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[Music] what's going on everybody Jesse James West here I hope you guys are having a fantastic day starting off the day right I'm about to go do some cardio and that breakfast was absolutely amazing definitely recommend you guys trying it out it's super simple just two packets of a hundred calorie oatmeal one banana and then 270 grams of liquid egg whites I know those eggs were yellow but they are egg whites tastes a little bit better in my opinion if you guys are curious about what my diet entails make sure you click the I in the corner and go check out my recent video it's everything I eat in the week in a grocery haul but for today I'm super excited to share with you a whole day of eating and a full day of training we have a lot in store today I'm not gonna lie I might have just had two cups of coffee so I'm gonna be bouncing off the walls for the next 45 minutes or so but I'm gonna give you guys a quick physique update now if you guys are new to the channel make sure you scroll down and hit that subscribe button and don't forget to leave a like down below I truly truly appreciate you guys I do a lot of fitness lifestyle and athletics I promise you you will not be disappointed so I appreciate it if you subscribe and comment down below hashtag good day to get the day rolling because today is gonna be a good day ain't that right Bowie ain't that right it's a good day overall seek update I got some natural lighting and then there's some elephants land above me nothing crazy yeah so I'm feeling very lean 181 it's not the biggest difference in the number but there is a huge difference in how I feel how lean I look so you can't always go by the scale you got to go off of how you look - all right we got the cardio outfit all on and ready to go 20 minutes I paced walking might sound like nothing but it actually is a lot so personally I do two sessions of cardio a day and this is where I started to see a lot of fat loss sadly because we're in quarantine and you're not walking around like you normally would so I have to make up for it by doing two cardio sessions it can be a little bit brutal but we're gonna do number one today go as fast as you can for as long as you can and then lower it as you need to if you really want to eat a lot more you've got to increase your knee you're in active calorie burn where you're just kind of burning calories by moving a lot more throughout the day we're gonna be a little miserable for the next 20 minutes [Music] this is where I curl up and die 273 calories later 21 minutes later your boy finished it just got slower and slower as the time went but we're gonna take it and I know you guys are thinking Jesse you just walked in a treadmill for 20 minutes how can you possibly be tired it's walking but you know what guys fast paced walking like the grandmas do honestly it's underrated shout out to all the grandmas post cardio I don't need anything I just chug a bunch of water I will catch you guys for meal - and for the training session we got a leg day ahead of us which means you're gonna see me suffer you're gonna see me truly be dying today has been a very good day so leave a like for your boy I'm currently updating my resume finalizing everything sending it out to specific people for internships in the future I'm doing my best to be proactive on this really trying to get an awesome internship for the summer to propel my future if that motivates you guys to go find a cool internship or job I'm gonna email everything out and then we're gonna have meal number two I normally have lunch around 11:30 12:00 but Stelios is gonna come over and we're gonna train at noon so I want to make sure I can digest and not be having a full stomach as I'm gonna be training legs and when I wear a belt I'll probably just puke if I have a full stomach so I'm going to show you a little tip and trick when cooking up chicken burgers or turkey burgers or a regular beef burger that will save you some calories and keep you full at the exact same time it is Memorial Day so happy Memorial Day to everyone else out there watching this video so in lieu of burgers and hotdogs and everything we're gonna make some chicken burgers too let's get cooking keep [Music] he's all cooked up as you see the chicken is still sizzling I'm going to show you guys my little hat that can save you calories but still keep you just as full alright so obviously we only have one bun here and that's the key so I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna place a piece of chicken on each bun kind of simulating a burger now normally you'd probably do two different buns but that's gonna be double the calories so if you just take off the top piece of the bun and what we're gonna replace it with is a tomato so we got our sliced tomato you just plop it on you leave them a little bit thick cut obviously this seems super super plain but that's where the magic sauce comes in G use original steak sauce gonna even simulate a burger even better we have a 218 gram apple we got six point three ounces of chicken one hamburger bun we got a salad on the side and we got ten calorie honey dijon sauce it tastes like honey mustard and it's ten calories oh yeah not too much not too little you can even do hot sauce or something and instead of tomatoes you could do lettuce I'll give you a one bite review we've got our steak sauce tomato chicken sandwich that's really good barbecue mystique kind of gives me that Burger feel for not a lot of colors [Music] you bet your ass either you bet I licked the plate just finished lunch now I'm gonna have this because I need to catch up on some fats it's a kind bar super super tasty it's practically a candy bar the morning and lunch my meals are pretty plain I put a lot more effort and focus on having a big dinner that has a lot more thought and seasoning and everything kind of sprinkled all upon it I really do need help with some recommendations on recipes and stuff so please comment down below some cool things that I need to try out I'm gonna do a whole video on some awesome hacks for some cheat day foods that are actually low-calorie if you could let me know in the comments of how to cook better I'd appreciate that all right we're in the basement the underground dungeon I just named it that I don't even know what we're gonna call it today I am hype as hell because I had a little bit of pre-work yeah I'm not gonna lie two coffees in a pre-workout get you going we got Stelios behind the camera say what's up what's up Johnny's we're about to smash this leg day it's a good day I kept things really simple before because I don't want to have too much complex things digesting we're gonna smash them squats I gotta get warmed up to me a good day guys like I said comment below good day if you have not already hit that subscribe button we're gonna squat in a hoodie it just it adds like five to ten pounds at least I tell myself that these sleeves lose so uncomfortable it's a bit tight it's a bit tight I'll tell you that oh I do a dynamic warmup beforehand and then I kind of just get a feel for the weight each time each round for warmups I'm not actually like trying to fatigue myself at all well I can tell it's a good day 3:15 last warm-up I'm feeling confident and I'm feeling good but I need my belt on hey guys this belt sponsored by no one because I have no sponsorships alright I am worried about it's just underneath [Music] well five is up next it's gonna move like a little freakin bacon sausage on a secular yeah just like eggy sausage 405 is let's move three times perfectly I go have you at the beginning my workouts then I go later I've said this before you guys just got to subscribe if you haven't heard it if I hit three reps right now you have to subscribe if you don't your day if I don't this video where I want to be published today probably die under the bar trying this map what you're covered subscribe Oh God that is what I called her [Music] that's me the last exercise now we're gonna head into needle number three I'm just kidding we have some cardio do second session of the day twenty minutes let's go down probably about 250 calories to be burnt I'll catch you guys a meal three alright so for lunch we got a nice healthy salad perfect for post-workout because it has very simple carbs they'll digest quickly I threw in chicken we got some more sugar-free G hues but it's teriyaki this time so I'm static about this I have not tried this one to optimize protein synthesis you want to have simple carb and protein right after your workout and not have too many fats so that's why I have this bowl alright you know the deal one bite wow this is a game-changer [Music] so I just showered up I'm all clean now my hair is getting super super long a lot of you guys wanted me to grow back so I feel like I'm bringing it back but that's besides the point I want to explain to you a little bit more about that meal that we just had it had onions tomatoes a lot of mushroom iceberg lettuce spinach and then about two ounces of chicken and the reason I have this after my workout is to recover and mainly just fill me up it has a ton of fiber in it so that's gonna keep me full for a long time it's about three o'clock I've checked off everything for the day so I'm gonna just edit this video that you're watching right now just a little bit get a head it is Memorial Day but we're gonna be grind in because why not if you guys are enjoying this video please subscribe and hit that like button I truly appreciate you guys so I cut you guys in a little bit for the official meal number four I'm just give you a hint we're getting creative and it's gonna be really good it is now time to test my absolute capability of trying to put together a really good high protein almost cheap meal but it's not a cheap meal protein french toast so this is a great new set special if you don't do that is go check Maui has a lot of different recipes I kind of have the recipe down I'm also gonna kinda wing it by no means at all and by a professional chef or anywhere near it I'm kind of bad but there are no rules as Gregg would say so we're gonna do my absolute best to whip this thing together and we're gonna keep it low calorie of course so what you will need is some ground cinnamon we got a few packets of stevia sweeten it up plain white bread is fine chocolate protein vanilla extract two of my magic rolls we're gonna try to make some mini french toast sticks with that syrup for after and egg whites I'm really nervous I'm not gonna stop all the ingredients ready I got the Italian rolls cooked which actually came out to be a lot more than that thought it was gonna be I got the ground cinnamon and stevia mixed in here that's gonna go on the top half scoop of protein powder to add a little bit chokolate and protein and egg white okay first test I'm excited wow you can taste the protein powder Wow I've literally just saved the universe I mean great you've set with his recipe he saved the universe you're not gonna you're not gonna believe it Oh what the macros on the screen right now for the amount of calories and taste that we're about to get and bark on in this journey this tasteful dopamine filled journey literally dude do any of you see this I'm gonna do a little taste test okay this is the big piece of bread serve that low-calorie syrup that's the key this is the first time I've ever made this pact a protein low calorie and goddamn meat is the best thing I've ever made don't mind me I'll be back it's oh my god it's heaven it's literally heaven it is Memorial Day so we're gonna go out I'm going to a barbecue right now I'm probably gonna have a little bit of food there show you how to eat when you're with your friends maybe if you're going out to dinner or something you can apply these things and kind of what I'm doing when I'm going out on a holiday but I'm still gonna maintain my calorie I'm excited I need to socialize some vans some short shorts a little nautical shirt I like it all right we're having a little bit of a barbecue tonight show you guys I'm getting for dinner I'm just gonna have two patties they are beef I'm assuming when I'm eating out I estimate and I try to not have the bond that way it saves me a few calories not going to be inappropriate at all it's for the vlog the bush I think all right guys it is 11:45 at night it's super late I just got back and I'm gonna have myself my last final meal of the night we're gonna have a shake so I have my ghost vegan protein some almond milk and some oats get you some carbs get you some protein that way you're digesting me overnight and then we're gonna call it a night now I know it might seem like sometimes my food is super elegant and super awesome sometimes it's like what you saw when I was with my friends I'm not gonna let food dictate memories to be made I always say memories over macros we make it work and by today it's all about calories in and calories out if you guys made it this far into the video please do me a favor and scroll down and hit that subscribe button while you're down there comment down below hashtag dubspot to let me know you made it this far I truly truly appreciate you guys we're growing like crazy I'm gonna keep posting like crazy I'll see you guys in the next one peace [Music] [Music] [Music]