do you hear each other talking over each other don't do that it turns it turns out my little siblings are huge rice gum fans to ask me questions to ask my siblings about me kids are ruthless I think that everybody knows that kids are ruthless kids are honest you can anybody can call me ugly fat whatever and I'm okay whatever brush it off my little brother comes up to me and says gap you look fat it hurts because I know you need this I'm just saying this is a huge mistake and basically these kids are going to roast me and and it's based off of your questions on Instagram so if you'll follow me on Instagram sorry you missed out on this okay there are 55 hundred comments do you watch her YouTube videos if so what do you think of them I don't really care really not funny some of them aren't funny some of them just get like really annoying what's the most dramatic thing gabby has ever said / done oh ok moving on what is something Gabby did that would annoy you so basically like what's annoying my annoying habits there's a lot but you always uses tickle your back I get very stressed when I'm working like that's ever oh I like what what do you like the most about Gabby nothing you give me a lot of hot words videos nice birthday presents they told me specifically I'm not allowed to answer this one who's the cutest me I'm never really the cutest thing everyone here somebody humbly but me you're lucky because you look like me look I'm lucky this girl is if Gabby ran for president would you vote for her no ha ha Gabby ever done anything scare you have you ever seen you angry about makeup what's the most embarrassing thing gabby has ever done mine page why do you think Gabby has trouble with finding a boyfriend and why what the hens are um have you seen yourself in a mirror Mikey my crush on you but you baby still wouldn't be your girlfriend and they started talking y'all my lighting is brighter than my future I like this one what's the last lie you told Gaby ouch is Gaby twerking all the time yes this one what's it like to have Gaby lives so far away it's pretty good pretty good like what is my least desirable trade rep analogy do you like Gaby being a youtuber or would you rather her not be one anyone because how does Gaby inspire you she like showed me not to do she inspires me not to post stupid stuff to learn how to swim because her life is so sucky and she's never loved me anyone feel everyone's always swimming yeah you can get that out no we're not kidding you we tickle me but it's like the same thing what is the most terrible hairstyle Gaby has ever had she's had to see the hairstyle her whole life I'm sure if you could describe Gaby and one word what would it be Madeleine stupid Cecilia and Genevieve frickin ugly that's two words which one of you is my favorite Jannetty was probably in favor because she looks like you're really narcissistic behavior hey guys who's your favorite youtuber rice cones Annoying Orange what was your reaction when he found out Gabi was moving is it annoying that people your school talked a lot about Gabi school that's upsetting and disturbing how fun is Gabi it depends depends if I'm buying new stuff yeah yeah I never tell us Gabi's biggest secret probably gonna get cut on a scale of one to ten how much do you love daddy alright whatever that's all we're doing for today I just got roasted again oh this week's show stopper of the week this week's show stopper the week is them I'll link their social media down below Sammy doesn't have any okay yeah I guess that's it thank you guys so much for watching for what I say oh no oh yeah like and subscribe follow my follow my blog channel if you don't all that is linked down below thank you for watching as always I love you very much thank you for being a part of my family the ones that actually care about me and I'll see you next time I can see clearly now the rain my java say hello yeah I just want everyone to be in the screen because we're never up together all all of us so that's cheresa Monica Maddy Sam that's the cilia that's going to be built in the movie butter and then yours Gemma that's Monica's daughter that's not too much chaos tell them how cute you are hi say I'm cute tell them you have an Instagram okay cool