Man Thanks Angel After Surviving Lightning Strike

the guy with the umbrella is about to have a brush with death the bolt of lightning strikes just inches from where he's walking his umbrella gets blown out of his hand the incredible scene was caught by a surveillance camera at the South Carolina School where he works as a guidance counselor boom heard a loud noise I seen a bright flash romulus McNeil told me he was walking to his car when the lightning hit he's stunned that he survived I felt like something did hit me something that something did touch me I don't know I think an angel touched me for sure I think this guy is beyond lucky Lonnie Quinn chief weather caster with CBS News in New York has this advice for anyone caught in a storm Bar None the number one thing you want to do is if you hear lightning you see lightning you get inside after his brush with death McNeil couldn't agree more I see any lightning man where I am I'm gonna spend the night there I've learned my lesson [Music] you [Music]