Man Proposes Underwater Using a Treasure Chest

is that a hidden treasure under the sea inside the box an engagement ring Travis Grenier and Kenna sites are 30 feet deep on a vacation in the Dominican Republic but thumbs up means yes then they try to kiss good luck with that you can hear muffled screams of joy highlighted by all those oxygen bubbles I couldn't believe it so cool I never thought it was gonna be that creative it was so neat and just like perfect she shows off the ring and they embrace you can see he's a really happy dude ton of fish around and they were all very hungry so it's very I just kept envisioning something snapping it up and then swept it away but everyone that I talked to you about this idea it was like don't do it he slides on the ring she checks to make sure it's secure then they briefly take out their mouthpieces for a smooch I found treasure in the ocean that day I get to wear it every day on my hands [Music] you [Music]