there's purple out there purple out there left side of the door [Music] I'm out I'm out everyone stop baguette shoot me ladies and gentlemen I think back to the day I graduated from college the day fortnight came out the day I got my first internship is at MLG and now today as the four most important days of my life ninja headband is on I've gone to the gym six times in the last nine months to prepare for this moment right here to date we compete for $100,000 in mr. beast IRL youtuber battle royale am I already half out of breath from walking up a flight of stairs absolutely Ray Ray heard a I heard me say that the back of it is it's right now poor train and we're gonna go outside and play a battle royale it's gonna be fun I'm bringing you guys along first we are going to pick up Noah and heading good target we'll see you guys here but I won't heartless that we're here and target right now sorry about my hat here we're testing out things I want to make sure I'm agile in this jacket it has the mobility oh oh wow you're not messing with me bro oh sorry my hat you're right huggy character right now don't tell me I don't look like I'm locking up let's go baby I'm not losing today look who I finally met hey what's up man after after months every day mr. beast set you 17,000 oh I forgot guys it was only one of the craziest moments of my life dude are you ready for this yeah how long is the preparation bin for an event I got three weeks you want me to give this deal do it yeah it's warlocks okay get in lightning you're right look at this the man knows what to do the man knows I'm trying to learn about about how to blog I'm a twitch streamer don't forget oh two two games yeah sorry so am I supposed to do like this okay but dude do a little zooming in okay yeah okay yeah yeah you're good two games yeah got a giant map and cut the b-roll right here well talking 200 guns hit whoa whoa yo prediction right now for mr. beast a job bro I can't really thank you for having me though thank you it's gonna be fun let's go I am physically and emotionally ready for this I'm so ready for this stuff wait you you look like a kindergartner like that's so much energy right now oh my god this is fantastic doing the practice right right now I think I definitely could have been in it but I got weak you're scared why aren't you in it wait for real bro are you kidding me right now the Mozambique IRL I'm just waiting for these to become dual wheel when will these become a Kimbo so they're not trash boom baby you know what I can do with this thing one knock bop bop God stop the rez gibraltars left oh wait he's the size of this old fucking wall pop this is actually crazy how built-out they've got this and how much structures got it is super super exciting can't wait to get started it should be getting up here real soon my memory table just had three bagels but I thought you know while they all warm up I'll eat three bagels and I'll be good to go you know so that's my trade off dude I didn't do enough cardio for this in the last 24 years of my life do we spawn in with weapons no they're all I have I played enough for tonight I don't think so dude are you kidding me yeah are you that is true that is true yeah you're fine Krag what did you learn all right biggest things number one aggression is key if we aren't killing at least half the lobby wait for a million actually actually aggression was really good I let my ran up behind people shoot him one way to run around their entire building shoot him in the back get all the blue and easy is it accurate yes there the bullets slightly curved up and then start going down okay okay this is good second stick together and watch every angle don't get flanked hi dad both games by someone coming in my building sure to be invincible we're covering all our entrances oh yeah we get and have fun out there and did it really hurt all right it's not terrible just check out the other guy I saw dude Craig didn't wear yeah and wear a scarf and some guy just can't win just point-blank oh my god okay bow gopro on i'm fully decked out time to go experience the pain here we go what uh what spawn point yes thirteen dude we're playing an IRL fucking battle royale this is not their purple out their purple out their left side of the door not really close to the opposite side we're gonna move in we got no no I are we getting told them of it the reps are still there though this guy's we're good that sounds cool smoke great coming in well your what up listen because I window red balloon we gotta move no we gotta move no what we gotta move oh I slip there's one over there already guys free boys there out there out bro you you've won [Music] your ones in the yellow building across row through it my three balloons popping with work environment Yelp across 100 I'm doctor shit I'm dodging top one another one in here purple I had Purple's balloon off one of them y'all out there right there Tyler straight ahead of us this way no one's out of good revolve us no I are they all dead Tyler salary cover they're in the building back here they're in the building back here it's true purple guys I backed him up he's got one balloon left yep am I out of my out so I drop my gun good more Tyler alright Game one let's check the muddiness not bad not too bad he looks good looking good let me get a once-over on this and there's the dolphin dive extraordinaire I just ran out and at one point I tried to cut back later out of my ass another one I strength it out I'm gonna had to get cover since laid down in the mud my man probably traveled from this point to that table he went so far it was incredible girl I know there's a lot to look at oh yeah so what we're also teaming with the Australians we have seven days I'm gonna happen in late-game we're just gonna gentleman some split up you shoot me before you owe me a roll watch that - pretty good boy so we're yellow red edges thanks dude friendship overall I know but they literally say to do whatever you want oh fuck block right yes the gold is the gold moving gold moving I'm out of ammo oh no no no it throw pebbles are you please got him Purple's out you're out [Music] [Laughter] [Music] yo watch me watch breathlessly where's no watching hey we died the teamers last game so he said you know what yeah but they can't beat them join them we got told no rules let me buy you a nice dinner so what so join me buy you a nice dinner ready right here here am i out I'm out I'm out I'm out I'm out I'm out about everyone stop me bro oh my god I am drenched I legit dove into the water I just changed out of everything but I was diving into water did the mud-covered making plays I got rushed dude that was awesome and what a fun experience III legit couldn't be more grateful to mr. beast and everyone on that team for having me out for this it was such a such a fun time it's great group of people here I mean anything look we just we just ended everyone see her smile and laugh and having fun so two hundred thousand dollars was on the line today between the two games and yeah overall a damn blast we gave it all we got third of the second game we nearly did it but uh but at the end it was not enough so we did we did what we could yeah we did we could I think we're gonna take a big Instagram photo now I believe that's a time what are we doing right now you're trying to scrub it up dude I don't really know what's going on yeah right now just because dude label places when [Music] we had some like insane firefights of his blue team we did it we were hiding in this tent dude we were hiding this tent and we had there was its canopy and my teammates like seven foot four so their balloons were above it so no one could see it yeah yeah no new team sent round no teams turned them down ended up going all Craig thought sprayed an entire team by sideways shooting through my little nerf nozzle thing yeah in my face right here step back dude we got third we got third we we teamed up with a team of three I love you all thanks again Jimmy very nice to meet you Craig you're beautiful my friends right thoughts a blast that was fun I can't believe that I literally dough I'd ov into just pure your mud like from top to bottom was just ripping but that's a blast now I get to go shower and yeah obviously pee on this plate home whoo all nice and clean now thanks again mr. beast you're having us I've got a flight in three hours head back home not partying and being a good boy we'll have a lot of fun parties and friendship coming up I'm looking into the vlog looking at myself in the this instead of in here be sure to LIKE the video if you guys one more vlog sexy cerise for watching go check out his video and yeah I'm gonna talk to you later I'm tired have a good day bye [Music]