Marketing Your Short Film Beginners Filmmaking


Jay Moussa-Mann


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hi guys my name is J this is the directors logbook and today we're going to be talking about marketing your film so I feel like a complete hypocrite doing this video because this is something I'm really bad at but then maybe that makes me quite a good person to do the video because it's something that I've had a lot of experience of failing at so I can give you tips from what I've not done and hopefully you can do better than I have the first few short films that I made I basically worked really hard even got a bit of a budget together for them made them edited them put them on Vimeo and YouTube and then just left them and there's been some short films that I've made that it's been a year or two and I haven't even put them online yet I don't know what that's about you make films so that they can be seen by an audience so the marketing side of filmmaking is as important as the whole rest of the production and yet still make has really struggled with this aspect of selling and marketing their work I think when I was a kid I was a lot braver at this because when I was about 10 or 11 I got my two nieces together and we put on a lord of the dance slash river dance show none of us were dancers but it was just something that I wanted to do we rehearse for a month we got costumes put on this abysmal show but any dancer would just cringe at and then we charged our families to come and watch it and we made a bit of money so I think as a child that kind of childlike belief in yourself and the fact that you are providing an entertainment beyond any other is something we should keep with us as film directors because you're probably better now than you were eight to ten hopefully maybe not right so now I'm just gonna give you a little list of things that you should do if you want to market your short film once you've made it or your future film and these are the things that I did not do that I am learning to do now so hopefully it will help you and these are also things that you should be planning while you're still writing your script make posters use your artistic talent or your friend or your mum's artistic talent to make some bright catchy posters that you can stick on Facebook stick on your University wall give out to people just things that will attract your viewers to your film email your film to friends email is something that lots of marketers use that's why email addresses are so valuable you obviously try and send it to people who you've legally got the address for otherwise it might just be a bit annoying when you've made your short film and it's it's out there I mean it's a good opportunity to write an email to people saying look this is what I've made I hope you like it can you give me feedback on it because you send it to somebody who might like it and it's just bit by bit getting your film known to a wider audience local film network groups or film short film evenings at your cinema or anything like that are great these are the kind of places that short films get shown even when they haven't won anything they're not necessarily brilliant so it's a really good opportunity to showcase your short film and I think it's a really valuable experience to watch your short film on a big screen in an audience film networking groups filmmaking groups are a great way to meet other people other filmmakers share your work what other people's work and get your work shown another way to market your short film is to pay for an advert on YouTube this can be off-putting just the thought of paying for advertising I was quite scared of it I was scared that it would take all my money or I would give them my bank details and it would just disappear that actually happened I started a YouTube channel which I then cancelled and deleted cuz I decided that wasn't the way I wanted to go but I'd forgotten that I had actually paid for an advert on one of them and when I closed the account it didn't it didn't close the advert so I was paying so much every month for months and months after he completely got rid of that account so that was my mistake well kind of my mistake I think when you close an account they should close all the effort but anyway so yeah my fear did come true with that one but it's actually really easy to promote a video on YouTube and you can set how much you're going to pay and that can be as little as five pounds even that small amount can get you quite a lot of views more than you would normally get so if you've got a trailer for a short film that you've got somewhere else it's a really good idea to promote it another way to get your work known and your film out there is to submit it to film festivals film festivals are an interesting one because they really do take a lot of money especially the festivals that are well-known they're usually really expensive I mean you're looking at fifty pounds per entry for some of the better-known film festivals maybe twenty pounds is kind of the least that you're going to pay and you might think oh well I'll just go for the film festivals that are free the problem with the free entry film festivals is they're either the kind that you have to get people to vote for your films so if it's an online one I entered into one and I was really excited because it got accepted but what I didn't realize was you had to get people to vote for your film in order to win anything and that's you may as well just market it yourself I mean then they're not doing anything really I always think that film festivals are quite a gamble because you can end up spending hundreds of pounds on just four or five film festival entries and you know there's so many good filmmakers out there you're one in like thousands it doesn't mean that your films bad but it's really unlikely that your films gonna get anywhere and then that's just such a huge waste of money I mean you couldn't use that money on an actor for a day the other option is to find local film festivals because I think in your cover letter if if you kind of plug the fact that this is a local production they're probably going to be more likely to to notice you also be really careful about what film festivals you're putting your short film into look at the stuff that's one look at the stuff that they're showcasing does your film fit that genre is your film that kind of film because that's really important it's like submitting to a writing contest if you've written a short story I sent out a short story to like 1015 writing competitions and it didn't get anywhere and I started to think that my writing was really bad or the story was rubbish but then one day for some reason I decided to enter into a children's writing competition so writing for children which I've never thought that I was a children's writer in anyway and I didn't think that this short story would work for children but it won so it that was completely down to the genre but I was entering into it was obviously nothing to do with how bad my writing was and that's the same with short films it's all about the topic that you've chosen the style of the film and the kind of festival that you're entering into so really think about it don't just spend loads of money putting it into anywhere so those are a few ideas to get you marketing your film honestly think about it before you start writing before you start filming I hope you enjoyed this video please like and subscribe if you did and if you want more and I will see you next time bye