[Music] oh [Music] what's up guys and welcome back to my channel so we just built a super sketchy zip line in the warehouse no one has tried it yet i'm about to go for the first time here we go three two one oh my god no way oh my god oh my god we definitely need a safer landing guys once again it's not a bend video if you almost died in the first 10 seconds clearly we needed a safer landing so we have these thousand pillows to catch our fault here we go holy crap that was insane okay paris and i are going back to back on the zip line if you land on me i might die you hit me i'm sorry so building a zip line across my entire warehouse wasn't enough to turn this into a challenge whoever knocked over the most trash cans wins just like that so paris knocked over four trash cans let's see if i can beat them what are you guys doing did you put a zipline in the warehouse what no [Music] holy crap well it looks like i only have one left so i win why would you do that you want to try no okay so last week i printed out hundreds of your guys's names and put them on the wall in my warehouse you guys seem to love it so i'm doing it again as you guys can see hundreds of subscribers i got three darts whoever it lands on gets a shout out dart number one here we go dart number two and dart number three behind the back you know that word shout out number one goes to dana meza shout out number two goes to lily clark and the behind the back shout out goes to raleigh ramirez to get your name printed on this giant subscriber wall all you have to do is subscribe to my channel like this video and comment down below done when you are done and i will print your name out throw a dart and if it lands on you you get a shout out so i'm about to challenge my friends to a little game of frisbee but little do they know midway through the game i'm gonna swap this frisbee for this plate this is about to be hilarious um let's go all right lexi the first person to drop the frisbee oh is the other person a hundred dollars all right i'm gonna give you some really bad throws that's not fair that's not there we're gonna start close we're gonna work our way back oh that was close okay another step back another step back yeah oh my god lexi's doing pretty good she hasn't dropped it yet but uh let's step it up a notch here we go are you crazy oh my god you dropped the frisbee that was not a frisbee that was a plate oh wait dude that was a plate you dropped the frisbee you owe me a hundred bucks and you pay for the damage you owe me a hundred bucks what the heck okay i'm leaving i'm done okay i'm sorry okay pearson every time you catch this frisbee i will give you ten dollars oh i'mma be a rich woman all right let's go for 20 bucks [Music] wow all right guys pearson's doing pretty well she got 30 bucks right now if she catches this one she will get 40 bucks so here we go ready pearson ready 40 bucks was that a plate are you kidding me i could have died you dropped the frisbee how did the frisbee break like that that's not a frisbee you're right this is the frisbee since you actually caught four frisbees and i almost killed you with a plate i'll actually give you 40 bucks so as a lot of you guys might know last week i made a video talking about how it was moving and that was actually all a prank no i'm kidding and then that video last week i said 300k likes for a house tour you guys got 600k likes on that video freaking insane thank you guys so much you know what that means it's time for a house tour welcome to my new house in three two one come on she got the perfect face thumbing through the deck of 52 is she the highest rank she don't answer questions she mysterious like the ace of spades rebel kind and curious but nervous when it comes to faith aimed at my heart she tried to break it but it ricocheted guys i am literally speechless that this is my house i cannot thank you guys enough for all the support this would not be possible without any of you guys so without further ado come on in we got my living room right here a big old couch for me to freaking jump on a tv bigger than i've ever seen in my life here we have our kitchen that i'll probably never use because i just ordered mcdonald's and i don't really cook but it looks really nice so i have a gumball machine aquarium that i made here's our massive hidden pantry you can literally stand inside of it look at this bye now wait no derek oh my god it's like a room in there now time for my favorite part the backyard here in the backyard we have this pool where i'll spend most of my days probably getting pushed into it because my friends hate me real quick we're going to pause the house through because some of my friends are going to come over none of my friends have seen the house so i might have surprised them and then continue the house store with them first person we're surprising is pearson she's at the front door all right close your eyes walk forward pierson do you know where you are not really okay so you are currently in my new house open your eyes oh my god holy crap welcome wait this is so sick this is beautiful oh look at that is this an aquarium look at the backyard oh my god so here we are in the backyard we got a little jacuzzi we got a pool we got a lot of backyard living space to you know mess around and have fun you literally have everything where's your room right up there dude imagine if you jumped from your bedroom window into the pool that would be like great hold up no no is he really gonna do it no i was kidding i was kidding that's dangerous don't do that he's not dumb enough to do it right never do wait don't you dance three two one he's alive thanks for the idea oh you're welcome i guess that's a little sneak peek of what's about to go down at this house a lot of that this house is literally perfect for me there's even a waterfall to jump off of like dude it doesn't get more perfect than this that's it this house could not be more perfect for ben anyways back to the tour of the backyard out here we have a fire pit with some nice couches perfect looks like this is where i'm going to be sleeping when i move in um i'll start setting up my stuff now i'm not sure about that all right all right she's already moved in and we also have a grilling area in the back for grilling make yourself at home will you thank you so grant's about to be here to see the house but before he sees the house we're going to prank him so i'm with my dad so pretty much in front of my house i have this doorbell that has a camera on it and a microphone so pretty much you can see people and talk to them i have the camera right here with the microphone i'm going to have my dad go on the microphone as brand pulls out and pretty much yell at him telling him that it's the wrong house i'm not gonna be nice so are you ready i am ready okay we're waiting for brent to show up okay it looks like he's here wrong house get out of my driveway get out of here she's so confused he turned around oh no okay wait let's go tell him frank come back you have the right house that was my dad oh my god i thought i had the wrong house and then this guy was like get off my lawn who was that guy that was my dad all right brent eyes closed here we go new house reveal in three two one open your eyes oh my gosh welcome to my new house is insane oh my gosh what is this fish tank gumbo machine oh my god i'm moving in today helping out i'm moving in all right now on to the back side of the house we have a few extra rooms we have a bathroom this is where ben's gonna clog the toilet no i'm not gonna do that hundred bucks is already clogged right now watch watch it not flush see it's clawed okay anyways moving on to over here we have the brand new podcast room oh guys like this video if richard come on the podcast yes like this video i want to expose him for all he has no no and then coming in here actually i need to break the news to you friend this is your room no it's not no kidding it's my parents room oh my god so my parents have a room at my place this is their room it's honestly bigger than mine you let them have this room all right jeremy do you know where you are where am i at okay so open your eyes in three two one welcome to my new house oh what the heck welcome holy sh this is cool wow a pool too now time to show you guys one of the coolest parts of the house here we go watch this three two one wait what yeah a hidden room in my house oh my god if you guys want me to turn this room into like a secret hideout or something go down below drop a thumbs up 300k likes and we will turn this room into a secret hideout slash whatever you guys want so comment down below we'll turn this room into something what the heck look at that this is sick hi jeremy hey oh i locked him in all right so we are now in the garage of my house i put a little gem in here because you know late night workouts oh oh my god but anyways guys there's only one part of this house that really freaks me out and that is um the really sketchy attic oh my god look how freaky that looks i am going to go up into the attic the prank alexi rivera dressed as [Music] a freaking clown um let's do it here we go why is it so scary in here oh my god all right guys we're in position it's time to scare lexi then [Music] i couldn't keep it going for that long i felt so bad no i was like am i in the wrong house oh my gosh all right so house tour let's do it all right let's go so i just realized no one has seen my room so it's time for a room tour oh my gosh it's a vibe in here i could like fall asleep in here and like five seconds you're not sleeping here though all right good night lexie okay i'm gonna get a hotel room i'll be back we are now in my bathroom i got a shower right here for showering i got a bathtub that i've actually never used it's freaking huge oh wow let's see i mean i might as well just stay in the bathroom you want to join no i'm okay i'm gonna go now i guess i'm just gonna take a bath with my clothes on now alone but uh thanks for watching my house tour if you guys enjoyed it down below have a big thumbs up i love you guys baby dripping sailing she got the perfect face