hi guys so today's videos gonna be a little bit emotional just really dead off I suppose of you know I had a freaking baby and it turns out that he's not even a good one he's like the worst not even the kind of kid that I wanted you might think I'm being dramatic about this but just wait till you hear about a such a brag in order to start okay so let me tell you how this all started so be tickling something when I scared you happened to my body and it was really traumatic and before I get into this I just have to say if you weren't under the age of 21 you are not mature enough to hear this so don't watch it I guess since I'm God's chosen one he's just making me go through trials and triple Inc genes okay Bonnie after I had the baby starting so at first time I saw the leaking I was like oh no what sneeze am I gonna die do I have a disease they started getting really scared I was like mom what the heck I'm leaking in these places and my mom was like oh you're making milk from a baby my kid eats chesticles cannibal there's supposed to be for your husband not for your baby to eat so obviously I'm not letting my kid do that because I'm not Provence and I'm not gonna lie my son to become a parliament no I don't know what to do burden that I have been carried with me since he was born and so I just been brain over him every day and trying to get him to stop wanting to eat testicles because I don't want to freaking cannibal for a son it's literally coming up vampire like I'm not gonna suck beans from me Sophie Empire does my son is literally trying to kill me he's going to kill me my kid is going to kill me and then how am I gonna make money on YouTube if my son killed me just what it definitely be honest and tell you guys about this because it's terrifying cannibals like the worst kind of person the only thing worse than a cannibal is those people that post on Twitter like oh if you don't retweet it's gonna bad blood for seven years and if anyone has ever struggle with this before I'm with you and praying for you yah you last time I checked I thought cannibalism was illegal so please nobody call the police on my kid I'm working on him I'm praying for him and we won't get this out of him we will make him stop wanting to eat people because no one wants that so anyways I just wanted from you guys and on why I've been so upset and why I haven't been filming videos lately though well I gotta go so make sure to subscribe to me because I don't know how much longer I'm gonna be here since I live in the same house as a murderer but please subscribe and like this video and leave a comment tiny how to deal with this goes by just I'm very stressed please keep me in your prayers thank you [Music]