Marching Band Helps Student Pull Off Epic Promposal

the old school helped one team feel the love of her well-planned promposal well maybe not all of South Gate High School in Southern California but Alan Dominguez did get the marching band the track team and a whole lot of spectators to cheer him on as he asked his girlfriend Kaylee Hernandez to be his prom date Alan says he came up with a few ideas but ultimately decided to execute this one which took about three weeks to pull off he got the idea because Kaylee told him she's looking forward to seeing the live-action Lion King movie [Music] so he asked the marching band to play can you feel the love tonight [Music] Kaleigh had no idea what she was walking into when she entered the courtyard since Allen is co-captain of the track team he asked his teammates to hand Cayley flowers as she made her way toward Allen Allen was waiting with a sign that the yearbook Club helped him design reading can you feel the love for prom after the grand gesture how could Kaylee not feel the love she accepted and made all of Allen's careful planning worth it [Music] [Applause] for Inside Edition dot-com I'm Mara montalbano