hand came down as Hogan's shoulder came up so the WWE built that into a storyline and rematch those guys but they use that specific store oh my gosh Andre the Giant pinned Hulk Hogan Hulk Hogan who never loses who never gets he should have been pinned he should have been called out that night they used it and it looked as though they were bringing back that same storyline the way that Rhonda's shoulder came up and did appear this one was a little bit more obvious than the Hulk Hogan Andre the Giant Rod his shoulder was just straight up I think that was on accident and I think the Hogan Andre the one was on accident they just had it in their favor but I think the Ronda one was on accident that her shoulder came up the referee knew it's time to go home and I got a I got to make the pin fall when that happens and it's caught on cameras to honor kayfabe the announcers must address it which they did but then they quickly got off of it they quickly got off of it which is why I tell you speculator I'm a Marc I enjoyed it I'm a Marc but you I think you guys are Marc so let's have a little fun with it I think that that just happened I think it was just the way they went down the way the ref counted I think there was a little bit of momentum and running of getting off her back before that count came down I don't think that that was a built in storyline I also don't think it was done to cover Ronda we've heard rumors I should call him reports that Ron is going to leave the WWE and I don't mean she's done wrestling she's gonna take a break of some level and I don't know if that's two months or if that's a year but I don't know but she's going to leave for some level and one thing about that business much like MMA we just don't experience as much because fighters are asked to compete three times a year wrestlers who are asked to compete on television 52 weeks 52 times in a 52 week calendar year it goes really fast if you are not on TV if you are not on that microphone if you are not in out in front of people and you do not remind them week after week after week why you belong there why you're great at it the storylines go fast and new stars are given opportunity and new people step into the place reason I offer you all of that in conjunction with the finish of the ronda match if she is in fact leaving and I just told you guys I don't know if it's for two months or if it's for a year or for two years for all I know either way if you're leaving the same with Brock Lesnar who we know will be back and we've even got a pretty good timeframe of when he will be back you saw how he got treated he had to jerk the curtain for Seth Rollins in a squatch match where he got job out and lost a title in under four minutes so they're not going to cover Rhonda who's gone for X amount of time if those rumors are true by putting a swerve finish I think it just happened I think the referee physically was trying to count three I think the man was trying to hold her down I think Rhonda had momentum and her shoulder came up