how's your brother's piece I'm very excited cuz today we have some really really cool game sports I'm excited like stupid yes the first game is paint the town break okay it starts up at at a bar they all look very ready to fight I don't know why all I wanted was to play cubes I can't take much more of this these guys are crazy and I think they're onto me they've been made they have been what I can't read fast enough game I missed the joke my friend let's play pool bad the day why did you play cubes all right you know what oh Jesus Christ I'm so sorry he had it coming for him oh my god I can pick this up and then I could throw it oh gee I'm sorry what the fuck oh God let's take this chair don't fight me I have a chair I told you what is this a penis I got back off I have a chair all right let's go backstage always time to cook some beaches me boom head chef this is awesome you'll never get me alive shit there we go fuck you up I shake you oh I want this is why bloody games shouldn't be censored what the fuck let's get to the stage fuck yeah I'm sorry mate I didn't mean that damn it you don't fuck with the way huh Oh punch the music punch the music punch the music bro you don't even happen how are you play [Music] ha ha ha that makes me fuckin with the chair this chair is the most leap oh god his arm Oh God this chair is a death weapon look at it I poke you I poke you my oh oh oh oh hey Lily potent damn son I'm sorry I'm so sorry about your face bro oh god he doesn't know what he's doing you'll be handicapped for the rest of your life it's my guitar my music sorry violent video games just causes me to freak out - machine oh God can I play the drums damn it that was paint the town be red ready fun game I would rate it probably best game ever 10 to 10 yeah bad eye man just put your put your butt on the screen you're welcome if you thought that was weird it's about to get weirder this is a Japanese game so that's how you know it's gonna be weird but this is a weird Japanese game so that's how you know it's gonna be so fucking weird but you might not come back it's the same person you once once enter please Oh pudding all right so I am punching a girl why are you slapping me why you stop hitting me god dammit oh I'm so mean I can't help it though fuck this I'm against this don't punch women if they are in a bathtub oh I don't really fuck her up man not in the way that you think ah ah she she won what the Oh all right there what does this do oh of course we can choose a duck in there best game ever came out of time all the Ducks game oh god this is so stupid oh I can just slap her all this slapper it's only I did this sell missus self-defense I'll scratch your fucking eyes out oh that rapport in China 9 days to a guy oh your axe I hope my sin doesn't come in when I play this this is what you get for cheating on me with all these ducks hey no don't block come on don't block hey come on come on oh I'm sorry she's sleeping hello yes 100% yes I don't know what you're talking about oh god what is this is horrible what the fuck is this what the hell baby shirt damn it damn it she got away come back I promise I won't punch you skate it's so fucking weird Oh what what what what what I murderer I'm a merger deadlier okay do you know what video games video games are a thing and some of them you probably just stay away from that is probably the most fucked up big Mike Lee the third and final games for this evening night morning whatever the spots are doomed the Big Bang shut up heads the big bad wolf the big back foots night one so you place the werewolf oh no one sees anything no one suspects a thing what happened something happen under this thing the Sun is going down I better kill people shit oh I better sit in this bush then damnit mysterious death at Park Bench night - mmm tastes like chicken hey buddy yeah I'm a bush just kidding why do they all look the same you'd think this is a trap or some shit but I'm the trap oh no you take a picture of me shit that better eat him what happened what does that mean oh god damn it the arm is in now oh shit I'm fucked it all night they knew I made that bush yeah yeah yeah just burnished you found artful disguise what no way hey Betty oh shit I didn't eat fuck Lord Wavell Lord werewolf no way why do people still come back to the party if they know people get murdered in it okay no witnesses no witnesses no witness said our UFO Oh God it's gonna be hard don't know pictures how dare you take a picture of my bad angle oh god damn it they got evidence or amazing here okay my artful disguise they'll never suspect a thing hello gentlemen checked out cheerio with it my mind don't you know this is there's a werewolf on the loose I will just I'll just go here now wolf makes break for freedom go werewolf go lazy developers make world wrap around oh that's fine just go wearable oh oh oh shit oh that's a really cool game I really I really like that one hope you brothers enjoy today's game you want you can suggest me which wants to play it down below thank you for watching as always to leave a like if you want more and as always stay awesome [Music]