Make Believe

hey sports racers this is gary vay-ner-chuk and you're watching a show with safe Frank oh I'm in a mood today hunt-and-peck left this comment I just realized that one is never too old to play with large cardboard boxes honey pack that reminds me of my youth when I was in fourth grade my teacher mr. folder Minh came in and he set a giant present down on his desk he said who wants to open this and there was a sea of grubby little hands waving in the air me me me and mr. folder Minh looked in my direction not right at me but to the right of me where he picked my best friend in a whole world my friend little JP and his wide whale cords and button in short sleeve shirt shuffled to the front of a world an equal measure embarrassed and proud and JP ripped all the wrapping paper off the box and he opened it in his eyebrows got all wormy and confused and mr. folder Minh said with a big smile the box is empty I'm giving you the present of make-believe JP why don't you try and JP stood there for a second and he scrunched up his little face on his little tiny pea head and mr. Foreman said JP what are you thinking I still closed JP whispered I'm making believe that you aren't a total dick no JP I mean usual make-believe on the box and JP frown and mr. folder and said what's wrong and JP said I'm pretending that the box is pretending to be me and it's sad because we're both so bad at it JP try again okay I'm pretending that the box is the feeling I have right now the belly sick of a Sunday when the Sun Goes Down and that was enough JP was asked to sit down and one by one all of the rest of the kids got a turn Keira Slattery sat inside the box and said it was a car real stretch Scott and Eddie went up together and pretended that it was a counter in a Chinese restaurant mr. folder Minh stifling a laugh as he said that it wasn't nice to imitate accents trains a doghouse a giant hat and when it was my turn I climbed inside and said it was a rocket ship and made the sound of the engine I knew it was lame but I had a secret I was better at pretending than all of them because I pretended there was a boy in my class named little JP and he was my best friend in the whole world and he would wait for me in the far corner of the school away from the playground away from the kids excited to hang out with weird chubby me and we would talk about the techniques of fighting bigger opponents and what it would taste like to french-kiss after each sort of meal in your box your box can go itself you know when I searched on Google for how to pretend the first result was how to pretend you come from a rich family hood but in third place I found how to teach children how to pretend from eHow instructions one tell you kids you want to pretend you're on a farm and get down on your hands and knees on the floor oh crap I think I lost my Lance Armstrong bracelet when I was trying to inseminate that cow give your children a play kitchen and ask them to cook a delicious meal for you no we're not gonna bake the cookies remember we're make-believe depressed we're gonna eat the cookie dough raw on wikiHow I found instructions on how to pretend to be an adult for kids one decide on a job you can also pretend to go to college I did that to decide on kids you can use baby dolls or you can just not have kids decide if you want them to be adopted or not three decide on a home you can live in an apartment if you have siblings or you can rent a home if you're an only child look at that they're pretending to be you and me I did find one site that was make-believe for adults and guess what it was a store and it sold this and I don't have anything to say about that I'm pretending I didn't stop pretending when I became an adult it's just that when I was a kid I was pretending that I fit into the rules and structures of this world and now that I'm an adult I pretend that those rules and structures exist all of our make-believe is tied up in important stuff like keeping our together oh honey I'm sorry I can't pretend to eat an imaginary piece of cake right now daddy's too busy pretending he knows how to raise a child we're pretending all the time Erving Goffman's presentation of self in everyday life pretend that it's normal for a human being to sit inside of a box and stare at another box that has a video of boxes on it so much pretending so much big pretending I'm tired of pretending that this is a piece of metal and not a lonely robot I'm tired of pretending that this is a bag and not an invisible bear make-believe