Make a Mini RPG Launcher


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Hey guys for this video. I'm going to show you how to make [one] of my easiest desktop weapons yet The mini RPG the materials for this product are so simple you may already have them lying around the house You're just going to need some drinking straws a hot glue gun a pair of scissors and some of these pop snaps Now the length of your drinking straw could be measured very easily by using some Lego blocks I put them together in this pattern so we're six studs Deep if you line your straw up and hold it with one finger You can very easily cut off the end and we're going to be building some fins as well We're going to need to make four cuts along the lines of the straw two studs deep Now these don't have to be super precise All you need are basically four flaps that will fold upward and form a cross like this But they have a natural tendency to fold back and take the shape of the straw in so we need to heat treat them with Something like a barbecue lighter All you need to do is slowly lower from the top until you see the fins start to move downward Then push your thumb up there and hold it for about three seconds The heat helps reform the plastic and makes the fins very very springy now you probably know that these pockets come encased in sawdust that's because these little things are impact sensitive when they hit the ground they explode and that's because all they are are little bits of Gravel covered with fulminated Mercury, which is a contact explosive Spread your pop snaps on the table and give the sawdust a little blow the inside of our straw is hollow and the pop snaps have these little streams that pop off the top so I like to put Them down inside, and then just use a couple dabs of hot glue to secure them in place Now they're fun to use like this you could just throw them like darts, and they will explode But just to power things up a little bit I went to the gas station and picked up a whole handful of straws now these straws Come in all different sizes shapes and varieties I found the bigger ones that are used for soda or pretty well And here's how they work take your fins of your RPG and tuck [them] back into a straw shape and then slowly push them into The end of the one of the straws so it tucks in nicely like that These micro rPGs are only intended to be shot at little paper Targets and at my house There's nothing scary than a Minecraft zombie or a creeper, so let's put them to the test The coolest thing about these cartridges is they're reusable so after you snap one off Go ahead and pull out the hot glue Grab a new snap it add a little more hot glue to that reload it the exact same way And while a straw is functional. It's not very cool. So let's power up once again to make a bona fide RPG launcher like this Start at one Edge and gently roll the straw until it touches the entire strip of duct tape roll It slowly and evenly just like that We've got a digital camo Rocket launch or Tube And if we snip the ends we can clean it up and make it look super professional Next I'm going to use a little bit of electrical tape for aesthetics We're going to put a strip of electrical tape on both ends And then a couple more in the middle just for decoration and this one is going to be quite a bit thicker That's just going to give us a little bit more of a 3D effect So when I was at the gas station I also found these very small clear tubes and if we take a strip of duct tape and wrap it around the clear Tube we can instantly turn it black and then with A bit of an angled cut we can make the optical scope look pretty cool While that's cooling, we can move on to making our handles and for that I'm just using a popsicle stick and a sharpie marker then we're going to cut off the tip I'd say about half an inch Cut it up the middle We color the center of it with the sharpie that will complete the handle for us Once you press that in flip it over make sure everything's lined up symmetrically so that when it's upside down It should look like a little shark fin with the scope hanging directly below it So these things work exactly like they did before because it's literally the same straw just pinch the fins Push it down into the rocket launcher Tube until the warhead rests against the tip now just grab the handles Place it in your mouth [and] give it a quick burst of air Now these things are pretty fun but if you want to go to the extreme, you can get some of these These are the adult version of Snappers and they contain ten times as much fulminated Mercury which means a much bigger explosion These things load Exactly the same way a little hot glue the straw goes on and the cool thing is they [are] the exact width that you need To fit into one of these straws you can rest that flush, and they shoot out exactly the same way with a lot bigger bang Wow, that's pretty cute So there you have it guys the mini RPG an awesome project done with very simple materials someone that you can try it Thanks for joining me for this project. I'll be looking for you the next one. Talk to you then Nailed it! That was unexpected *Laughter*