Malik Yoba Fires Back At His Frat For Removing Him From Youth Leadership Program


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no question for you my boy oh shut up side down from you I want you to turn this left okay so did David John's and a nyla and Carmen and Malik Yoba for coming what are you I don't know old male that's right that's correct right you think you straight I don't know okay me I'm straight okay did you know that in 2019 Maho okay it's you that's 2019 I might be a bunch of other words all right it's straight just don't apply anymore I'm a cisgendered heterosexual male what are you number Sean Casey I don't know no you're not that's the name somebody gave you listen salute them for coming though yes saluted him for coming I don't I don't understand the trans world but I understand their right to exist and that's all that matters all right well let's get to the room was less talk on The Breakfast Club now that interview when you go see it on YouTube is a lot longer than what you heard on The Breakfast Club this morning I won 15 minutes but one thing that Malik Yoba did address was his fraternity Phi Beta Sigma removing him from his youth leadership role here's what he had to say in the interview you know it's very painful when you sit in this I of the storm and people come for you and we talk about black women I'm talking my black men like my fraternity well my former fraternity I'm I blow him up right now Phi Beta Sigma we had an executive director that was murdered like that young woman you talking about he was gay he was running for public office in Louisiana because we don't have a culture even within an organization like five Beta Sigma that slogan is culture for service and service for Humanity you have a gay leader who has to then go and live in the shadows make poor choices based on that and he was murdered like that young woman no one stepped up as brothers and so as I've gone through my storm recently those brothers didn't step up for me they stepped away and so and they and they publicly acknowledged that some brothers in organization have hit me up and said yo that is a travesty because within the leadership of this organization right now there's inappropriate behavior and I'm not trying to blow anybody up but I was critical not inappropriate this is what hypocritical right and so at what point do we get really comfortable being uncomfortable that's so that we can make everybody okay so what ended up happening was according to the Sigma's they did feel it was necessary to take four questions to protect their values and reputation he was serving as an honorary member of that historic fraternity he was named the spokesperson earlier this year and he was supposed to be giving mentorship to preteen and teenage males through social cultural and educational enrichment but there were accusations against him that were made by Mariah Lopes ebony on Facebook she titled at surviving Malik Yoba we had sex when I was just a teen and they felt like stepping away because of these accusations so we'll tell you more you did address this in a free style as well who did a free stuff Malik Yoba you got it when we come back okay we'll do that in the next hour but it's so funny to watch dudes from the hood who was listening to that interview hit me up a few questions like one man said peace good morning bro I know the interview is pre-recorded but what are the extra letters did they add it to the LGBT community I'm still confused but still listening and that's all you're supposed to do listen okay yeah I don't know that means the nectar lettuce yeah a lot of people hit me too thank you plus he said plus the league said plus huh mm-hmm views yes somebody just asked me or so close lgbtq+ now cute it's lgbtqia+ what's I don't know y'all know what y'all talk about y'all thing he doing the alphabet and he's just walking here sat ABCDEF Vidya started pointing me let me talk about all right well anyway that is your rumour report all right Charlamagne yes who are you giving your donkey to Wow there's a letter L G the G stands for giant effing Giants fan we like them to come to the front of the congregation we'd like to have a word with them this morning no you may not okay all right guys fans of silly all right we're gonna have a conversation about how silly y'all are good if this is y'all mindset after the first game of the season boy y'all in for a long long season all right we'll get into that next is the Breakfast Club good morning [Music]