Make the Hardest Choice Ever Personality Video Test

hi everyone we're sure you've always wanted to know about your true personality the real one not the one that smiles twits colleagues and neighbors and neither the one that tries to be the smartest one in a classroom we're talking about your inner self the true personality that controls your choices actions and decisions today we have prepared a few psychological tests for you to know more about yourself and understand yourself better or maybe to start thinking about your own life but we should remind you that we're no professional psychologists at all so the results is not a final diagnosis of your psyche so are you ready to know the horrible truth here are a few personality tests for you let's get it on a and B and now my friends you have to make five very difficult choices we really hope you won't have to make this kind of decision at real life they will really get you thinking so here you have five questions and you have to answer either A or B after thinking for some time choose only one option and then answer the next question once you're over with the test will make a conclusion based on your answers so remember which letter you chose the most let's go imagining that you match the guy or the girl of your dreams and you have the chance to live a long happy life with him or her and imagine that you're walking around and find a case with a lot of money let's say a hundred million dollars now tell us which would you choose the love of your life or a pile of money now answer this simple question what would you prefer live your life among people that hate you or live the rest of your life alone do you have a favorite TV show we know you do when you probably spend a lot of time watching it also we think you're a hearty eater all these delightful snacks and cookies are calling you from the shelves of the store but now you have to make a choice to not be able to watch your favorite show or to eat only mayonnaise for a week people often say that the inner world is the most important thing about a person and the looks are just a nice bonus do you agree with that and what would you prefer to live a life with a person with a beautiful soul but not a beautiful face or to see a cutie bimbo next to you but to suffer from the stupidity in their head and this last question will probably make you think what would you choose killing yourself in order to save lots of other people or killing others in order to save yourself okay now you've answered all the questions it's time to know the truth if there are more letter A in your answers it means you're a kind and decent person you enjoy caring about other people you always think about your loved ones wellness but if you chose more bees you're a bit selfish to be honest you think about other people only when you're done with your own problems and not even then sometimes choosing from four options here we have a picture showing the silhouettes of four women of different colors you have to choose the one that looks older than the rest we know you can't see their faces and it's difficult to define their age of course but you should trust your six cents and take a guess when you're done we're going to tell you what kind of person you are and even give you a little lecture about the bugs in your head obviously some of these ideas might be far from the truth for some at least but many of you are going to be pleased to know some secrets about your inner self so are you ready let's see then if you chose the green girl number one you're definitely a committed realist if it sounds confusing we're going to explain to you what that means you always finish what you've started even if something goes wrong along the way or if you just think about starting something interesting you always put your ideas into practice besides you're always careful with what other people say to you and you never let them fool you you ask for proof instead and only then you calm down and let your brain process the information also you take any changes very well and adjust to them as well the next is number two a beautiful blue girl if you chose her because she's seen the oldest to you then listen closely your personality is the opposite of the previous number no no hold on don't get upsets most likely you're quite a stubborn person too because you don't want to accept opinions different to yours it seems like a pretty nice feature but people around tend to dislike it well what you're gonna do people are usually too squeamish but hey you still feel sad now don't because you do have a good feature and it's determination you always do whatever it takes to achieve a goal so your ill-wishers should be afraid because you can raise them to the ground like an express train if you chose number three congratulations you definitely have some hidden gift inside you don't know it yet then you should look inside yourself and try to find it after that show it to your friends maybe you can wave your ears while standing on your head who knows besides you have another cool skill you can think outside the box so maybe you could become a great scientist a writer or a musician if you work hard to improve your skills you can easily become famous or be a celebrity however you must remember if you do become famous don't get cocky now let's see what's up with the fourth girl if you chose her it probably means you have a lot of problems in your life but in spite of that you don't think that they will solve themselves in one day and then you will rest it's quite the opposite you prefer to deal with them one by one without rushing also you don't expect any gifts from the universe instead you enjoy the little things so even the simplest things like the Sun in the sky a good sandwich or a good grade can cheer you up for a whole day when it comes to achieving your goals it usually takes you longer than other people because unlike many of them you act honestly but it's a good thing to be a decent person isn't it of course he passed the first test easily we hope it was really interesting for you to find out something new about yourself now let's move on to a more difficult task we don't want to put pressure on you we just ask you to look at this picture and give it a thought you can see four completely different characters eyes the question is who would you help first to be honest it was really hard to make a choice for us too because we wanted to help them all but we just don't have that many hands so what would be your choice [Music] we hope you all found the person that deserves your help now it's time to hear the interpretation if you decided to help this cute old lady who's about to pierce the poor plant with a stick let us congratulate you you're a very decent and well educated person and you respect the old traditions from the past before you make a big decision you tend to think about it first so you don't shoot in the dark but you have a trait that can bother you you can't stand the injustice of the world you can't say no when you're always ready to help so don't be surprised when you tell to wash the blackboard or more to the flowers again and again you have to learn to say no to people if your first option was this poor baby crying in the middle of the room you are a sensible dreamer don't let other people take advantage of you and take off your rose-colored glasses are some of the things that you hear all the time we're right aren't we then maybe you should stop being so nice to everyone but this is definitely a good traits you are a great friend and you never leave your loved ones in trouble that's why your friends feel calm and secure with you did you feel bad for the poor guy with the crutches who can barely stand then you're probably the life and soul of the party you don't like to bustle about and you never do more than you have to well if nobody asked you of course you're a natural leader and people similar to you are attracted to you like a magnet now tell us did you recognize yourself after your last amazing party when you saw this guy and finally the fourth character the confused nurse that apparently can't control our own hands well if you chose her you are an outgoing and optimistic person that enjoys life and doesn't get upset over some minor things you easily find an approach to every person and also you don't like to do extra jobs you're curious personality loves adventurous and hates being locked up inside four walls the passion towards the unknown sounds exciting but be careful who knows where it might take you [Music] who would you save this is the shortest and at the same time the most difficult test here on the screen there is a picture of a man and a woman imagine these are your parents and they're in a terrible situation as you might have guessed already the question is whom would you save take your time before answering a don't rush so you ready actually the answer is very simple you can't choose between your parents if you thought just like we you can call yourself a good child because you love your mum and dad equally but if you really did choose one of them then maybe you should think what's wrong with your life and starts spending more time with both of your parents now tell us in the comments about your results we're eager to know them guys it's time to recharge your brain visit the channel brain time there you'll find a lot of interesting and useful facts lots of positive energy and tons of useful information subscribe right now we promise it's going to be really exciting thanks for watching please like and share the video in social networks and we'll be right back to you as fast as we can