MY JOURNEY Inanna Sarkis

one of your brain my name is Inanna and I moved out to California about four years ago to pursue my dream and I'm exhausted I'm so going I realized that I could use social media in a way to speak my mind and to empower other girls that are going through similar situations so I grew my following and now I'm using that to transition into other things that I want to do I have over 9 million followers on Instagram over 3 million subscribers on YouTube and I get hundreds of thousands of likes on photos but there's been moments where I'm sitting there on my phone looking at it and in reality I'm just not happy with myself I was like a hundred and fifty five pounds and I'm 5'4 and no one would ever notice I guess because I was just positioned my body a certain way where no one would really see or edit the photos a certain way it was like I don't want to edit my body I rather do all the things to make my body get like that when I started losing weight I feel like people underestimated how much effort and discipline it took because they were just like what would you lose like five pounds I'm like no I lost a good thirty five pounds and then gained muscle from it life some help me realize it's not just about calories but it's about your micro and macro nutrients it's about what is healthy versus what isn't because I didn't have that education I changed my diet by focusing on eating greens and clean foods and just staying away from anything that I didn't understand what was in it for me my hardest part was the eating because training has always been in my routine like I've always worked out I've always loved fighting boxing [Music] I love tracking workouts because with the app you can't make up excuses for yourself because it's written right there I love being told one more and just like being yelled at like that's workouts I like I've always been more of a tomboy I guess Oh it just took so long for me to finally be happy with the way I look and I feel like I never showed that I always hid it I'm vulnerable at heart and I just don't like showing my vulnerability so I feel like social media I mean realize how to overcome it like behind your greatest fear lies your greatest success for me a weight loss was not about looking good it's about feeling good being confident in myself being able to inspire and motivate others for looking good just as like a bonus like oh yeah it'd look good but I feel good that's the more important thing I mean that's what the point of all this journey is being finally comfortable in myself and I want everyone to feel how awesome that feels to just be like proud of yourself that's great you