Man Pulls Gun On Popeyes Employee For Running Out Of Chicken Sandwiches

[Music] yes donkey today for Wednesday September for BJ the day that Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter came out of Tina Knowles woman to bless I saw it goes to a group of people from her birthplace of Houston Texas dropping ACLU's bomb see Houston Texas damn all right now now beyonce is vegan I believe she's vegan didn't the card is enough that they were all switching to plant-based diets I believe they differ a little bit but I can't remember they still own it I believe so but if you know anything about the queen bee you know that one of these things she has that us mere mortals don't is a lifetime supply the Popeyes Chicken and Negro cookies this is a fad all right Popeyes gave her a free Popeyes for life card there was even rumors that Popeyes cated the Carters wedding I don't know if that is true or not but I do know that when it comes to the Carters before there was everything his love there was everything his Popeyes don't take my word about Beyonce having a lifetime supply of Popeye's Chicken listen to Beyonce tell Oprah Winfrey herself about having a lifetime supply of Popeye's Chicken back in 2003 let's hear Popeyes I can't really eat it anymore but at one point I just everywhere I went people will buy me Popeyes like the fans and Popeyes heard so they gave me a lifetime membership and every time I go I can pull out the card and get as much fun Beyonce can you get any blacker than that I would love to know what that card looks like I bet it's black and made of metal Beyonce probably mistaken for her Amex all the time and do you have to show ID with that Popeyes card because if not and Beyonce is indeed a vegan she need to pass the plug all right be a blessing being passed the Popeyes plug but we're not here to just talk about the blessing that Popeyes bestowed upon Beyonce we are here to talk about how citizens of Beyonce's hometown her beloved Houston it's out here disrespecting the sacred grounds to the place that we know is near and dear to Beyonce's heart what a birthday present y'all decided to give Beyonce see for whatever reason people are still losing their minds for this popeyes chicken sandwich I haven't had it have you had any no I have it I haven't had at this point I don't want it because the way my brain is wired I simply can't follow trends if everybody is doing it on social media and I feel like it's some type of social engineering going on that I refuse they're indulgent I'm sure the white man in the government will find a way to to get me out of here one day but it won't be through no popeyes chicken sandwich okay with this group of people in Houston are looking to be a part of this government plot to destroy us all in fact they are willing to take a penitentiary chance to eat what is in Louisiana's kitchen what did these people do that absolutely would embarrass miss Knowles Carter more than Kanye did it to 2009 VMAs let's go to K Hou CBS 11 for the report please did you hear about the man who pulled a gun on Popeyes employees in Houston after the restaurant ran out of the new chicken sandwiches employees told police a group of men and women walked inside and ordered chicken sandwiches but the manager told them they were sold out you might recall the chain announced they were sold out across the country last week but apparently one of the guys in the group didn't like the answer and pulled a gun really Houston why y'all acting like floor all right in the words of another H town legend Willie D your mama should be embarrassed and your daddy should have pulled out is this what Tina Knowles carried Beyonce for nine months for at any point during this crime did you say to yourself what would beyoncé do at a time like this see here's the thing even if you have a lifetime supply of chicken at Popeyes if said location doesn't have any more chicken then they simply don't have any more chicken okay I can't give you what we don't have I can't wait you know until the security cameras catch these people and all y'all are in jail with aggravated assault charges all over some damn chicken I love Popeyes too but the past couple of weeks really got me asking its Popeye's Chicken that good is it really please give this group of people in Houston who disrespected Beyonce's bday the sweet sounds and Hamilton's [Applause] [Music] they haven't caught these people yet and they're hoping that the security cameras find out who these individuals are just all pray collectively all right as a culture and community that these people aren't black because the white people who work here at revolt and on The Breakfast Club I think they got a little pool going cielos I'm seeing some little side prints being placed he definitely wanted to play guess what race it was and I'm gonna jump in this pool but I'm gonna be honest with you which way you going I think it's a losing bet you going be a losing bet on my part all right donkey today is brought to you by the law office of Michael s lamonsoff don't be a donkey down pound 250 on yourself and say the bull if you've been hurt in a construction accident that's pound to 500 from your cell and say to bowl [Music]