how's it going ready buddy we're teleporting I'm fucking nowhere Oh welcome back to this greatest game ever made that has really nice man but I think that's actually a correct statement not even gonna lie okay so we're blowing this shit up I don't even know why the story in this game is so fun it changes like every five minutes I can take out since then we'll save row then we'll get a good thing last what good dammit take out sinister then we'll save Road what fuck but first what's a from then we'll motorboat her tits you got a main gotta have her her priorities straight that sounded great remember to edit that one out here really yes this is the real surreal Senate kill him stealthily you'll die for real this time we'll really extra quiet no shooting throwing grenades or funny business they better not mess with something alert the guards they get it and we get it are they talking about us yeah yeah shut up I know what I'm gonna win like bad dog Fox my dog farts not silent but they are deadly I got a lot of time later you look at that beautiful Hey oh what's that what you're beautiful now stop it you're making me blush that's why I'm tan now it all makes sense okay Shh check out sinister and he's hello how he walks me stealth okay how does that more quiet them what I did that's a great point we're just kind of help people hammers time a time oh you better self up cuz I need a man and then I don't need a man I will always remember Albert I was cherished whatever we had here are special five seconds I'm I'm gonna get you how is that a stealth ship that's anything whoa these curtains are beautiful and it's done yeah fact is my golf swing in a world what anyone would dip execute sinner press spacebar yes or be no night yeah okay why not because you offered me a choice wait shouldn't bad be a quest what okay what's good are you almost done I can't choose I love all music right now this conversation going nobody cares that's nuts wherever I have a canister and beat the game and you're spending time talking to him who am I talking to anyway did you bros get the fuck out of my gam brows I'm sorry you can be in there I'm sorry I do care don't they do it well they'd be nice loser written all over it kind of has whatever sure yeah I'll end up with your front door put their finger in you but what if I like it'd kill sinister or bees might want to meet up at the mall at 2:00 sorry I'll be busy what are you doing is this overly attached girlfriend my hair then have glance with someone else okay I don't think that's a good idea why not I just found your info online you're hot I thank you if Sanne creeped me out I'm he's married fucker is that a minor my wife she has a wife you're kidding right damn I think he is coming over uh-oh are you still there oh no oh no okay here we go or wearing hats for that nice beautiful absolutely beautiful hurt I want to work it's twerking and Twitter and Facebook just battle spoiler alert I killed him yeah recommend playing an extreme of course Wolverine pose first I thought you only killed what another god damn it yeah don't believe me check the label on his back Chyna the other label who would about to rescue road by the way she's about to be tortured and killed by blockbusters oh yeah we did forget about it just checked into arena I want to use twerked it sounds awesome I love arenas it games it's like my favorite type of gameplay honestly oh hello Misha that did no damage at all what the fuck is wrong with this guy there we go okay by these old business maybe oh oh shit riskier Oh what is he gonna do it oh yeah we had the bomb that was necessary what a player he needs to absorb our healing factor through skin contact broke there's no time to explain we get a suck face like there's no tomorrow oh I'll be gentle in time baby you're sucking too much of my oh yeah ooh girls are as far as ever ma'am I'm a little turned on right now what why why why well it was we have groups attached to it why what's the point that doesn't make any sense at all oh hey she's pretty bad out [Laughter] what the fuck are you doggy no action okay hi no guts no gory [Laughter] ah no my dad gets in there okay well it's just quality gameplay as always okay not in the but what is the fun way this game is fucked up are you fucking there I like how the guy and the name is like what is going on this guy can't really move oh now again oh shit look at our house Oh was I supposed to die [Music] hey babe good to see you everyone wait that is a girl that's kind of sad like a sad love story or whatever this game so weird what am I doing here what are you doing here why are we dance why not and now we're together as always on time is about it I need you to do something for me yes David sugar skull mr. sinister is exhuming mutant corpses and harvesting their DNA okay sounds heavy the spirits of those mutants still linger here yearning to stop him I cannot claim them hey wait my late night rats bra you want me to free their souls my pony muffin my bro yeah like a Deadpool why is my pony bribe pull yourself together ah Jane okay thanks how the hell does I dance on a tree we're sending you down the tracks that lever we forgot to pull out okay hey guys a whole new Plateau [Music] why use one when we can use 3 1 million genius you'll break the shipping for the level a cow yeah maybe we should have listened to that goddammit oh well we're trying and that's how you tell people they embrace all right let's find a fucking lever ah III okay here we are we get deadpool coins awesome i fuckin loaded every time like it has a great can like consistency means jokes like i thought never gonna run out of good jokes but it still fucking awesome mine crimes my cock Oh Indiana Jones get out of my game how can he not love this game I don't understand get out of here why do i mi shooting them anyway they're just doing awesome poses ah fuck it syllabi hi oh shut up and get down here okay try this right Sinister's clones are here my calculation shows is to be a major confluence of temporal flux I haven't caught yeah oh yeah just play along hey you have no idea how it work your role is in stopping sinister I do I just don't care alright I'm gonna have to end this episode here he was enjoyed watching leave a like if you did help me out a lot hit subscribe to become a breath today I'm gonna be sad when this one is over at honestly anyway sound somebody sorry to interrupt the outro but I just want to let you bros know that I've recorded a show called PewDiePie and Friends and it's over at Polaris so go there and subscribe and check out our first episode it's pretty awesome Jesse Cox Dodger and cinnamon toast ken is in it and it's it's pretty funny so yeah click the links in description or screen and I'll see you there