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I cut up in the middle [Music] maybe broke [Music] [Music] I just decided to look away from every other woman in this compound and concentrate although my wife yeah it was my blender e-waste that was behind my troubles so when she took me to a man of God a pastor he advised me and I realized I was wrong and I had to stop so from now on there's no space for another woman in my life [Music] yeah I'm usually it trust me yeah yeah yeah ha ha now you're telling me this you for their work for a lot man I may be old I just do you consider if you stop anything that you're walking just be walking at all these people that normally carry those bean you make my Z so if we cut out the leaves you clean the compound look okay so no problem sir [Music] yeah I don't want [Music] I do not say I'm not going to do that another woman I said I'm going to go to any other woman I mean there's no crime in looking and I'd marry as long as you do not touch [Music] you you you [Music] [Music] you [Music] you you you you you you you you you [Music] you did not come out for the variant exercise you hmm I guess you're right but hey coming out helps with London you you I know it definitely not you what's going on there you what's one of my addiction s but hey I can make you with some pizza can you get with them [Music] [Music] [Music] you you you you [Music] that's when I win every yeah oh we've had some people are even saying that he might be running for the governor position in fact the way things are going so why did he come here today oh he came to our apartment for his different you see not when the city is the pastor so what does he do with the girlfriend see that does not answer my question what is he do with a girlfriend he's a married pastor and a very well known politician you don't you have a girlfriend is your wife sister not to go for it does standing by to Pete's deny him his manhood he's right [Music] oh yeah just threw them away and quickly buy me nothing to do vegetal ii do you expect me to carry this vegetable and put them in my supports which are blood on them oh sure sweetie I don't want to catch any diseases you know what the way you spread your legs or anybody who gets to touch them who knows what this is you're carrying oh I'm a poor man laughing you're depressing me [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you see why I said that you came here to take an apartment and instead of charging in better money you went and charged him the way we tried everybody else don't you know that the other was chopping the money in this country and if even a possible all the church tithes and offering did God forbid that we should be not and parcel of it'd be good for bida we she it part of it and you walk up here and tell me of the deal that you made the magma has something to hide if you had acting to pay no he will be put if it becomes a governor tomorrow then will benefit any cost you will benefit oh so he will not be the world to help you increase your husband when he becomes governor look at you hi you know yellow menaces you're just renting it is your father that is right [Music] Papa I I fasted I prayed I will sow seed when I was to give a husband note we are desired color hey papa where did I make the mistake why did you give me and Sue for a husband yeah why what it is made by generation that are fools how dare you come before what did you just say you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you're going to tell me why you did that because you have just crossed the line no woman the woman raises her hand on my face you take those same Spain [Music] I'll kill you ha ha ha [Music] gdb I know I will bridge allocate how one day so basic PC time [Music] [Music] Susan screaming good morning Susan which is growing you have just come into work yes under scones walk Susan is not that ship came in this morning are you aware the first person he asked after okay anyway you love him his life is good laughs spawn life is good yes Susan yes chief has it in for you I don't know what you've done to him but mark my words he's setting it roughly and if you fall into it he will hit you very hard I don't think you need to put up a movement you this love right [Music] all right have a nice look care if you sleep some cereal [Music] [Music] [Music] you you you [Music] do what adore you you can put readiness remove your clutter and remove my so that you can get you don't want to fight anymore I've been fighting before Jesus Christ woman if you wanted to make love wedding to say it instead of biting and fighting me all afternoon for me what's wrong with you have you gone mad these are you possessed want to know something has possessed you [Music] young madam told me you've got your fingers yes but she's not yet she's going to sing mr. Desmond and you promised we are not going to shout what is going on here madam you see a dot to West and and yeah there's silence but for the garland no chicken no challah because the idea of the girl from here so why is mr. Busey move carrying a pipe on heading to despots yes - remains behind I supposed to tell you this thing before giving you the information between you Western Front and EDF are you understand what I'm trying to tell you is that you know that to take your one mistake in I don't even know how it can happen by omission or Commission that can happen the woman saw a pint inside of the pocket Iseman oh gotta talk us I wanted to clear my head okay as the men converse refinish now but new for now a new movie for guy this Monday but you think with this one where this man carried a good dancer the suicide bombing in Maiduguri is about to happen gives you about your head you you you [Music] [Music] why is a virus so quiet when a woman hey did you tell me one to sex I should climb the roof with a megaphone and announce it that was in a while I want something different not the usual lie up fess up and you may have a post on top of me idea the mission is the hello they have done their job and something exciting is strangling me until you had almost killed me was it biting my neck like some demented not stuffed demon I swear if I was getting married to some demented pavatt I would not have gone ahead with the marriage listen let me warn you if you try this rubbish you did today next time I will sew slap you hear that the sound will be heard in the matter no sense [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Oh but you keep your hairy backs to your husband what were you doing the decimal so unless another one who yes a shower prostitute why simply due to the marriage there should give you an award for being a bad guy - shut up - right doctor for you that's my mother you you my way to do worse prostitute in Nigeria yes let me don't you give it a blow job [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Absalom Absalom god help you so are you telling me that you come on yeah all this Shelton a commercial going on in the compound so he does commercial going on any compound what do you expect me to do run down and join the commercial God in the name of Jesus Christ whose please not this vegetable new treatments because but his mom who do not so that you will know that is that men are supposed to know picker and syllabus before I close my eyes I'm open it take your two left legs and God answers and find out what is going on in the compound strike you with stupidity look at him feeling me , compounded [Music] [Music] I said I find out one piece go back first they come and he will jump out my friend come downstairs and find out who I am what does this look at them [Music] [Applause] [Music] it's [Music] [Music] why are you blocking here anyway around him good for you [Music] [Music] [Music] I'm not done with you please let that be done please answer any project command Gary Scott on who is an emergency emergency doctor's wife hits the husband on the hair it a metal pipe and the giant rushing to the hospital so he doesn't [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] give me a kiss gimme [Music] if this is how you guys run the hospital then I see why people are dying every day how can you say you don't have another doctor on standby now that something is bad as happen to dr. BAE what is this another emergency in a person shot to die then call whether he sees we need to get some treatment man this minutes my trauma his wife what he was caught sleeping with Oscar and what business of yours is dead [Music] imagine someone sitting on his head I [Music] [Music] notice that you'll be here 10 minutes [Music] you keep miss your boyfriend girl [Music] I showed me I can forgive me a big secret but what for forgive you forgive you for destroying my brother's marriage for sending me to hospital also trying to give me rabies if you touch me back I have no answer for my brother I'm going to the hospital right now this was just out of reach too angry okay it's not your fault well are you joining me cause I want to go to the hospital they just hope there are no permanent damages so of course I would join here but let me get some money kiss me need to buy something just a minute what is it worth banking our entrance make I concealed my my wife is fairy I don't just and you what are you driving up sweetheart how she's doing because you guy are you are you are you okay are you suffering from malaria or something who's your sweetheart oh my my happiness and the country good we'll just go I think I think we'll come on open this lever if I fix you with rotten teeth [Music] I see them on please don't be offended it is not a useless busy bashing the girl country that everybody knows that I want to marry if I took my - I don't want to mislead you again everybody whom we complain if we knew people because I mean that is a normal interest at what is passion passion a Chinese Christian in this kind of question I see 1970 where dr. day dude and second every night and the one we oppose over to do a education they want 100 everybody wish I can do whole compound I said please open the gate I am in a hurry please I think of the kids [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] where is he what about it yes true mmm so what is the funny sorry he did doctor yes who are you well I'm doctors neighbor we brought him okay thank you please do everything you can I'll try my best she's a beautiful woman yes she is not beautifully I Love You Man doors okay and I like how so many handsome man like you but the fact that you are a movie star I'm sure you get a lot of proposition don't know half of it was to find out what was going on in the compound Hey oh I asked you was to find out what was going on in the compound I'm not to die day is that why you're shopping got punished so much for saying that to me please I have things to do and I want to go somewhere come so that you'll stay with the children how many house helped have you fought and two out of the house if you need a said go get one yourself did you gather Ida stood there not your children did you give me a med and I'm coming back to you to comment and to come and stay with the children we took dr. Ben to the hospital that was the commotion any comment did she throw away the rod so that I will use it to hit you on the head whenever you misbehave like who I misbehave in now I should have allowed you to die today you stabbed yourself I shouldn't have the Katie to hospital because you don't deserve to live useless woman Absalom hi who's that you know that woman that course I said my hope my wife can imagine she was demanding I come back home to take care of it today why she posed to me I don't know even after to die why we're yet that's the one of the reasons I'll never get married so you you you you you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] mr. Willis regional public official my physic and I was [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you you you you you [Music] [Music] he's very very writes I was thinking that he has a Brooklyn Scott but the very lucky man this fall is very sick and there's no telling but that's why is she out well now that we know that is fine we thank you for everything you have done we're gonna have to rush off quickly but I'll be back okay I just remember that I left his wife who was hiding in my apartment there I need to find out what's going on my wife has been calling to get me back home as well particularly my opiates and one thank you so much for mopping [Music] uh-huh give this beside my bed no way activate anomaly and bring me a glass of water how are you is it possible you allow me to have some peace chief you will start with the car and you came back without seeds look-alikes all I got silicosis chief what exactly did that tell you something happened to the cat I think you should go in and find something useful to do with your hands and allow me to have some rest please yeah hello Susan is it possible you drag the Kappa to buy her because already I'm home and I can't come to pick it myself which is tomorrow okay [Music] [Music] Alice what is the problem dammit what if we getting there and they tell us is bad order he has a permanent injury what am I going to do you have to pull yourself together Alice if anything had gone wrong mr. Desmond would have called mr. this one wait did you see it this one's guy here what could have happened nothing has happened everything is all right I believe that [Music] you you you you you you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] which of you and sega put your madam go kill you you go kill you kill you she don't you finish your life like I help you the one where ideas should make you happy they help me at all you dare me me Isaac - you move much it okay so dr. Bing you won't win the ass you that is the booty do / - you namuci you see your life I beg you she's a no-go your time see women I have indeed made plans Semak I just completed money couple my money go carry my woman garage this one come what did you say go do for me will do that to my woman no go to follow see your life you forget you can Abigail who - you can Abigail she said no no no say you have a bomb here RI leave me okay a bushel for us I wish you can shop for Leslie Schaffer I tell your backpack I see well I guess I better use some of my clothes use my hand I hang your clothes now my judgment [Music] where did you say you went waiting here for over an hour for you to finish perambulating around town I see that whenever you are given a little space you run off where you go only God knows where are you going - well I have a prayer meeting in church for Women's Fellowship that's why I was calling you so that somebody will be there else with the children before I go adora this your church you attain so religiously as a pastor if I mentioned anything to you like a respect for your husband that when he makes a decision you should find sense in that decision and love that decision to stand that the man is the head of the home so what does that have to do with you taking responsibility shut up shut up I said I've not finished with you if they taught you that and you a smart enough to understand it why did you come behind me to call on an accident to move in today I already discussed with them and I agreed a bit on Monday and moving on Monday is that why you are behaving like virtual you see when I tell you that you do not have it for business people will think that I just want to insult you I told them to move in today and I secured the business I know I'm waiting for Monday what if they find another place before Monday tell me what business is it that is they committed wrong in it depends when I got married to you I never knew that I would be moved to hit a woman the next time you make me look like a fool I will not only hit you I was cut the skin from your back with my fingers there is only one man not to rubbish [Music] [Music] [Music] hold it hold it it doesn't work that way okay I have a project and that's the reason why you are here you what rubbish are you talking about this money came i totally sorted all this out okay where are you okay I'll be there in less than five minutes you just stay put okay [Music] I'm sure that please angel is having some issues with Desmond and I need to go and sort them out okay I'll be back in no time okay as Omar I don't know why do you always do this why are you like this do you know how long it took me to prepare this meal for you do you have the slightest idea for God's sakes this is amor why are the people's issues more important than mine sweetheart they are my artists and if this project must succeed I need like easy to be sorted out please I'll be back in no time like I said okay don't don't touch me wait boy and I guess you'll be going with Chiefs car yeah some good things of life but you think that's a good decision yes I actually acted wisely mission and said I can't go to the car no problem just be careful all right no I'll miss you okay I don't forget to get something for me why call me back bye [Music] there's no way of apologize to you I mean what you saw was not what it seems you you you oh of course not I mean a botanist person you'd had a time and I don't have anything to do with that guy oh that's what it is an old classmate of mine and there was no food in the house I had two girls get pizza and then I ran into him at the car loads and he held my hand and it won't be good for me to just take his hands out like that you you you [Music] and I want to talk don't blame you for my reaction you really don't want to talk now okay when you leave here all I want you to do is just to grab echo pack your things take all your belongings and and leave my house does marriage we're any means to give you I was insulted by the moment when we've had fights about this girl several times and you promised to send her away only for me to stop my bag and then you jump into a matrimonial bed we ride me with me what would you do if he caught me cheating with a lever would you kill them man you profess love to more for games many times when many times of UT Laramie consistently and I [ __ ] me I never want it to I never plan to hurt you are cheating you I don't know what happened I actually don't know maybe we got what these valleys I think I don't mean to get married I wasn't mean to say that [Music] Isaac Garside I won't change my cribs rock you buff I understand make me Kamata side you won't change clothes meaning you cannot stay here as I did change my dress now hey shouldn't be my boyfriend the was valid see me find the one we carry yet no be certain I be this one carry good cover should never see my own before Isaac you never see me sicker on before you know this is not good or bad I will send this lens hey you know while I'm in nights confess for now Garson I won't change my clothes go bring kids I catch it matters No [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music] you you you you you you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] a bigot I just I just I just wanna ask you a question you say what is it and what is the problem you differ you've already selves from morning till even worse lights down the rich nice wall refute with our open them la la come on move what is the problem you know physical fear house everyone do little toy wagon that semuc enjoy myself Mike I just enjoy myself you do not even I love you Taylor myself what is the middle of this what's wrong about don't are you by any chance referring to me okay [Music] Oh [Music] when I'm what I'm using is lining cheese white for you understand and it has to use tarpaulin for mosquito then I can just I can just open the window so that the mosquito cannot are we talking to me you better next time you shut your mouth when you see me [Music] angel why are you outside by the Capeman house why don't you go act out beasts that cause observe your friend and when you're done contact me to the airport [Music] you you you you [Music] if you don't open up and tell them what the problem is how can I think it so hope you can only need any damn help I just want to basket weave girl out there he's got this Richard to hook me so badly that she has a child by me go find your own daughter huh sort of a heart getting pregnant for me right before I get the United States I mean who does that huh until the chopper fighters and they right from the man we don't know she said I disappeared I'm on Facebook for God's sake I'm on Instagram on Twitter come on goddamn social media out there they should call this group which we should has sent me a message on Instagram obviously she could treat them right she's devious and deceitful this is all the plan to vote me into marriage it's not gonna happen there's more there's no need raising your voice we was without protection now she's taking care of her daughter for the past five years without any contribution from your side instead of appreciating her running crumbling over her trauma you're into marriage if you've lived with half of five years without having friends I do not have a sharper picture or any of those women out there any tell me what I did better man there's bond and it's your problem to salt it out you don't bring me to that [Music] national standard is true [Music] what you just want to ask why did you slap her after that I'm tired of being assaulted every day I'm being made to feel like less a man if you continue to be ladies are be compared to raise my hands on you you need to make the decision of understanding who is the man in this relationship okay I have made your foot it's in the microwave this shit'll eat when you're hungry oh I'm so sorry if I have made you feel less than a man I apologize please forgive me okay I'll be a bit late and Salaam the next time you raise your hands on me violently I adora and cut of humor would fry it and sell it to you for dinner trust me this is not a trick it is a promise who did you talk to later just now is it me you you are threatened to kill please I beg you what's good choice I dunno what's your trouble this night please I beg you with everything you bought sacred I asked you a question who are you talking to like that just now go to quit Church that place that is filled with such hypocrisy where they teach you how to disrespect your husband well you get back into the bedroom now before I turn you into pot oh please the trouble you are looking for if you see it you will not be able to carry two you will be able to carry it adora bring it on bring the tobu let's sort it out here right now I've kept that for you too long in the fire wait Karma watch me caught you in bits and pieces [Music] do you hide children after you've had them what why didn't you inform him that you were pregnant I tried okay I tried and I tried but he just simply disappeared into thin air and I just thought maybe he didn't want to be contacted and then again I took maybe he knew and it wasn't just ready for for something he wasn't actually ready for and I just kept quiet you know how do you expect him well I'm not asking you to believe me here i'm maxeen to believe me I know he's already sold out to that Beverly girl okay and and hey I didn't tell Beverly because I wanted him to have a problemo or have problem in your relationship he just popped up he just popped up you know so what I know I just don't know his mind is set on that Babli for some reason I don't even I don't know I just I guess help me done with my project clear out my project go back to the US continue my normal life I mean I didn't even think I was gonna be hooked up by anyone when I come here so it's fine I'm I'm not someone that'll come and fight for you man nah not me I'm not gonna fight for anybody I seek make ask you you think's in this shelter gives the shouts they know finish Appa hmm they know they know if you submit to Dixie and you switch them they will shout if you get action for waists and you sit somebody but still go shouts oh boy oh boy oh boy you're Martin's iron how I will move this to me No oh my second buddy wrong [Music] don't Namah caught in did you see Miss America alone no oh I see what's the water you my friend why are you yakking talking anyhow what's your problem let me go don't you ever addressed mean like that what's the problem seven to three years just to top one thing you people cannot even allow me to enjoy a little bit of what abyss of reform what's the problem if you sleep what bliss will you die huh because I have travel on glass why is your problems that you are you are you not to get one of this this apartment you get money too can you imagine what's your problem [Music] why I told myself I've seen a woman for me but I also believed it was going to be a long rough chest coming off telling you but you are certainly go with this might surprise me standing don't think I've accepted to date you I haven't me call me here today is because no one has acting over the past three years I've just been thinking I'm no more attractive that's why I give myself really I even believe you have a long line of men waiting for your things long key of men is it I don't think I did yes because there's no man who has what lover in his way that will see what what if the woman has a man in her life what happens but it just told me no one has ever talked to you for the past two years a married your pirate mm-hmm yes I didn't know your body now you know what happens yes you don't want then each other why because I said I'm married do you know what all men are just the same yes you men are cowards so because I told you I'm married you're chickening out why I'm not eating enough so just that I don't want any husband what did they go to my face that's my problem I bet you you know I've told you my husband was not an angel would have been happy because why you want to secretly have an affair with me and when he comes back you take your did I'm sorry to disappoint you that is not the kind of relationship I want mister [Music] by managing so handsome eh we just did you mean 12 you like a six-legged look at Cerritos prostitutes hold on if you are frustrated I'm talking two points are not me okay not even happy I came here to talk [Music] [Music] hello sister are you reviewing your way back okay going up hopefully do is help me go downstairs tell Isaac not unlock the gates I'm on my way back to the house you know the way he behaves sometimes I don't care we're all kinda Oh [Music] so how is my roundabouts doing [Music] I know and down here on my back I still it was okay so what were you doing that I caught you with the house hip no one comes me okay don't cut me with my house girl my dog I'm not a dog no sex stuff with almond have sex I know where to come to are you sure you know where yeah sure anyways I'm jumping on for that okay I don't want my baby to rise please you know the last time you did it with me you've a bad one meal once I live here you know once I get myself the first thing I'm going to do is take you on a cheap a very long trip to eat town nobody will find us we're going to today just drink it and get ourselves so messed up and go back to you and watch the really want to quash all right and I will hold you to that yeah you can hold me to whatever you want to you okay let me go and check on the other patients I'll come back and give you an injection okay Wow what is the problem [Music] Isak why you shouts I mean yeah did you get me nope come you don't sleep don't you have time I don't have watch are you shouting no you are I see you what is your problem bring down your voice shut up don't you sleep yeah assume you're going around you stop it before the disturbance is on cam ling-su this furniture which the person opposite the weather which is the potential how to that's right but I did didn't she or she taught you how to fly yeah I said I was sleeping and I saw happiness and always some you cannot bring with you since you cannot Ipanema sleep because he'll does me this is this [Music] [Music] [Music] [ __ ] go [ __ ] out of the dugout Thank You boys I think he's busy visiting was by this time of the night that you are going I don't know any anything is true I just came out to wait for my sister thank you okay [Music] [Music] you you you [Music] doing what I can [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music] [Music] [Music] who's that boy you didn't tell me you were gonna sleep overnight you told me it was just a priority okay you turned into an all-night free anything so what am I supposed to do call you to take the mission before I pray to my god you think I'm a fool you roam about all night with small boys and you come home in the morning and you're making a noise my friend go back to Akron from transmeta I am just coming from the church and the prayer meeting was very powerful as you are looking at me I am filled with the Holy Ghost and with power if you do not want me to use that power on your head leave the door let me go in and rest I'm very tired I said go back if you know what is good for you [Music] don't feel so good yeah you know I like the way you touch me do you want to go maybe one more time yeah it's nothing so what's stopping you nothing you know I've been six times for three years really three good years do you think with the rule hey who cares about work no all I care about is you know you [Music] good morning bad one come on white geophys look so worried yeah here's them have you seen a second since you woke up this morning a second I don't think she slept in this house yesterday minutes where could she have gone - I mean why would she leave the house maybe because I told her to leave this house before we got back from the hospital yesterday night because if I see her I'll kill her so maybe she must have run off somewhere else do you know what I have to go through it her parents to convince them to give her to me I mean what would I tell them if she gets mister that dog has parents we need to [Music] she's not food has happened to us she's not picking her call [Music] [Music] you [Music] [Music] absolutely a salon my friend get up and eat your food somebody does not have stretch you want to fight ISIL [Music] my friend kappa where you finished it'll take the children to school when you come back more d go house do the dishes I want to dance sleep I'm tired [Music] I think I sleep now but I sleep nicely my daisuki touch' don't you open you up when you're over here imagine it is enough well you gonna come to we're gonna ask me that question why will a small bikini the pursuit of a macho see in velika trial trial since Natalie toto you know available touch something I think I think see make I tell you ii ii ii ii [ __ ] envoys you Elena hmm you seem alga na medical doctor if I did mauka a good honorable samito governor without go presidents you small boy I don't pass you live the era they give me much it even my leg you could stick in didn't have your bag did you like once again in boot don't worry all right nothing's gonna happen to her okay and it's not haste enough to do anything so what wait till no this is your shorter if nothing we go to the police station to make a report all right but I'm sure she'll come back why did you not begin applause well I don't know maybe maybe she's away from the phone okay look I'm going up now right but don't worry she'll take care of you know each other okay towards baby yes [Music] morning never good morning how are you I'm fine thank you if you keep smiling at me like that life will be just beautiful I see you have a knack for using flattery as a matter of rule I don't flutter people if I say anything I'm in it how's your husband my husband oh the guy you sold me early in the day he's not my husband he's actually my boyfriend and he's not staying here with me I mean you're still okay well not really I'm here with my immediate younger sister she's inside and we've been cleaning up all day does she live like you well people say she does but I think she's prettier what the hell are you doing here in this compound I don't understand I mean two women this beautiful is going to be troubling you know you're really funny right you actually tickle my funny bones please but it's time the hawk starts descending remember I've made my steak first well there is absolutely nothing here for sale okay I'll take note of that my name is spazio I'm an engineer kimberlyn and I could take anything is Playa awesome my absolute pleasure meeting you same here [Music] what is it since when did that become your business talk Desmond talk we can talk you courts so that we can talk what do you find talk about what right now we walk home we should talk about our daughter okay good so - how weird now this one yes like right now he's on he's waiting I don't want him to see you yeah Jesus Christ you're making yet you might burn in the morning yeah you have to hold me you really need to hurry up now okay [Music] as a police car doing here so early morning [Music] good morning there how I put my friends off yet miss angel in some money and then Derek Haysom they came in together last night alright a surprise though that's the plan thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] please are your powers it's Isaac with Isaac I hope see I could enjoy this see we talk like this I love see you Sabine - distant asthma or gapping jamming day to on yeah because the Moga sie da Mesabi - dama spots no money dude this thing as myoga teach one I see I knew who I am I know this stuff on my dog what I have here is to whom it may concern if I finish up with you a life would not remain if at not your life this time we want to pull up beside Oshima ue okay know if I should use my head and thought you fight you just like somebody's pointed just really backwards I'm insanely for the win Topsy why does the evenness whatever try to pick on anyone no trouble never looking for one ruin what I can do to be the best my trouble will come in a model [Music] you you you you you you [Music] hey society five-round you okay I just want you and now that there's no family so we could all just be together [Music] one who was here last night would you mean by who was here last night this one smells of a man to death what if I wanted it man I'll go pick one that smells right listen I think you should just concentrate on why you came here I came to talk to you about my daughter not to make love to you I'm hoping we can talk now Yeah right we're gonna talk about hiring a lot [Music] because you [Music] [Music] take yo can winner god bless him right god bless him don't worry I'll do it in this compound useless boy [Music] every you you sumbitch you pretend to be my friend I don't see any more reason why we should leave you here I will discharge you but then you know the ground rules no more vigorous activities until I say so you know the ground rules you will not stop trying I know is because of sex that you here easy knots yes I don't know what is that we did nothing what I heard you dystrophy in your house oh don't you see my my house helpers are very beautiful you know just like a British kind of [ __ ] right and then maybe man Walters there to have something to do with her don't you think your wife we decided to bring the houseboat she'll sleep with him you would kill her maybe that's what she's trying to do [Music] you push me please [Music] worst of all the notes and you cannot stop me big cheese cover show don't listen to me hi I thought she and she waited because the last Angell's refines here I had been talking about she pay for apartments yes she was I think they have problems and she developed interest in confidence much and the problem started when I was more visited when she was around it's resultant problem what's unfolding serious and you think she would want support your sister hey that's mine I want to see this I'm his girl break what his girlfriend about some his fiancee to other problems Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] but now I see [Music] radda where do you think you're going let you open the door for Prada and rule actually to open the door you think that I did not hear the knock [Music] I got now [Music] I haven't seen you in ages well I got into a little tiff you know it seems like the only way Nigerians not to express themselves is through their fists what am I supposed to do I'm not gonna back down let someone take advantage of me not a punk where are you headed please come back on town that compound is not the same without you cause this seems you're the only sane person there [Music] [Music] sweetheart sweetheart what is the problem what has come over you Ida what is wrong with your sister did you tell her you know it's come home last night you didn't I was still left on the dining table once you this morning what I had an emergency that she was well aware of Rhoda what if I was not here is this how you've been living her at home in that night to sleep out for God's sake she's pregnant it's bad the reason why she shouldn't behave like an emergency or cold is that a reason why I should be locked outside sweetheart sweetheart [Music] what's going on - have bred prostitutes oh wow so Jenna is anything to mother Teresa told me you've been discharged so when I was saying again well I'll be back by next one wasn't don't know we're going to miss you here [Music] we in the water so yes I'm talking about myself I'm gonna miss you so much for mr. good time we'll spend together the presentation of dog and as office [Music] - that you did not put the children's clothes inside the washing machine and still move in the living room by 10 I'm going to do something else today what is her problem this morning you see I just find it adora I'm going to walk I'm going to the office I have a lot of work to do which work with anybody gives you if you do not go to that today the artistic wisdom is my office the house my house hi adora decides we are aware you work from adora I am your husband and not your staff in the office [Music] adora I've told you several times I am your husband and not your house help this your madness will stop very soon and if it continues I swear I will kill you an inheritor property that your name is anyway my way [Music] all right then it's lonely doing any taste or for you since I don't have any hope of getting anything from you [Music] you [Music] but you know ones from here I am going to dad's office and I'm going to tell him all the things that has been happening do no such thing open your mouth I said open your mouth wait this press to manhood Benjamin you don't deserve to be a man you don't deserve to have a woman that loves you if a list decides to leave you today I will support her in point of fact Benjamin I will advise her to get a better man not to love a Jascha not you [Music] [Music] hey what is this this is the height of wickedness what is it to deserve this she left this house I'm going to sleep with Iggy and all the did not return night was not enough for them they have to continue this morning on sue mr. Selim was on his wits walk because the Gipper was too busy banking her he could have come out open the gates and the man watching there and drop the seeker and get my hot nicotine about it the mouse anyone want to help hours on the back a be wicked you're insane sorry [Music] I think what is going on where's my wife going I got a guy who's gonna beg you I use God beg you as you enter an eye opening for you go slats anti-sex I know good time for anybody for this company game and you I don't I have fun a compound and me I don't get time for anybody to Allah - sometimes I but you have not made yourself I can't understand exactly what the car was not from me each car the car you mentioned before the dates nah I did they they're lovely story she ran to the station immediately happened she actually slept in custody she's flippin custody but she was the person that came to us two away keep it hanging custody we were not sure it was not an attempted assassination we actually had to keep it to prevent any other thing from happening anywhere not worried I am Susan I am sure you've not touched home since yesterday it's just a very worried just Google and if by the time I see you later today in the office you that this dead where you felt my while sky if you don't that's when we're going to understand that I'm not as nice as I look [Music] Susan I'm sure you must have managed to understand that I'm a very busy best I don't have time for this rubbish but I go home before the rains come down I'll seal the day today [Music] [Music] no one invited you Helen what are you doing here obviously to come and find out if anybody has entrapped her ever so will you [ __ ] look Alice I'm gonna beg it to learn how to become more civil because the next time you cross the line I have no qualms about what I'll do to you so she's no longer mrs. rabbit she's not I listen to you just like you are Helen to him I'm sure I was not yet you be calling him sweetheart honey another stupid names I do know from you think ooh you're bad go and fix up your laundry husband your husband who's very nice you just bought stuff this mostly gonna behave yourself and close my eyes while you take my house go into the bathroom to wash up the pepper from how does cost it what [Music] hello Oh that's what this is precious azimuth wife [Music] [Music] but [Music] [Music] this house yesterday night yesterday [Music] [Music] what's a good you touch my things [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] okay you have nobody's happy [Music] you you you you I baby baby Cinci said nobody's applies to carry me at office and that I'm not entitled to get anything from you I wanna get into town you can do some hustling I'll be back late don't miss me too much okay see you take care of the children when I go for my meeting don't be funny that wouldn't be a problem just call one of these agencies and they will I bring somebody to come and take care of your immediate needs that's when you finish doing all these things you won't expect a salary at the end of the month adora you don't get it do you helen is not interested in your money I don't care aunt Ellen is starting his own business today and not tomorrow did you get that you have been stealing from from me I know I know you have my back hello I don't mean like I'm really sorry about everything that happened last night like you know it wasn't my meeting I'm really very sorry for all so just get back together mend our broken lives do you know look I'm sorry okay it just happened I didn't mean for it to happen three years three good years okay and it just it just happened and you know we didn't say more there's no emotion there's no emotion attached to read okay I'm just I'm just left lonely in come on now des you can't demand loyalty from me like you've not been lower yourself you did I wasn't the one who walked away [Music] you you you you [Music] [Music] you [Music] [Music] you you you you you you [Music] my keys my keys adora can you give me please let me go back I want to go to a salon I am NOT a fool I will not allow you to use my car and spend it on other women I mean did I ever tell you that I was going to see a new man I'm only going for a business meeting I'm not in the mood for this drama this is not a joke oh I'm a jockey no I said I'm not okay come on colonel adora if you don't need my pleasure I'm gonna run you over and I don't know what is gonna happen all right you stay there watch [Music] you you [Music] [Music] [Music] see can see can but um I'm going to pick my husband I don't want any more drama in this house yes Adamo what did you give me this is the beetle has refused to leave the sheets let us remove the sheet from the beetle now and the best way to do that is to suck my stuff ah now then you tell you you did not establish this hospital for me now did you employ any of my stuff okay you did not employ any of them also doctor of this hospital and employed everyone who was here I am going to tell that that you have told his hospital into a shop and brothel and all his muscles into Collison's if he does shut up your mouth I'm going to shut it up for you what would you do hits me the wave hits me the last time Jimmy I as happy what is it what is it what is it she wants to put me into trouble as soon as she has it that wish she'll run behind the vehicle be happy mean to hit her madness useless man are you stupid can't you see that we have a situation here [Music] Isak [Music] brother will you why not chuckles ooh [Music] madam will you pass these gates I talk to you enjoy for you [Music] we take thank you till the ends of my back isn't this what you've always wanted you if you like you can remain here that's wrong he's your brother so you or you can swallow every nan says he met south critter as for you you can bring in all the girls in this entire state under this roof to come and live here with you me I am dawn exam oh I am done get out please [Music] okay this is my office you don't have any right and a right to interfere in what you know nothing about you don't even work here right now you are an intruder so I advise you to give someone get out of this office define not panic is that play [Music] [Music] [Music] so it's because of this whip you were acting like this because of this there's a child I have not even had papa that you thrown it out of this house Desmond want [Music] you [Music] you you you you but it makes me feel like a side of beef like I'm some commodity that's put on display needs to be popped I'm human for God's sake there's more than this body yeah that's one you accuse me and slap me for things that I do not even do [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Isaac as the coop owners get their lease an avatar for this company their life for you I saw this person would say close we say open huh I don't know who to believe again I run tire rod dois will address himself nobody who gets on closely my dear wife Sally idea first and a big defense this one go from this side told Sam this one from the side Tosa our problem on accomplished just 2011 American without a green wife or kids in mind the job that they receive slap moaning tres luck afternoon slap - laughs like third time stirring sis laughs oh she's only of crusher's I'm sure she with the all rights she has no constitutions and low outside operations and it has to be carried out short not internal damages I want to know why so much problems in that pumpkin pies a lot of guys coming to the hospital one after the other how is it that you get a lot liberties yes any day she wakes up in the morning run away because the devil has walking [Music] [Music] yeah who is this hello is Ahmad angel yes what's the problem hey why that like is there a problem angel my wife left this morning my business is almost crippled because of you what else do you want calm down you gotta slow down okay why are you acting like I caused all your problems I just wanted to find out what's up with you that's all okay now you found out where else don't you get it my life the calling me seriously what is wrong with everyone everyone is just going crazy you you I should be asking you that why have you are next another man's phone could you please give the owner for free please give you another phone now like to speak to him [Music] it's okay to teach us some manners and phone etiquette cuz she has the Lord today you [Music] [Music] [Music] that's okay okay that's okay I'm not angry okay I should be the one apologizing to you in not you for everything I have done to you [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] trouble happened on my way from the restaurant a full happened and when I ran to the police station to complete instead of them to listen to me and hope to entertain me till this morning and you know what they took me to chief's office so confirmed if the car was really cheap zone that's where the problem is chief said he wanted his car back before evening if not he's gonna send the police to arrest me for tense [Music] just copies [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] what is it you gotta fight I would have killed you we're hoping to achieve by jumping in front of the vehicle don't you think this high time you grew up and stop behaving like an immature person let me be pleased okay now you must be to bed who knows how long you're gonna be here do you think we'll be here was stopping for me to see the gate I want to see home extinguish your children stop giving me eat please oh is that your plan yes we want to get yourself injured and in hospital and then coming to babysit idea well you have filled oh I'm going to be the house help to help take care of the children for me answer them I have big Liberty to cut anywhere I want to and do whatever I want mr. okay Jesse stay here [Music] this much okay we'll talk about this please thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] you heard what your wife said she said if you tell us what you did with your own mouth so what did you do well I I don't think it is right for a man to say what he did here besides she doesn't have the right to cut off his private I mean this is such a barbaric baby please I do not think it's you should get yourself involved [Music] I know you're upset okay but I suggest you forget this matter and then just go into your house if you your husband have issues set to the privately not out here in the public and the egg will have skeletons in our cupboard okay we should unleash them outside [Music] understand what I should let her call up your head angle pilot [Music] was it country like it what's going on [Music] and we are watching No [Music] [Music] in a private know him at all is it you kill this girl that you guys are gonna visit his house it might house Benjamin yes told you put pepper in her privates that is how is going around protected everybody has something to do with even when you catch him red-handed today at a hospital he did the same thing when I caught him with a shop I shall one knows that looks like like that that looks like a cross between a toll on a hippopotamus range Amin is that right a diamond cut you in a hospital we're in lost today and you came home I bounced on me we haven't even taking a bath [Music] [Music] [Music] Susan half are we gonna would become chief or do you want me to do I have to do dark eyes like my position to you you cannot with some hoodlums to take the Tyrael who sell and make money of me if that's what you want to do it's fine I know now won't decoded vindicates I didn't know how did I bring with anybody to drop the cup from me I know you did all of this because I refused to sleep with you do you know so why have you not given it that could I ask of you it wouldn't cost you a penny I'll have to stop the police to pick you up have you arrested and pattered on to you produce decaf [Laughter] [Music] [Music] here's expected to the house there's any other thing that belongs to you that is with me I'll return it in due time have fun [Music] you're running when nobody's fishing don't worry very soon whether you have the house to yourself hello who's this sir my name is Helen do you remember the woman that was a husband for pay us the last time Oh sister Helen so how is your husband the reason I'm calling disconnect comments well how do you see why not I mean this is not good at all I mean how long do you want to keep up like this it is against every spiritual moral law besides the girl we're talking about is your sister-in-law guy you don't understand you know what I go through the girl knows how to make the right moves any time I'm with her it's like I'm living in another world I just just can't help just just just take a look at that what more can a man ask from a woman and she absolutely adore me she's not like her sister I can say there's no healthy news there this madness has totally enveloped your brain but signal just hello chief chief chief chief [Music] just just look at all the beautiful skates everywhere how do you expect a mind to focus his attention on only one now if you know you can concentrate all your attention on London why get mad why yeah yeah and with you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] if I use less mother called my husband was about all those be happenin to me he just left me here ninja justice over on [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music] you you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] what are you doing here she asked me to move out how am I going to do that no fully well at all my clothes are inside the house do not bother about the clothes for now yeah I'm sure that by late tomorrow should calm down and not to allow you back into the house and pick your clothes if you ask me they move out order is the best for us yes I will definitely get you a place by tomorrow yeah that way we can actually see ourselves to whatever we want to do anytime we want sure without are disturbing us sure I will give you 15,000 ere you go to the hotel get yourself a comfortable room and something good to eat if she comes back I refuse to allow me into the house I'll definitely come over and spend it out with you okay but if I can't make it I'll definitely eat see you tomorrow yeah [Applause] yes if you think she can stop what she's just a joker something else coming I want you to hurry up because I don't want that to collect imagine see you here yeah [Music] I'm so sorry pastor I hope I didn't keep you for so long I thought I would lose all time today but you see when God wants you to do something for him it doesn't consider what time it is he's already coming thanks [Music] disagrees I'm very sorry kid very sorry I shouldn't have hit you daddy but you just to tell you in case you forgot especially you delivery and they will talk to me so put on a smiley face we tell us if nothing happens I brought you here so no can have any time to get so I swear um mama [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] yeah this will be your I wanted to introduce it to the children but you already saw them asleep yeah they're so sweet no thank you I was just looking for someone who take good care of them I don't need much I can basically take care of my immediate needs you're all right yeah why are you looking at me like that it's nothing sir it's nothing just that it's very rare to see a man take care of his children that's what you do to yours thank you my wife is a very difficult to man and then if I follow her the way she is who end up spending our time quarreling and fighting and then day-to-day needs will be neglected I understand sir it's okay mmm who put them up early for school so now that you're here you have to wake up been here before us to get them ready for school you have no need to worry about them getting sick right good to hear that if you need anything to eat the kitchen is over there you can arrange something for yourself but I would for you to help me put some rice together for Madam's dinner how did it do a letter okay basically that is it for now so you feel free relax do your team and then how similar first time [Music] the reason a woman should leave her marriage and not commit sin sister hailey are you planning to divorce your husband I am NOT considering it I have no other option pastor my husband is constantly making his way with my sister who is this they do it everywhere I'm tired I don't know what else to do master they just can't seem to have a who love themselves well sister Helen what I do know is when I see Genesis that a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave unto his wife for that vision whatever God has joined together let us honor well if you suffering in your marriage and you want to stay away fine but remember a new account should you be a lotta man you should know each side with a lot of as long as your husband is still online else you die now if you can be such price head why is God so weakened why Scott wicked mean when did he give me this kind of a husband past oh why did he give other women good man good husbands I gave me this prostitute of a man so that does not have we got from much ammonia home you both found each other in flesh is a choice that you made so blaming the responsibility of clean up your mess on God it is in your hands how do you mean pastor by prayin my being the most loving adorable woman any man can have if you can stop fighting him you know maybe change change stop fighting how can I love a man that is so interesting this one is to have this way with my sister I know how difficult it is you have to try you see there's nothing in this world that is us powerful us no love is about this force on earth should in love love both of them like you've never they Yusuf is turning around changing for good you see he will not allow anything to come to Osaka that's not giving us the only phenomenon fine son is very important if you say for each day if do you have any other place where your sister can go on still not in your house no pasta but I don't find any place pasta beans all right stop crying okay stop cry okay just lie here God is alright I didn't know your way of busy what for yeah the copper I'll be with you who is she pasta she's my wife right I hope she will not misunderstand oh no she's my wife she knows my walk she knows how I do my work on way I do my wonder start thank you so much no problem like I said just finding way not separate to other than let's see how it goes Thank You pasta we have a lot of work to do now we'll do it just like you said all right [Music] [Music] you there are bunnies to it so yes your honor why oh yeah you wouldn't know when it's come out I didn't [Music] but trying to embarrass me she must stop you're helping me listen I want to do more if we start to respond you know what she can go to hell I am NOT just stop treating me [Music] you you [Music] [Music] [Music] it is precious yes yes well you I need to talk to you oh no no no everything is all right it's just a little inconvenience okay I'll be with you shortly [Music] yes why are you asking when I tell you that you do not know how to do anything you start running out your mouth to tell even a small line you cannot do you know how to boil water mmm ha ha I got the water I made this food this food is made by a woman you see you because I took up my time to get you something nice to eat so that we get win and get up of this hospital bed for the you say I killed you now you want a tsunami those are your cooking but they look at that boy decimal he's cooking his house it's what you're saying yet this one every time you on this one ok you stay here wait for this one to get to your next meal [Music] anyone [Music] [Music] it was [Music] because the fine day