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did you know that you can make over $300 per day on instagram with no followers and even without creating an account on this platform I know it sounds crazy but it's possible all you need to do is just go hey welcome to another video on the investor Channel and right before I show this cool Instagram trick if you have an order to make sure to subscribe to this channel and hit the bell I could because I'm bursting videos about making money online every single day so if you hear the bell icon I don't lie for you whenever I have a new fresh strategy just like this one see you can be one of the first to use it and guess what that way not only will you be one step ahead of your competitors but of course you will make the most money and with that being said we'll jump straight into my computer so I can show you step-by-step how to do this okay let's get started so how can you actually make money with Instagram without even going to Instagram without even installing the Instagram app and without even is sunny enough to Instagram student you can't have a zero followers you don't even have to create an account you're still gonna be able to make money with Instagram and since we have never used this strategy before it's really really unique you really want to pay close attention to this video you don't skip anything or otherwise you might get confused and lost so just pay close attention and follow each and every step so right after this video ends you can just go up there you can implement everything and you can start making money and with that being said step number one is gonna be go over to YouTube and no no you will not be posting any YouTube videos you will not be filming editing or uploading any type of YouTube videos so don't worry about that you also can have 0 subscribers and 0 videos on your YouTube channel but you're still gonna be able to make money with this so first of all we will need to set up three different platforms to sign up to 3 different platforms and then in the fourth step we're actually gonna go over that Instagram trick it will actually make us money without even signing up to Instagram some cour come over to YouTube and what you want to do is you want to click on the search bar and you want to search one for different keywords like how to grow on Instagram how to get followers on Instagram how to quickly grow an Instagram how to get more likes on Instagram and stuff like that so we want to find people that are interested into growing their Instagram account and once you search for that keyword and you can come up with many different keywords to search for in this case I will just search for how to grow on Instagram and after that you want to filter this by either this week this month or today so we want to find fresh videos for people that are interested in to growing their account right now so for example always select this week and then I'm going to find all these different video like you can see that these videos are getting thousands of views and also like for example this one how I get 4,000 new followers a month without posting every day you shall click on this I'll pause the video and I will leave it open like that that was the step number one step number two and the second platform that we need to set up is gonna be camera with your face will create an account and then you want to start go to the search bar again like on YouTube and now search just for Instagram or Instagram grows to something like that and then you wanna click on see all results for Instagram and then you want to sort this by groups we are only interested in groups and on here you have those thousands of groups with hundreds of thousands of members you can see that I've joined all of these different groups and that's exactly what you need to do as well you want to join all of these different groups so there's gonna be a joint button that it's gonna look something like this let's here to join and join all of these different groups requests to join all these different groups the more groups you join the more money you can make so that was the step number 2 and the second platform that you need to setup it was so you come over to it search for Instagram and filter by groups and join all these different groups and leave it opened like that now right before we go to the next step and the next platform if you haven't already make sure to drop a like to this video leave a thumbs up because you know that when you see you leaving likes and comments under my videos I know that you are enjoying them and I know that you're getting value out of my videos which is at the end of the day the most important part so if you do appreciate me uploading daily make money online strategies and daily business ideas just hit the like button leave a thumbs up that's all I'm asking for and if you have any questions or you simply need some help always feel free to leave a comment down below because I will be reading to all those comments and I will try to reply as soon as possible or as soon as I see your comment with that being said let's get back to the third step okay step number three and the third platform you will need to sign up is gonna be quarrel calm so you want to come with you Korra calm and what this actually is well this is a platform the community type website where people come to ask and answer this different questions and we think the thing with Korra is the core is really ranking high on Google and you know that there are millions of people searching Google every single day you find different answers to their questions and I guess you do that every single day as well so you search for different keywords to search for different answers in Google and now Cora is most likely to show up first because it's ranked and real really high and their meal and millions of people every single day coming to Quorra and that's why coral has a big potential so you want to come over to here and there's gonna be Sun a button right here click on that and sign up to this website it's free and it's really really easy I already have an account so that's why it looks different for me and this is classical look like once you create an account and once you log into your account watch what do you want to do then is go to the search bar and you want to do the same thing you did with YouTube as well so you want to search for different keywords like how to grow on Instagram how to grow on Instagram organically how to get followers on Instagram class and stuff like that keywords like that so for example search for how to grow on Instagram I'll type in how to grow on Instagram and I can select some of these questions like what is the best way to grow an Instagram organically let's click on that one because it was the first and you have like this guy's posting those different questions and then people answering those questions and those questions will stay online forever and as I said since Quora is ranking really high on google your answer can be seen by millions of other people which is really really great so that's why you really want to sign up to Quora as well so let's convert the quarter signup and search for those different keywords and you want to leave it open like that our next and fourth step is gonna be finding different offers to promote the people that want to grow their Instagram accounts and that you can do that by either going over to Clickbank but don't know if Clickbank is not available in your country don't worry because they have one more solution for you Clickbank is available for some countries for mostly top-tier countries and some countries in Europe so Clickbank is an affiliate Network where you can come sign up for free if you are from those top tier countries it works just in a few countries so if you does work in your country to sign up to here it's a great platform you can find out dozens of different products on here and you can grab your affiliate links and earn some nice commissions and even some projects that are giving up to 70% commission which is really a lot so what you want to do is come out here sign up and you want to search for a different Instagram course affiliate programs because those are still selling pretty pretty well but if you can't sign up to Clickbank you can simply go over to so come over to Google and search for Instagram course affiliate program and that's gonna give you our 60 million different results and thousands and thousands of different courses to become an affiliate for so I will just open up the first one as an example and I also tested it out so I know it's a great course I know it's in a great a great affiliate I've never bought the course but I know it's a great affiliate program because we can get 40% Commission with every sale we make with this particular course but of course you don't have to use this one dinner as he said thousand different courses and you might be able to even find even better course that is gonna pay you in more but just as an example I'll be using this one I can sign up for free and my Commission's can go in order from three hundred and seventy eight dollars less the upsell of fifty eight dollars so I can make over three hundred dollars per sale that I make and why I really like this affiliate program is because I'm actually sending people to this free Instagram training where they can learn how they can grow their Instagram account so it's a lot easier to refer someone to any free Instagram training that's gonna benefit them and that will at the end of that training actually sell them the course where I'm making directly make all three hundred dollars in commissions than to just directly send them to the sales page so this is really this an offer to promote so I can come over to Hiroaki sonamoo by clicking on the sign up now button and I will be able to grab my affiliate link and the same thing goes for all those different platforms just find the course sign up for free to that platform grab your affiliate link and in this case we're being paid over three hundred dollars per sale that we make now it's time we utilize those three platforms that we previously sign up for so we can start making sales and so we can start making money and for this one just as an example I just need to make one sale per day and I'm making or $300 in every single day which can end up being over ten thousand dollars per month and no no I will not just tell you go to those different classrooms and just spam your affiliate link I'm actually gonna give you a strategy that does work and it will get you sales if you're willing to put in some work so it's not gonna fall from the sky you will need to put in some work but as you can see you can make you hundreds of dollars every single day and you can build a nice income and it's not a secret that people are becoming a millionaires just with affiliate marketing and I really love it because you don't have to handle anything all you need to do is refer people to your affiliate link and these guys are gonna do the selling these guys are gonna provide them with the training these guys are gonna reply to their support emails and all that stuff so you don't have to worry about anything you shouldn't you can just grab your Commission's and spend them on whatever you like with that being said once you grab your affiliate link it's about time we go to the step number five step number five and final step is gonna be grabbing your affiliate link and go back to those three platforms that we previously signup for first one is going to be so you search for the keyword how to grow in Instagram how to get followers on Instagram how to grow organically on Instagram and you open up videos that have been posted less than a month ago and you want to go to their comment section and you want to find people that are trying to grow their Instagram accounts so since they're watching these videos and they're commenting on these videos they're obviously interested in growing their Instagram accounts now what you can do is you can just for example find this this girl over here is for instance trying to grow her Instagram account you will open up a her channel or their channel and you want to go to their about page and you want to find their contact information you can see the contact information by clicking on the view e-mail address in most of the cases in like 95% of the cases these channels will either have their email address over here you can click to view the email address or they will have some other contact information in their bio so you can just contact them and don't sell them directly don't spam with your affiliate link immediately but actually try to provide some value and actually try to build a relationship with them so you can start talking you start chatting for a bit maybe chat with them for like a couple of minutes exchange a few messages about growing on Instagram if you say like you saw that they were interested in growing their account you can ask them maybe for a few tips maybe you can give them a few tips and you can then tell them like hey you know I actually went through some training or through some course that it really helped me skyrocket my Instagram page and I'm now getting loads of followers and they'll be in trade since they always be since they also want to build an Instagram page and it'll probably ask you like what the training is what a course is and you can just send them your affiliate link without pushing them to buy just send them friendly send them that affiliate link and they can click on it it can go through the training in this case they can just grab this free training they can go through it and these guys are gonna sell them these guys are experts into selling all these guys they're selling those courses will know how to sell it you don't have to worry about that you just need to send your affiliate link and real life and maybe not the first person will buy it but after sometime or after you keep trying and trying you can actually make multiple sales per day just with YouTube just by finding those people that are trying to grow anyhow by finding those people that are commenting on their videos related to Instagram growth so you can find all these like hundreds o people just under one single video about YouTube growth and then of course you can find new videos every single day on this topic so you can definitely get loads of affiliate sales and just from YouTube then you can also use the second classroom that we set up and that was so you come over to here you join all these different groups and you can join and start once again providing value and start replying to others people comments and just just try to be chanting don't try to push them into buying your course you just want to build you just want to build a little bit trust in relationship with them you want to be friendly with them and then you can start talking maybe start messaging them and start chatting with them start talking to them start building friendship and you can tell them like hey and you can as well tell them like some training help you grow your Instagram page and then just provide them with your affiliate link so they can go and check it out if they want to grow their Instagram page as well and you are kind of doing a good thing for them so they can go through the training this is proven to help them grow their Instagram account which is what they want so they will be satisfied you will be satisfied and the guys is selling the course will be satisfied so it's a very invented situation it's really really great now you can also go through the third platform the last platform that we set up and that was squirrel comm and you can come over to here and once again search for that keyword like how to grow an Instagram and stuff like that and you can start replying either those comments start providing once again some value you can even give them some tips and you can find different tips but simply going over to Google and searching for different Instagram tips Instagram growth hacks and tips and just leave those comments over there and then after a few comments you can then tell them like but this is what actually helped me and then you can provide them with your affiliate link and as I said Quora is really great website because your answer can be seen by thousands and thousands of people because it's gonna rank on Google really really high when someone types in how to grow an Instagram they can find your comment they can see and you can actually make affiliate sales or incomplete autopilot and build passive income with Quora so definitely don't take water for granted it's a great platform and it can get you a lot of affiliate commissions but once again don't try to push people into buying your course but actually provide value first be friendly with them and tell them how that course can benefit them and their Instagram page so once again you just find some Instagram course and you find that affiliate program and if it's paying over $300 maybe sometimes it's gonna pay even more than about more than that but if he's paying around $300 you just need one sale per day to make over $10,000 per month and you can basically do this in like less than an hour per day just penalize in an hour per day chatting and being friendly with the people on those platforms and you potentially make at least one sale if not multiple of them every single day so you definitely it's a powerful strategy it's a great one if you want to get started with affiliate marketing without creating your website or without investing any money and all that hard stuff literally anyone can do this and literally anyone can start doing this right today I hope you did get some value out of this video and if you did make sure to drop a like to leave a thumbs up and if you haven't already be sure to subscribe and hit the bell I couldn't say don't miss out on any of the new content now if this was a little bit too complicated and if you don't want to do all this stuff then feel free to click on the video that's on the screen or right now because inside of that with you I'm gonna show you literally the easiest way to make money online in 2020 because I'm actually gonna give you a tool that's gonna do everything for you so no real work from your side is required and you can make over $1,000 a day starting today definitely it's a great video make sure to click on it and I will see you inside of that video