MMMTV6 EP11 막방진짜 막방이게 진짜 막방

[Mamamoo tv: Beagle-dol's daily life / EP11_LastPerformance_ReallyLastPerformance_SeriouslyLastPerformance] [#LastPerformance #ReallyLastPerformance #Wheein_wakeup_it'sthelastday] [(Having nightmares)] [(Pat-)] [(squiggle)] [This seems like Wheein's] -It is. -It is. [(Secretly drinks once)] [(It tastes better to drink someone else's secretly)] [Wheein wakes up] Yong, come here. [(whoosh)] Yong, look at your belly. [(slim)] Huh? It went in again. [(plump)] Look at Yong' belly and cheeks. Try putting your cheeks in too. [(Slim)] V line. [Showing off a perfect v line] [The tongue lost it's way] What's up with your tongue? [Wheein is excited after waking up..] [(Vroom Vroom)] [Unnie run!!!!] [The staff waiting for the motorbike to stop] [Suddenly turns shy..] [(I'm embarassed..)] Ah I'm ashamed Really since my debut Whenever I'm doing something someone is always watching me [Good at self-examination] Probably it's because I do lots of weird stuffs. [The situation that happened about 35 seconds ago which she wants to erase] - Wheein. - Huh? [Hamster remembering the happpy memories of the last performance] [(Spat-)] One, two, three. [(Oh-!)] - She always she takes photos and becomes astonished of her own photos - Good. [Talent donation] Thank you. [(I want a photo too)] I won't post it, give it to me. [Wheein selected another way in order to get the photo] - I won't post it until you post it. So give it to me. - Alright. Good, you have to say something like that, that way I can give it to you. [(Exciting stuff)] Should I photoshop it? Wow seriously I thought you were working for it...! [(Photographer) Perhaps this could be Byul's occupation in the fifth galaxy?!] Shall I photoshop it? - It's pretty right? - Yeah. [(Glare)] Don't post it. I won't. - Did you see her glare guys? - That's why I sent it. [Wolseong World... The confirm line is very complicated...] - Did you see her glare? - Do you get it? I got it! Sit there. In a sitting pose. [(throws)] Throwing. Sit, sit. Really. Wait, wait. Okay. One, two, good! I got it! Stop. [Moon's perfect hands can get any A cuts no matter how she films it] Did you see her throwing me? I won't post it. Send it to me. Contract, contract terms. Look at this. Look. It's pretty right? [(Admit)] [Next model An HyeJin] One, two. [(smile)] Don't smile. Don't smile. [I mean what should I not do..?] Pretending to look chill. There is nothing you can do in your way Your legs look really long! [I'll hold it for a while since my legs look longer..] - Is that so? - One, two. [(There's no time) "Now Yongsun!"] [Finished saving Solar's picture!] One, two three. Why are you following me [(Come to think about it that's right..)] You aren't following me? I'm in front of you. [(whine)] You're naughty. [Oh why are you following me!!] Really! [So we start a close up interview] No! Why are you like that? Are you sick? What is she doing all by herself? Who is she talking to? [(Well.. Perhaps Byul?)] Me? I'm disgusted really. [A puppy sound in the waiting room....?!] What is it? - I was surprised. - I was surprised. [Let's say that it was just a sound in the video..] What is it? A puppy? [Which is why we'll introduce our team's puppy] Our puppy. [(Wheendog)] [I want a slush] [Wheein is going to buy you a slush] [Everybody clap-!!!!] Is there somewhere they sell slushes? Thank you. [(cough)] [Since you're coughing you can't have a slush] [The rapper lines are checking the photos] -I want a prettier photo -Yeah, let's go. [(helpless)] Come on, come on. Come quick. [Finds Wheein in helpless moments] - Hi~ - Wheein. [Wheein gets called out too] I'm~ Wheeinmon~ [(Hum) / (Hum)] - Nice to meet you~ - I'll go~ - One, two, three. - Now today's the last performance~ [(Showering praises)] Pretty! - One, two, three. - Really? You're driving me crazy~ Don't smile, don't smile. [Moon photo doesn't like smiling photos] One, two, three. Hey! - The leg lengths. - Look at this. Wanna try standing there? [(helpless)] - Full body shot? Yeah. - Yeah, full body shot. [(Refuses the free hug)] - I'll make your legs look longer. - Move out of the way. [(Refuses the free hug22)] Move out of the way. It's over Hyejin. [MMMTV gets refused by the Cwheesa line] [(sad)] [The maknae joins in to bother Wheein's picture] Go away! One, two, three. [(Really)] One, two, three! [(Ah I don't know)] One, two, three. - Yongsun's face doesn't show? - One, two, three. [Shall we try that power ranger concept?] - It should be like this. - You have to come a bit this way. [They are doing their best for a picture lol] The bathroom shows, here. One, two, three. Is it too babyish? [The angle matches today's outfits] This is epic. Now, just one more. Now, stick a bit more to the wall. This part shouldn't show. [Byul should show up in the picture too- that makes it perfect] Now let's see. This angle is so nice [Extremely satisfied] -It's disgusting. -The difference of these clothes.. Why are you so excited. [Giggling while monitoring] Look. Look at her. Let's take one photo with a normal pose. I'll take Wheein's picture. [Wheein forgot about the hindrance during the full body shot..] I'm annoyed, go away. [mad] -I took the photo. -Oh wait, wait. Why do you forget me! two, three. One, two. Is it over? [Tightly wrapped fists] I made a nickname for Wheein. [2019 F/W Season Wheein's new nickname: Jung Hammer. Because she hits with a hammer.] [demonstration] Like this. If I find Hyejin I instantly hammer her. [Somehow she wants to hit her with love?] [Are you a fearless puppy?] I'll break you! Do that CG for me like this. [Wheein uses the CG coupon that she waited for 10 months to use] You know that Thor hammer right. [Only with the sound effects it feels like she got hit] I didn't hit yet! Why do you faint by yourself. -Did I? -Yeah. Hit me again. ["Pause for a beat~"] Hey warn me first before hitting. Hey Wheein. [What] [Puppy is getting mad a lot today] You look like a darling bear. [I'llbemadwithoutanyspacebars] What bear? -I'll drink this. -No. [Ignore] [Full of playfulness] Hey I said no [Just seeing her drink is funny] [Why is she like that]["Moomoos, why do you think she is like that today?"] Give it to me! It's mine! [Committee for fight control] [From now on buy 1 drink for 1 person] ["Let's see if I'll give it to you nicely"] Give it to me wait. [Sp-it problem solved] -Who wants to order food? -Huh? [Attack] What will you order. [Meal suggestion] [First solution for stopping the maknaes fighting] [surprised] I'm excited. [Being agonized over what to eat] I'll eat tteokbokki~ [I hate it] Stop eating tteokbokki! [Returned safely after the last performance!] Last performance! I mean how did the last performance come so quickly! Last performance! Now clap for everybody who put in an effort till the last performance! [And claps for Mamamoo who maintained this energy till the end!] You all did so well. -Now see you next time. -Bye~ [Ending with Mamamoo's official ending song!] Now is the time we have to say goodbye~ See you next time again. -Now it's time to say goodbye. -What's the lyrics after that? -See you next time again~ -See you next time~ -It's embarrassing to sing along. -What? [Mamamoo & Moomoos share love during the short period!] [See you next time with more energy!]