Making A Coconut Torch


The King of Random


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So just got back from the grocery store. I picked up a couple more coconuts These things are about five dollars each and you can see they are just the nuts There's no husks on these things now remember how coconuts Have a little face like two eyes and a little mouth That bottom hole is the softest of all three holes And you might be surprised to know if you just take something like a stick or a twig you can just work it around in That mouth and burrow out a hole that [goes] right to the center of the nut so you can pour the water out It's actually really surprising just how easy it is to push a hole right through the mouth I mean that just glides in like nothing, but if you were to try the same thing to the eyes You're going to notice they have a lot more resistance Now if you don't have a stick you can always use just a pair of scissors as well Just poke it in and twist it around and that's just going to help open up that mouth a little bit better and that should make your hole big enough that you can tip this thing over and pour out all your coconut water without losing a drop if you still want to get to the meat inside you can still crack these things in half and have yourself a meal or if You want to leave them in this condition? You can fill these up with fresh water stop off the hole You've got yourself a little improvised water canteen or you can fill it up with black powder Sticking a fuse and you get yourself a coconut bomb like Swiss Family Robinson That's something I've always wanted to try I picked up another coconut just to show you again How easy that really is. Now if we take our stick even a blunt end of the stick and just push it in there? We can just carve it around to where it makes a hole straight through the coconut you can see this is bursting to come out there That is really good stuff. You remember this stuff This is the rope that I made in a previous video out of coconut husk as well But ropes not just good for tying together rafts or string up clotheslines you can also use it as an improvised wick Which means we can probably make ourselves a coconut candle so here's the idea if you took another coconut And shred it up all the meat you could actually extract all the coconut milk and out of the coconut milk you could extract yourself Coconut oil this stuff is going to be the fuel for our coconut candle so we got our fuel we got our candle We've got our wick [all] we have to do now is put them all together Cut off a length of your coconut husk a rope and simply wrap it around your fingers to make yourself a nice little loop like this when you set this on the table you now have a place for the base of your coconut to sit So your coconut stands upright without rolling all over the place now We're going to do is take some of our coconut oil and fill up our coconut then take the rest of our rope and push It down inside to act as a wick. I'm really curious to see whether or not. This is actually going to work Right that's had a couple of minutes to soak let's light it off now to light these wicks You're just going to need to hold a flame on them for about twenty to thirty seconds just enough to heat up the oil the point where it's self-sustaining We have the ignition Think we've just created ourselves a coconut candle Now what should be happening is as the flame heats up the oil I should start wicking up more oil from underneath So rather than burning the wick and completely consuming it It'll just start burning off the oil vapors and create a nice little candle for us If you want a bigger flame tilt your coconut over to about 45 degrees this will make it So the oil can flow a little bit more freely and your flames going to grow exponentially It actually smells really nice If you were to take some of this stuff and wrap it around a stick and Soak it in coconut oil You could probably make yourself a torch as well, so with a little coconut oil some homemade coconut husk rope and some coconuts We just made ourselves some cool little coconut candles remember guys you go 90 percent. She goes 10 Thanks so much for joining me for this experiment. I'll be looking for you the next video. Talk to you then Looks like our little coconut guys doing something he probably shouldn't