Mardaani 2 Official Trailer Rani Mukerji Releasing 13 December 2019




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You going that way? Can you drop me? This heinous crime has not only shaken Kota... ...but the entire country. It's a brutal sexual assault. How many semen samples have you found? Just one. She's been tortured, raped and murdered. F****** M****** Every year students come here from all over India to study. This case will not only impact the city but the entire nation. We have to catch a suspect soon, Shivani. I promise you, I'll catch this devil and drag him to court. Bravo! Shivani Shivaji Roy. For you. Before the day end, I'll abduct another girl. You'll find her body in a gutter. Stop me, if you can! Kota's entire police force will work 24/7. No breaks, no sleep. We'll catch him in 2 days. He's misleading us so that he can flee the city. Find him! You've been played, Shivani. Shivani, just get that bastard. I will.