Malcolm Merlyn Thea Queen PsychoVillainDad Arrow

I am your father and whatever you need I will always be there for you you're all I have left the keeping you safe is all that matters please let me you protected me risked your life for me you're my daughter the I love so why are you asking me to be afraid now I am NOT asking you I am Telling You you should be very afraid I because you're not a killer something every warrior must learn the simple truth that pains there's more to me than a killer I wish that I never learned Malcolm was bad father a way free face a little bit we are bound together forever you and me father and daughter did you just her a second pretend to be a normal father any idea how badly I'm gonna put a knife in her hand and force her to slit someone's throat shall we the knife [Music] do it like I taught you what strike the neck I don't want to do it that all a way moment I became dark yes you did choice I wish I never freedom is over if not from yeah like oh I forget two things he you've done I taught you how to fight how to be strong I turned you from a delicate spoiled brat into a warrior I'm back Helen and you're gonna die so I'll open your student [Music] your salt you know well I and I would rather you hate me and be alive then love me and be dead have to drive to kill tennis shoes [Music] I'm doing it to keep you safe yes okay yeah like I said predictable you