Man Arrested After Crashing Couples Wedding Dance

Florida couple says no hard feelings to the man who crashed their wedding reception they're amused that he barged into their first dance but cops weren't as amra coccolino reports a wedding crasher ended up getting arrested the shocked look on this bride and groom's face says it all they just spotted a wedding crasher it's this guy caught in the act it happened at the dream wedding of Adam and Sadie died got outside Tampa during the couple's first dance the uninvited guest made his move he started dancing the wedding photographer captured their stunned expressions what was going through your minds during that moment both of you I said that's not your friend and he was like I thought it was your friend and I think we both knew it was a wedding crasher instantly busted we have no hard feelings it made our wedding night memorable for years and the newlyweds were not the ones to call the authorities they didn't even find out about the arrest until the next day [Music] you [Music]