hey guys it's me Miranda and this is my Donald moon and this is my book my diary you can get at Miranda sings calm right now pre-order it before it comes out this summer seriously guys it has all my secrets in it everything I don't want you to know about so please buy it get it off the shelves but don't rain it's not really good review this time also don't forget to get tickets to my tour here's Alyssa tees I'm going to it's my last tour for a very long time so you guys better get tickets around so I'm never gonna meet me and you're probably gonna live a really sad life so I can take it's more anything's all alright so now that that's done we can get started with the mania a lot of my fans have been tweeting me Tommy to react to someone called little teeny pain tiny lil something never hurry she has before but apparently she's Juan Pablo so I thought I would give her a little reaction today the fine brothers are shaky got my trusty computer I searched her well tank [Applause] she kind of reminds me of me see I thought because it was called rent a than it was a child but it actually is an old woman I'm surprised my expectations are just way off [Music] that's what our needs she's old and senile so sometimes when older people say things that are inappropriate backwards selling things that make no sense you let it go because they're old so I think that's what you're supposed to do oh and pray for them I just have a quaint Jean one is tied around her neck and where can I get one I'm waiting for a little thing that is so sassy okay hold your Tootsie Pops she's in Vancouver I recognize it anywhere and a pretty messy apartment I lived in when I Shawn haters back off I'm just saying honey you got swindled if you traded your Lamborghini for that bed you need to get a refund immediately I know you're old and senile but you need to get a refund backward backward backward that is not Gucci my darling that is from Walmart I have the same one if it's Gucci then why wouldn't her friend sure insane Gucci gang I'm pretty sure it has peanut Lane this guy keeps talking about flexing but haven't seen her flex her muscles once this is what a flex is little Tang tang you want to take your muscle and you squeeze out really hard to show how big your muscle is she looks like she's about to cry [Music] I'm she looks very stressed so I'll be praying for you well team maybe she won't take her medicine zone you know what I just have to say I'm just some kind of social media in 2018 that these are the people that are famous and who are getting recognition Fame and recognition and money is really going to the true talent and the people who deserve it the most so just makes me really happy to be in this community such a wonderful night we're living in anything wow that wasn't staged out oh that looks so real I want to see that again monk this guy is just little taint is just holding a kink miner own business in the middle of the once in a random man just happened to be riding by on a scooter because you know a lot of men riding around on scooters these things he just happened to run into the cake that she conveniently hand so coincidences are crazy serendipitous so what shut your ugly owl okay listen up after doing lots of starching I'm realizing little taints does not have a YouTube channel and this old woman is trying very hard to get famous she seems very intense Prince she's talking about her money and how much money she makes but but she's not doing very good business yields because she's training in Lamborghinis for IKEA bans also she's living in the same apartment that I lived in Vancouver and haters back off was a low-budget Netflix show so all I'm saying is that little tainting you need my help you want to become famous like you're seeing in all the videos and want to flex your muscles you need to come to me this is my essential and attention to you will tend to come and hang out with me and do a collaboration with me now this is worth millions of dollars so basically I'm getting the horrible end of the deal here because I have to deal with an old woman for an entire day I don't keep some walking around it's really annoying me come here on right now just let it happy just let it happen it's will taint please if you're watching this come do a collaboration with me you need my help I can teach you how to start a YouTube channel I think what the hey my dog she's punching buttons on my computer no being here I can teach you how to get famous on YouTube I can teach you to flex your muscles muscles properly I can teach you how to get an expensive house I can teach you how to not throw your money on the ground and waste it what you're doing in every single video which might be part of the reason why you're buying on key embeds with your Lamborghinis lillte I want to collaborate with you this is going to be the most epic clap Blandings and multi I will teach you so much please reach out to me before you pass away because I know you're very old you're very old woman so I'll be praying for you but please reach out to me so that we can do come on bring change so that I can help you out because I love doing charity work don't stop walking around you're being too round Siri Sam stop do not put your freaking time on the middle it was on your free minds [Music] alright so anyways that's my video for today umm leave a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel click the bell notifications I love following people and damning people who buy my book Bush about notifications so tweet me all day long and show me you doing that Instagram you rollin all the time and also I've been wanting to make some new fan art for my walls so um please tag me in pictures of your fan art of my thanks so I can put new fan on all over my wall thank you very much and I'll see you guys on tour and little tank watch out I'm trying to find you so we can collaborate together oh you need my help from a bad song that's fine oh my gosh breaking news I just finished editing my video and look what I just found out little taint has deleted all her Instagram posts I don't know if she was hacked or she's quitting the business or what the heck the deal is but this is epic I think little Tay is giving up Montaigne this is a really big deal you need to call me so we can have this clamp or ancient so I can help you because you just delete everything which means now no one knows who the Freak you are so literally this video alone is gonna make you really freakin famous so I don't know if something happened huh or you know she was really old so who knows but everything has been deleted so little time thing I don't know if you are still around but we miss you our IP please come back but don't say something bad wrong learn what the word flexing means stop treating in really fancy cars for mediocre bands and give me a call so that we can have a clambering chain because it can really help out your career a lot so that's it guys I hope you liked this video and tell Tate to give me a call if you guys find her because apparently she disappeared so get mine [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]