Mario Rabbids Donkey Kong’s Adventure New Gameplay Details and Interview Ubisoft NA


Ubisoft North America


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how excited are you to have the big ape himself in the game it reminds me a bit 2014-15 when we started to work on Mario with Mario and we still have this huge passion for this other character as well so it's not just about having Donkey Kong his animation his character's persona was also what it brings we wanted to have a lot of movement and close-combat elements in this new character so that it's totally different and new compared to the main game for example to grab and throw which is grabbing anything so it could be enemies covers and with this you can throw and throw it anywhere if you take a cover and means to remove a defensive point as well so you have to watch out and if it's an explosive cover having for example bounce effect well you could use that as a balance grenade effects elements so it's really interesting so it's up to the players to decide is your own playstyle and what you want to do in battles so you could remove all the covers or you can keep them and use heroes or enemies as things you want to trow well speaking of new heroes we've also got a new character showing up rabid cranky what is this guy all about we could have taken the DD or Dixie e or funky you know the family of Kong's is huge but maybe was too expected so we said what about adding the DNA of the rabbits with cranky Kong so we have this little guy that is really grumpy that's for sure unstable very strong in combat rabid cranky has a cane and we have multiple version of this cane with different effects and damage so it's all about contrasts and the way he plays as well we don't keep only fight yes there's a cool little team-up move that they can do yeah you to jump on the back of Donkey Kong so you shoot midair the enemies and then Donkey Kong grabs you and throws you and it's considered as a team jump and then sometime if you use rabid peach healing techniques while it's gonna be very interesting to see how we can really advance like a war machine with those guys there's got to be new enemies here to deal with these new characters and I presume new weapons to also take them on sure so we have more than 60 new weapons also the weapons are a bit different because you know Donkey Kong is about bananas so we would have what we call the banana rang like a boom R and it comes back and hit multiple enemies [Music] but he'll also have his hands acting as a pounding weapon so it can hit multiple enemies around him both so in terms of what you said enemies so we have enemies like for example summoners there's summon other enemies and the more you wait before defeating them the more they will summon new enemies so it's gonna be very hard as you progress now we're in relation to the main game of Mario Plus rabbits kingdom battle does Donkey Kong adventure take place so it's exactly after the world one so if you finished a game you beat the game you've done everything in Mario Plus rabbit skin them battle or you just finished the world one it's up to you to start because it's really disconnected in terms of progression everything is a new world in the end we wanted to create something new different and big because Donkey Kong is all about exploration you want to see details you want to see potentially Easter eggs as well from coming from old games so yeah we started to build this island and it became a huge monster of content to explore we're talking about something that is 10 hours and plus in terms just of the adventure well for folks who are eager to get their hands on the story and the challenge of Donkey Kong adventure when is it going to be available so it's going to be available in June the way to get it is either you have the season's pass and it's part of the pack or one is going to be released you can buy it as a DLC [Music]