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hey son okay toxic hobby boys Minnie's here for you but at this point do you use the rifts oh yeah done this up hold on hold on hold on I need this right away well your honor you get here weights in my seat wait oh my god wait you didn't get it you guys had explicitly explained so it was time it's like always say nothing dude yeah I think tom is helps hey buddy you got it man yeah on this on me oh dude don't feel there's one more teammates am i right I think so no no no they both just died no no those guys were post-op okay I see one I see one guy courage weste weste weste weste weste find this Hut oh yeah I see him good okay Wow Mikey Rose dude what would I do without you guys over oh oh oh god what's happening what a one tag 101 god Nate oh my god oh it's really good wait wait Oh was over here careful cot yaaayyy yeah why he doesn't lock it this red straightforward uh that deagol well yeah here is my presence i appeared in front of his face hey good job courage tuning of course oh so the tournament is at 11:00 tonight what's it gonna be like like I feel like they're gonna do some weird stuff like it's gonna be a weird format thank you like it's gonna be like a squad with eight of the enemy players and then TOS TOS oh my god racist it's gonna be the 8th na players fighting off all the Koreans oh my god it's safer exposed there's my clique paper tomorrow a GG's a dream courage to play sports I play fortnight yeah we're athletes I'm an athlete right now do you see I'm up you see a hard-working chat we see it we see at least someone's got an IQ above 12 my brother's a playground boy how they get that warmed up bro started you hear that else oh my oh no I I mean it just a little bit we didn't hear much but yeah I give you a lot of next time Jack give me that right now give me out right now chop chop you never know chap give me that right now oh oh yeah powdered macho yo check out me some nuts yeah okay am i okay courage what you think that was pretty sick you're like symphony yeah they called me the fat Symphony that's my title tomorrow I get we gotta go let's go go go go go go plane where is it worth of roses it's got a full set of people on it they're not playing around oh they're not playing around did they hop out on you yes they did come back all the way we're all the way all right well not freakin in my warrior courage other words Woodstock I've got a hundred a week to two weeks literally one bullet what Oh another one on my camo you find your body Oh let's go cypher milk my nip Oh what we got a rift here we can probably go save I think so somebody named courage JD is dope donated $5 hey courage I think you're pretty damn dope can I be you well if you want to be like a better-looking version of courage ah you could be 72 hours fifty follows please not gifted subs guys not a mutt I'm gonna sell out chat go chat can I tell you something real look look me in the eyes chat easy enough man your beautiful geisha Foreman thank you beautiful dude my name's Ben great so we got a new puppy my wife just came back home yesterday with a new puppy we weren't planning on it but you know how life can be crazy sometimes so you know getting the new puppy situated in the house when I went out to Chili's with my brothers you know our rituals every Fridays go out to eat and then came back and play with dogs a little bit now I'm streaming oh I also went to the gym in the morning you think you're so cool with your normal life huh Yeah right wife hanging out with brothers I'm outside having one day of the week every other day it's like 10 hours streaming I'm probably going tonight anyways oh let's see eat lunch for myself as I wash it to youtube video today cry myself to sleep last night flex row I will save you safer get to me quickly oh my god they have shields safer nevermind we're dead we're dead they have a minigun alright safer no I'm dead dude you did youdid face alright right no yo just sit back and relax and watch this one alright guys let us content creators here go to work let's go sighs oh snap let's pop off for the end wrapping up one lock isn't better I'm down [Applause] wrapping the content creators whoa you want to sub the channel you can sub decide for a time right now cuz we just did something like that wait wait he just did he just leave more here more here while you guys stay here inspected cuz you've signed up you came into this as a team game I am I supposed to do if I tell you that the rule behind you had your courage behind you courage oh well the thing about dogs is like at six weeks they can take care of themselves basically but a human can't really function on their own until they're how old are you Tom twenty nine it's a lot oh sorry little up sorry that I'm a big fan do do I have your private snapchat my laundry's been in the dryer for four days had a Brady takes courage he's going up top there's two in there we traded we just traded what are the odds of that from 23 meters we just traded oh my god actually let's go up we're gonna Jack all their play both their planes we're gonna Jack and boom right now right now right now so go go then we get green I got the other one because really could reach green bro we gotta pick yourself pick us up I got a fucking secret oh no no one more time good pile of always gonna get what did I live whoa can somebody build up to me out if I pop on the sure to die okay wait why don't I just live I didn't know damaged party has like this I got you dude same otherwise dead our plane owns dude about her all about it died right good I looked up and saw bodies for fighting and wailing how much I put the sound of montage do it brother know it once he opens the store he's done he put me on a montage three of them down here I'll pick me up beautiful courage I'm here wait what I think we're dead cards I don't know I got here oh my god yes I actually been dude oh dude dude we're so dead turd Oh what was that why didn't you ask me pick me up pick me up chap oh my god bro you're the worst player I've ever seen in the head before the background said oh my god you just through here daddy levar BBB with the voice : he beamed me dude Wow this is so sad yeah I can't believe I've done this that is so tragic I was really banking on that one oh now when every 12 year old comes to my chances how many wins you have I'm not gonna be able to say one more I'd like Curtis genuinely upset Curtis you're right George okay hey let me let me go [Music] Fay's much better at four and I do I've you know curse I just wanna formally say that I am very sorry about what happened last game you know it was wrong of me to grieve you thank you even though I was dead can I get my bloom hit this guy go are you guys there I'll die don't worry dude starting reader what what is happening what is happening what did I click on my computer how did I do this I spare my keyboard and I've hacked myself for tonight window can't hit for crap with brute force rifles doo doo I hate the burst rifles no use my computer to me do I have like the the blind assist arm right now how do I hit my keyboard and turn on the board but the vision assists narrator Settings window to navigate options including the option for the online user reddit brothers run Google Chrome address and search which Google Chrome capital T capital W capital i capital T capital C capital H space capital P capital R capital i capital m capital e capital y capital o capital u capital t capital u capital B capital e comma comma period capital C capital o capital m / capital C capital o capital u capital R and capital a capital G capital e capital J capital D how am i do this theater settings window to navigate the options in this general check to enable the shortcut to launch narrator control discard chain to navigate the options in exiting narrator am i good now L was bad chopping am here I don't know I tapped out yeah they're right near me down the middle so weak your dad can I die by the way no one's getting me get chapped your trap good job good job good job good job good job this is the tightest my nigga metal you were singing a Christmas carol right I'll say me no of course he wasn't another plane north-northeast yep sniper the pilot right now we're gonna get the toast 52 shield tag three of them three of them go one voice I think we're all build battling each other [Laughter] the best oh yeah my Launchpad buddy let's go full planes full team before last team on the plane where are they I knocked I knocked us three not today you lost those on the clock tower no no not two in a row doctor oh thank God thank God how many was that 24 35 36 [Music]