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Jihyo : MV commentary Jihyo : MV commentary Jihyo : Start Nayeon : My partner Sana : Do you know that we were partner too last time? Nayeon : Really? Sana : You don't remember? Nayeon : Of course I remember Sana : When? Nayeon : (Gibberish) Sana : What song? Nayeon : Signal Nayeon : Knock Knock~ Nayeon : Knock Knock x2 Nayeon : TT Jeongyeon : Left Chaeyoung : Do you like me that much? Jeongyeon : No, they are telling me to move to the left Momo : Oh, 'Put on some lipstic mamama' Jihyo : Momo don't erase our kiss, just leave it like that Momo : Then I'll do it like this Jihyo : 1, 2, 3~ All : One in a Million, hello we are Twice Jihyo : Today too, without fail, I'm Twice's official MC Jihyo Jihyo : Jihyo Jihyo : Then, starting from Chaeyoung, Jihyo : looking closely at the camera Jihyo : do a greeting Chaeyoung : Hello Chaeyoung : It's Chaeyoung Momo : I know~ Jeongyeon : Hello, it's Jeongyeon Chaeyoung : I know~ Mina : Hello, it's Mina Jeongyeon : I don't know~ Tzuyu : Hello it's Tzuyu Momo : First, I've something to say Momo : it's my birthday today~ Dahyun : Wah, today is Momo unnie's birthday Momo : Put on some lipstic mamama Momo : The members do it to me like this Dahyun : Kiss as a present Momo : That's right, it's Momo Dahyun : Hello, it's Dahyun Sana : Hello, it's Sana Sana : Hello, it's Sana Nayeon : Hello, it's Nayeon Jihyo : Hello, it's Jihyo Jihyo : It's because the note keep getting higher Jihyo : Anyway x3 Jihyo : Everyone, the MV commentary already Chaeyoung : Wow Jihyo : What x2 Jihyo : It's already the 4th times Jihyo : Also what's more important is that our Likey MV got 50mil views in 9 days Jihyo : Now we'll look at the MV Jihyo : Before that, the members heartthrob charm Jeongyeon : Suddenly? Chaeyoung : Really Jeongyeon : Then starting from the leader Jihyo : Ok, we can start from me Jihyo : What should I do? I'll do what you tell me to do Dahyun : ChoJeolJeong aegyo (tn:sorry not sure what kind of aegyo that is) Chaeyoung : Aegyo that's asking people to play Likey Chaeyoung : Aegyo that's asking people to play Likey Jihyo : But, doing this where people can see me is actully embarassing Jeongyeon : Shall we make a situation? Nayeon : Ah, aegyo using our own part on the song Jihyo : Our own part Jihyo : but with aegyo Nayeon : Having a crush on a guy named 'Likey' Nayeon : His name is 'Me Likey' Jeongyeon : Ah, so his name is 'Me Likey'? Sana : His name is Da Me (tn:from Solaenda Me) Jeongyeon : Me Likey-san Sana : Da Me-san Nayeon : Me Like x3 Jeongyeon : You already started? Mina : It seem hard Momo : It's ok we can do it like this Jihyo : Now, starting from Chaeyoung Chaeyoung : What should I do? Nayeon : It's that for you (reciting Chaeyoung's rap on Likey) (reciting Chaeyoung's rap on Likey) Dahyun : That's hard Jihyo : Now Jeongyeon Chaeyoung : What kind of aegyo is this~? Chaeyoung : What kind of aegyo is this~? Dahyun : Ah, what's the theme? Self PR? Aegyo? Jihyo : Charm appeal Dahyun : Heartthrob aegyo? Jihyo : Heartthrob charm Jihyo : Then starting from Mina will do heatthrob charm Chaeyoung : She's good at something like this Chaeyoung : Whatever Momo unnie do it will be aegyo Jeongyeon : It's ruined Chaeyoung : It's ruined x2 Chaeyoung : She's good Jihyo : For Nayeon unie there's a special request Jihyo : Please do what you do on instagram Jihyo : Please do what you do on instagram Nayeon : Wait a second, let me get into the character Jihyo : Try it Jihyo : That was Twice members with a lot of charm Jihyo : Now Nayeon will explain what song Likey is Jihyo : Now Nayeon will explain what song Likey is Nayeon : Are you always going to say things so suddenly like that? Jihyo : Yes, now please explain it prettily Jihyo : Yes, now please explain it prettily Nayeon : Then, now I'll explain it prettily (tn:skipping song explanation) (tn:skipping song explanation) (tn:skipping song explanation) (tn:skipping song explanation) (tn:skipping song explanation) Jihyo : That was a good explanation. Now, Jihyo : we're going to see our mv, so Jihyo : we've to also explain the concept of the mv (tn:skipping mv explanation) (tn:skipping mv explanation) (tn:skipping mv explanation) (tn:skipping mv explanation) Jeongyoen : Ah, it's something like that? (tn:skipping mv explanation) (tn:skipping mv explanation) Jihyo : We'll talk about the content of the mv Jihyo : as we watch it, now Jihyo : let's start the mv commentary Jihyo : Let's watch it together Dahyun : Jihyo unnie turn on the camera as she pick it up right? Jihyo : Yes Jihyo : Shall we start now? Jihyo : Wait, I've something to say. Just now, it's what I record personally All : That's right Jihyo : It feels good Chaeyoung : Maybe that's why it seems more natural Jihyo : It's me who shot all this Nayeon : It's the ice cream shop Sana : That's right Sana : It's tasty Jihyo : When it's used on teaser Jihyo : The responses were good Momo : Doesn't this looks like Momo : a scene from western movie? Nayeon : Ah, that's right Jeongyeon : Stop, stop here Jeongyeon : Why are you the one pressing the button? Nayeon : Stop x2, this place Nayeon : is really Canada housings Neyeon : and on this place most of the people are Korean Nayeon : So when we were shooting Nayeon : everyone were interested so they were watching through the windows Jihyo : Did they recognize you? Nayeon : Th..there are people that recognize me Nayeon : because there are many people around our age Nayeon : They were all gathering around Nayeon : Which is why it's interisting, feels like I'm in SK Jihyo : I felt really awkward shooting this Sana : It doesn't look awkward at all Jihyo : It's because there's no song played and I just sing Jihyo : Jeongyeon, I heard that you fell here, where was it? Jeongyeon : It already passed Jihyo : Ah, it already passed? Tzuyu : I also fell Jeongyeon : We really tied her hair here Momo : They really tied my hair Jeongyeon : At once Mina : This place is real school Jihyo : That was my hand Jihyo : Haha, appeal Jihyo : What's funny is that in this scene Jeongyeon isn't here Jihyo : I wasn't in the scene because I'm the one filming Jihyo : As for Jeongyeon, she has individual filming Jihyo : That's why we aren't on this scene Sana : Isn't this when Jeongyeon shoot the skateboard scene? Jihyo : Yes Jihyo : She was riding skateboard Jeongyeon : Jihyo really was the one who film this Jihyo : Ah, this one Jihyo : It's the first time I showed Jihyo : my belly button Jihyo : It was hard Dahyun : Why is this scene funny to me? So funny Jeongyeon : I Jeongyeon : want to buy that clothes but can't All : Why? Jeongyeon : Because I don't have money Chaeyoung : Because you're still a student Jeongyeon : That's right Jeongyeon : That's why I'm just window shopping here. Ah, there are so many pretty clothes in the world Mina : You want to upload it on SNS Jeongyeon : If you look all of the clothes are Jeongyeon : actually vintage Jeongyeon : and that one is the only stage costume Jeongyeon : That's why my eyes goes there Chaeyoung : Don't we have something to say here? Momo : That's right Momo : The members on the back and me shot it separately, but Dahyun Jeongyeon : She can't match the beat Jeongyeon : You acknowledge it right? Chaeyoung : Originally we planned to do cross Chaeyoung : but change it to jumping on place Jeongyeon : That's right we were planning to do cross Jihyo : omomomo what's Jeongyeon doing on the back? Chaeyoung : I was hitting Jeongyeon unnie's butt Jihyo : Look at Jeongyeon Jeongyeon : Stop Jihyo : What's this? Jeongyeon : This earphone is actually PPL Jeongyeon : This earphone is actually PPL Jeongyeon : I heard JYP PD-nim is the one who made it Nayeon : I want one too PD-nim All : Give us too Jeongyeon : He said it's still not available, what I wore was just sample Momo : Give me one too please~ Dahyun : Please~ Jeongyeon : It light up at dark, and you can only see the earphone Mina : If you cover it with hair the light will come out of the hair Jeongyeon : If you see from afar you can only see the earphone Nayeon : We actully did this scene together Jihyo : That's right Jihyo : Everyone were holding fireworks in the cold Jeongyeon : We shot a lot here Nayeon : Maybe it's because I look ugly on that scene Jeongyeon & Jihyo : No Jeongyeon : The fireworks are pretty Jeongyeon : but there are many members who are afraid of fireworks Jihyo : It was really hard shooting this scene Jihyo : because I've to wait until a train passes by Jihyo : and there were only 2 fireworks left Jihyo : and we don't know when the train is going to pass by and we've to match the timing with the train Chaeyoung : There's something good written here :v Mina : This train is really long Jeongyeon : What kind of acting is that? Jihyo : What's that? Nayeon : I was just standing still Jeongyeon : For real, what kind of acting is that? Nayeon : No, it's not like that Nayeon : Really... Jihyo : Unnie you were sleepy right? Nayeon : No, I wasn't Chaeyoung : Shall we all use it as our profile picture? Chaeyoung : Shall we all use it as our profile picture? Nayeon : Don't do it~ Nayeon : I was told to stay still so I just stay still Dahyun : This was fun, at the back everyone do hip hop together Jeongyeon : This car is a really expensive one Jeongyeon : That's why the owner keep looking at us Jeongyeon : It was very scary Jeongyeon : It was very scary Momo : When we jump we would be wary of him Jeongyeon : Whenever we move we look at him Chaeyoung : But that person was a really nice person Sana : Each of us would ask Sana : for permission if it's ok to jump on top of it Nayeon : Now that I think about it, everything we shot inside the car weren't shown Nayeon : We shot a lot inside the car Jeongyeon : Oh, that's right Jihyo : It's a pity Sana : Release it please Jihyo : Momo personally made the dance Jeongyeon : We only appear here then dissappear again Chaeyoung : Ah, really? Jeongyeon : Momo is alone Jihyo : Maybe we weren't helpful Jihyo : Oh, Jeongyeon bought the clothes? Nayeon : You worked hard on your part time job on the bakery right? Jeongyeon : Yes, I did it on Canada Chaeyoung : You bought it Jeongyeon : I collect money by doing part time job and bought the clothes Nayeon : Wow, you are successful Jeongyoen : Thank you x2 Nayeon : Actually there were a lot of car passing by here Chaeyoung : It was about time to go to work Sana : All of you work hard from early morning Jeongyeon : The bulding is pretty Momo : It looks photosopped/edited Momo : But it's not Sana : It's not photoshopped/edited Chaeyoung : This was shot at our last day on Canada Jeongyeon : That's right Dahyun : Last heart Nayeon : The heart was well done Jihyo : We do it well Jihyo : Please press like Jihyo : Together with a good song Jeongyeon : I'm really proud Jeongyeon : Jeongyeon bought the clothes and wore it Chaeyoung : That's right Jeongyeon : There's that kind of story Dahyun : It feels like there's a meaning Dahyun : because it was our first time shooting on another country Dahyun : That's why it feels like there's a deep meaning Jihyo : The background for Likey mv is pretty right? Jihyo : The truth is it only rained on our first day there Jihyo : the weather was perfect just the day before we arrived Jihyo : That's why we were very worried (tn:They are worried because they think it might rain everyday not just the first day) Jihyo : It's raining(on the first day) so how will it come out Jihyo : but they use CG to remove the rain Jeongyeon : It came out very pretty Momo : If we go overseas it always rain Nayeon : But since it's shot overseas, there were really Nayeon : a lot to see in the video Jihyo : Also on our shooting this time Jihyo : Jeongyeon ride skateboard and Tzuyu ride a steak All : Steak??? Jihyo : I'm hungry, we haven't eat yet Chaeyoung : Want to eat steak? Jeongyeon : Oh, I want to eat it Jihyo : Tzuyu ride Jihyo : a skate, but when fans saw that scene Jihyo : ask if she fell Tzuyu : I fell Jeongyeon : We both fell down Jeongyeon : We both fell down Tzuyu : But I fell down safely Jihyo : How can you fell down safely? Tzuyu : I know that I'm going to fall down Tzuyu : I know that I'm going to fall down Tzuyu : I only know how to use inline skate Tzuyu : I only know how to use inline skate Mina : That's right Tzuyu : But in the mv I used roller skate Tzuyu : It was harder to use Tzuyu : That's why I fell down Jihyo : Did Jeongyeon also fell down safely? Jeongyeon : At the time there were fans watching me Jeongyeon : So I wanted to look cool Jihyo : You're trying to show off?!? Jeongyeon : I was trying to show off Mina : Then you fell down cooly Jeongyeon : That's right, I fell down cooly Jeongyeon : My right leg hurt Jihyo : For fans, we've prepare a lot Jihyo : we hope you guys Jihyo : like it a lot. Anyway, to change the atmosphere Jihyo : What's on your mind when you heard 'Twice's new song'? Jihyo : What's on your mind when you heard 'Twice's new song'? Chaeyoung : Intro Jeongyeon : Killing part Sana : Dance point Jihyo : That's right, it's dance point Jihyo : Let's show Likey dance point Jihyo : Let's show Likey dance point. There're a lot this time Nayeon : Yes, there're a lot Nayeon : Yes, there're a lot Sana : From the beginning Jihyo : Likey dance Jihyo : 2nd 'Until when are you going to dance the shoulder dance' dance Jihyo : That's how you do the shoulder dance. Next Nayeon : BB cream Sana : Since the title is Likey, the thumb and index finger is used Sana : So it formed Likey Chaeyoung : Wasn't Sana unnie the one who made it? Sana : That's right Dahyun : And there's an important point Dahyun : Dance that contain our history CU, TT, Signal Jihyo : But I saw that Jihyo : Ordinary people from overseas Jihyo : saw our mv and do reaction Jihyo : The part that receive the best reaction was (Dahyun trap part) Jihyo : The reaction was no joke Jeongyeon : At first when I heard the guide for Likey Jeongyeon : I like that part the best Dahyun : Everyone did that part together Jihyo : The more you hear it the more you like it Likey Jihyo : Twicetagram is our 1st full album right? Jihyo : So many members wrote lyrics Jihyo : Introduce the song that you wrote. Chaeyoung Chaeyoung : 'Don't Give Up' Nayeon : 'Don't Give Up' + '!' Chaeyong : A song about loving yourself first Chaeyoung : A person with a lot of self-esteem Chaeyoung : can give a lot of strengh. So have a lot of confidence Chaeyoung : then give me love Jihyo : In that song Jihyo : I think that part feels a lot like Chaeyoung (tn:lyrics on 0:27 - 0:33, listen to the song if you want to know :v) (tn:also 0:58 - 1:03) Jihyo : It somehow feels so much like Chaeyoung Jeongyeon : The first one is my part Dahyun : The second one is mine Chaeyoung : I'm the one who decide who get what part Chaeyoung : I give part according to the members that I think match it Nayeon : What's my part again? Chaeyoung : What's unnie's part? Nayeon : You don't know? Chaeyoung : Yes Jihyo : You also don't know tho Dahyun : It was my first time writing lyrics Dahyun : It was my first time writing lyrics Dahyun : I've a lot of attachment to the song Dahyun: The song called 'Missing U' Jihyo : When I first heard the song I really like it Jihyo : And like it even more on the rap part Jihyo : Please show it to us once Dahyun : They keep teasing me about it. Even though- Sana : We're not teasing you Dahyun : -it's the part where I show my determination Chaeyoung : It's because it remain in our memory Sana : It's an addictive part Jihyo : We're not teasing you Jihyo : Nayeon unnie is good at impersonating us Jihyo : Why don't unnie show us then All : You're good Jihyo : Do you want to try rap next? Nayeon : I will Chaeyoung : She is receiving rap lesson!!! Nayeon : I'm a rap honor student Jihyo : Do you want to try it once on the next album? Nayeon : If they told me to Dahyun : Next is Jeongyeon unnie Jihyo : Jeongyeon's feeling Nayeon : You should have titled it Jeongyeon's feeling Jeongyeon : So, I wrote 'Love Line' Chaeyoung : It was unexpected Chaeyoung : It was unexpected Jeongyeon : Really? Dahyun : At first you only send the lyrics right Dahyun : but I think you write very well Jeongyeon : That's why it's... Jeongyeon : I just wrote according to the title Jeongyeon : It was 'I want to walk on that street with you' Mina : What I remember well Mina : when we had concert on Thailand, she keep wearing earphone listening to the song Chaeyoung : Writing lyrics is very hard Mina : She keep writing the lyrics on smartphone while listening to the song Nayeon : I kept thinking of Jeongyeon Nayeon : when I read the lyrics Nayeon : It feels like there's Jeongyeon feelings here Jeongyoen : 'Don't keep it inside and just say it' Nayeon : Look into my eyes and say it Dahyun : OK Dahyun : From now I'll look into your eyes and talk Jeongyeon : Thank you Jihyo : There are many good songs Jeongyeon : Shall we give applause to Twice? Sana : Good job Jihyo : Lastly, since it's Momo's birthday, shall we say goodbye then Jihyo : do 'Lipstick mamama' Until now it's One in a Million Twice, thank you Jihyo : Goodbye and thank you