Malik Yoba Storms Off Interview Set After Being Pressed Over Sexual Allegations

[Music] well looks like Malik Yoba was doing his press runs and he was sitting down with the route and he had some issues he was responding they asked him to respond to a Facebook post by Mariah Lopes ebony where she accused him of soliciting sex from her when she was 13 and 16 years old and Malik Yoba responded that he didn't know her I have no idea who she is and things went left okay apparently according to Malik Yoba he sat down with the person interviewing him blogs worth yes the logs worth and they had a whole conversation about what was going to happen in this interview here's what he said what do you say to transplant women can see that you're centering yourself and as you're being opportunistic so you and I set for our was the other day correct and we decided how we were going to approach this we went through a number of ways inside it how we approach this and we said hoarding and the more you talk to batter the worse it looks for you really I'm saying yes this looks bad for me yes because okay all right well it got a little worse from there anything excavated and he just didn't appreciate the questions I guess that he felt like they hadn't agreed on he wanted to talk about policy and focus on that and I guess he had broken down what was gonna happen and each part of the interview and then here's what happened with the logs were there's no cards out all these cameras the people that were in the room by the way while this was happening it was two video producers for the route to people who are representing Malik Yoba which were his 18 year old daughter and also his 18 year old daughter and the route senior video producer malik yoba s-- publicist and the roots video producers they all tried to calm him down but he was very upset he continued to curse until he left the studio now he is supposed to be co-hosting a workshop leading up to the transnational visibility March this Thursday and not until you go to an anger management workshop Malik okay and learn how to control your temper and your emotions yeah even when he was up here he just didn't want to address certain things I guess he felt like it took away from the conversation that he was trying to have he'd been in the business too long to be reacting like that he doesn't like people respect saying what social media said he was immediately against him I think when he came up he just wanted to talk about the conversation of him being attracted to trans women and how that affected and having a noble conversation he didn't want that conversation but if somebody brings up the allegations just say they're not true and keep it moving you've been in the business way too long to be reacting like that and when you react like that people automatically think you're guilty but also I have two questions what would blog work and Milito were talking about for four hours and also who had the best uh this is my life are Kelly or melikhovo this might be a close no you stole aha now I'm going without Kelly Oh Kelly you still got it still got the bet this is Molly all right well I'm Angela Yee and that is your rumor report oh my goodness I want to vote on this one no Taylor put a poll up on Breakfast Club page who had the best this is my life Malik Yoba Kelly will you give him a donkey - neither one but don't you start acting immature Bobby perfectly grown until you start acting like they just grow up [Music]