Mac Miller Drug Dealer Arrested For Supplying Him With Pills

[Music] and I'm reading some of these reviews on should meet more song what do they say Maldonado 76 is not feeling that song funny fat kid from Indianapolis says interview won't be making no mini makes any time sooner that guy I've just 23 says it wasn't too bad stylist silk says ah Charlemagne you home but I'm so quick but the song wasn't bad at all cutie Worrell says I think she meets more song was okay but his voice was not hard enough and he's saying too slow for the beat it just didn't sound mastered Curtis what a case a song is okay but his attitude is I can't say that word doofy Doo key but not Dukie like that's word oh alright well let's get to the rumour report oh what'd I say oh I got teased myself ball admits the BBB shoes were defective now the issue is cost $500 per pair and they were pretty much trash zo2 I was planning they was not ready to say we're really no one knows this but Dino had a backpack and he had extra like four pairs of Susan there's I had to switch him every quarter today was just ripped I'm on the fault line when Alan was gonna refill my yoke I'm not playing of shoes I don't care about he's alright just switch every brand nexus every every game alright cool Wow why'd you wear them just because you guys said like I would not let you do that to the BBB brand DJ and what you mean I fell apart that is a black home branch so did a pair of Nikes last year on Zion Williamson so what sometimes it happens but this happen every corner no I change them every quarter cuz they would rip did you hear what he just said no I did not and I would not listen to such nonsense well he doesn't even win I got me some BBB slide they probably gonna break cuz who did you win later on today alright now our Kelly he's out of solitary confinement he's moved to general population he he's good in Chicago but when he has to come to New York and he has to go to other places he doesn't feel too safe you can't pick and choose when you want to be in general population mega oh yeah you don't want to be in general population in New York well he can't pick and choose Minnesota you gonna be in general property gonna be in general proper wherever you go sir he says in shot town he's good money he said in New York in Minnesota he's good with being in the box and he's right but I don't think that you should be able to pick and choose all right and lastly Mac Miller's alleged drug dealer has been charged for supplying the deadly pills he's 28 years olds name is Cameron he believed that he sold Mac Miller to counterfeit oxycodone pills that killed him so he's been arrested and we'll find out what happens he's been held without bail without bond he said to be arranged on October 11th always feel like such a hypocrite when a conversations about drug dealings occur why cuz I used to sell drugs you know what I'm saying but we know it's wrong correct so it's like yeah he should be in jail he should be in jail number one for selling drugs because you know drugs ruin our community and they destroy a family and he should definitely be in jail for selling drugs that are killing people counterfeit drugs not a few drones should be a drug for selling drugs regardless they were counterfeit but the fact that he sold drugs he should be in jail yeah because whether you're not you you you know you Mac Miller died the way he died I mean at the end of the day all drug dealers when you're selling a certain type of drug you are destroying communities and you are killing people regardless so why don't you think about that when you doing this I didn't know anybody even you learn all right you don't see the description you create into your community you just think about the money that's going into your pocket all right all you just you know being a product you know environment and doing what everybody else is around you doing that everybody or whatever I just said you know what I meant yeah we know I'm pretty sure y'all got to just what I was trying to say we caught you yes all right well that is your rumor report now will you give it that donkey - you know what's crazy man this is bad I don't even know how to tease other than to say join me for after now okay so we're gonna hear story no foreplay does you're gonna tease this a little bit you want me to teach you a little bit you want a little foreplay for me give us a little something just don't I'm just saying you should give us a little foreplay lick the nipple of something I just don't plow us guys so what you know what Wow you know what I can't with you today man all right doggie today's up next man it's The Breakfast Club good morning [Music]