Married in Minecraft Epicly Part 29

[Music] good Harnett Davers watch this shot Oh what's your shot oh I spent so much time clearing out this area actually first of all I got some news for someone sven friend's boyfriend I have big news I am married now [Music] you [Music] you [Music] that's right I married - what no we didn't have a Minecraft wedding come on we will have one in Minecraft as well I promise okay I promise just give me enough time listen they took a long time to plan just this wedding yes yes she will be your mom's friend oh it's so great you're again give me the brofist epic a lot of changes a lot of changes I cleared out this entire area it was a something I probably shouldn't be spending my time doing before a wedding but I also redid the elevator for the meatballs so now it's pretty cool you go through it right yeah now a lot of people have been saying that the meatball has mold on it because it's green now and that's just false that's just offensive the meatball has pesto on it okay that's right pesto its pesto I guess now I can make it into brown sauce I don't know if that looks any better than what oh now I see through the cracks that's kind of creepy all right let me know in the comments brown sauce or pesto smash like four brown sauce and smash like four pesto let's go gamers keep working wait they're wearing headphones why are they wearing headphones money you Trey the money give me more money Council of water sheep I got married what that why is he read what happened how how does that happen cancel of Watership what is please bless my marriage uh-oh cancel of waters it's trying to kill me ah castle of authorship save me they look it away causal of authorship please please I'm sorry I should have married in your church Oh God Oh God I want to start off by doing a building montage because I want to keep building my Japanese house it needs to be done right Sven's boyfriend [Music] man I really like how this is coming along but I realize I put the ceiling too far back I need to move it forward but I think that's gonna look really good let's see how my beautiful villagers are doing today whoa oh my god [Music] what oh gods are the the creepers so shy he's like Oh God I can't believe it's done this did they kill anyone did they touch you thank God oh thank god hey you can sell me bells so yeah as you can see I increase the size of the slave chamber I mean the house of epic people one day it's gonna pierce through the ceiling and enter the skies make oh god there's only two left oh they escaped very well I feel like I should extend the Frick chamber it needs to be bigger right yeah we're thinking that yeah it needs to be bigger are you guys ever pleased are you guys never happy huh I bring you into my beautiful house I give you freak chamber love me the next person that says hmm he's gotta get lava dipped Oh who was it oh sorry I didn't need to click oh you didn't see anything our goal right now our last thing to do in Minecraft is to defeat the Ender Dragon the last boss of Minecraft won't you once you defeat the Ender Dragon it's game over the credits roll and it's all over so one thing I'm told by you guys is that if you feed a bank what's up if you feed oh I'm sorry yeah I will feed you you feed a fox a diamond they will find you a treasure he took it Bengt go forth find me treasure give me what I eat this lasagna so yeah today we really have to prepare for the fight against the ender dragon I want to grab a sign and I want to put ranch they sudden you guys suggested Bengt show me the treasure god damn and then there's another suggestion from you guys supposed to put birch lasagna because it's a birth sure tree bank stop wake up we need to fight the ender dragon banging beg wake up ha ha oh my god please am I seriously gonna have to drag Bengt [Music] where's it going lead me oh my god did you guys hear that you follow the treasure back well well well it looks like I found you I have a frost Walker my boots in case you're wondering what's happening so you got sucked in here you try to escape how is that possible everyone kept saying that Dinnerbone ran away because all my pets died wishes there's a line okay oh my god Dinnerbone please come back stop running away from me you love me remember none of my pets died I wouldn't hurt a soul hey guys hey Joey it's done look who's back oh yeah look who's all tickly yeah that's my date about right there mate and my name Emma thanks for finding the treasure Bank what a Deadeye boat stop that looks really uncomfortable God then a bone I swear to you that I closed it's closed maybe I should build like an aquarium for dinner bone Stephano I haven't used the new texture pack in a while okay that's epic I'm surprised you remember thank you so very cool oh man hello spits hey you need help fighting ender dragon like cringing and laughing at the same time it's alright let's get some sand Milton oh my god there's meatballs in Minecraft Oh delicious thank you Oh someone's knocking on my door new merch arrived look at that very epic oh maybe here we can put an aquarium well we can make a whole aquarium out of it that'd be sick that's exactly what I just said yeah well it's it'd still be epic oh there's gonna be epic forgot the power of my shovel oh wait here's the wiring oh yeah I try to I try to build a paper farm here it didn't it didn't pan out my god it feels so good to you know getting married is epic and all but it feels good to be it was such a amazing day it was the best day of my life I know it's so cliche to say that and when I whenever I heard other people say it I'm like that's cringe it was such an amazing day everyone my family was there my just family was there my close friends were there I've only seen such a good mood everyone was just happy - it was so beautiful we've been planning it for like over a year and so much it's a lot of stress to fly the wedding I just wish I knew that it would turn out so amazing because then I wouldn't have word about a single thing because it could not have gone more perfect that's just so happy I'm so happy [Music] now you cannot go in aquarium should I make it bigger okay enough of that lame it's all about gaming okay this is the most essential part of defeating the ender dragon okay oh is it possible to just build a giant bucket and put the ender dragon in it or is it possible to put the energy dragon in a boat all right it's done I just need to fill it with water oh oh oh oh all right all right all right not bad give me suggestions for how I could change the design of that because it's so ugly please help me oh my god I have frost Walker okay okay so what do I do maybe the frost Walker no what if I walk it yes and then I can place it here oh I think we did it I think it's done oh man then the bone is gonna be so happy dinner bone loves water then their bone more like new home look how excited he is yeah aren't you excited little did Bo flip-flop flip-flop he loves it I don't know how to get him out of there no don't know it's van van get up Oh God not here it's been eat no don't kill him don't kill em I'll kill em go get up no not here please please see this fat eat eat eat eat Sven Oh God Oh smell you turn you don't understand you don't understand what you have just died Oh God Sven intense boyfriend just went through the portal don't do it stop panicking stop panicking it's fine no panic keep freaking keep freaking everything is fine I will protect you the Frick chamber will never be lost the friction bar will be protected at all cost if my name isn't what are you doing I'm sorry if I your boyfriend in your son he literally went through the bar at all oh it begins but we are not afraid spend spend it get out of there oh my god please please get out of there spread yeah yeah good job Sven guys stop Oh God protects the font wait I have the baby wait I got a change back okay here we go don't worry kids and keep you insane save where is Sven Oh No Bengt don't be scared everything will be all right he's terrified there he is my man Oh [Music] yeah I make them fight each other oh my god so traumatic Sven where are you oh my gosh man okay it's about to get spicy they've won a text event ah oh my god no no no no no no that's bad I will protect this city no matter what the car [Music] can you tame those that be so fake I'm gonna try it okay it doesn't work I've got home is dying I got to stay alive for spent Oh God I got to keep living for play right the pigs have joined the pigs have come to save us the pegs are fighting will it turn oh god oh my god spenders crazy oh god the pigs know this is not the way you spend ice this is not the way spend I keep eating oh god this is so scary spend please said eat you can eat as much as what oh god the power of pig I thought it was gonna die Oh God [Music] do something dinner boat oh my god oh he doesn't see me because I'm wearing the helmet that's all nevermind nevermind old but the ship give me strength gives me power they're too afraid to even come near me oh my god is riding a chicken a [Music] cooked chicken Jase I know what's there she please I'm not testing your strength oh my god they're on top of them a bomb [Music] like a great man once said you picked the wrong house on top of what their shoes made I will go on top oh god oh god oh god this is bad idea girl god I'm gonna die Retreat retreat the power want to save me we did it yeah the coast is clear [Music] we defended Broll and we stood our ground nothing can stop us right banked epic rule everything you did so good like God Sven you did the best to sort of a mom I swore to protect you and that I did now keep freaking like you never fracked before Frick in front of your child I don't care do what you must fortune three on sale very well now they're giving me discount on now you're giving me discount huh what about when you needed me he took some vanished in me Sven I forgot your boyfriend getting the bucket guys they just ran right through ahaha that's out yeah is that raining again no are you kidding me before I used to wait days actual days for thunder now I get two in a row oh okay I want to get a creeper head then creep but oh man you guys showed mercy to child okay so we supercharged a creeper and then we let the that's a skeleton horse oh god oh my god what that shit oh wait no supercharge it supercharge one no not two not two and then we just got to make sure these guys blow up first no no head die oh wait yes we got it yes so how come some have as a Gloria on there that's so cute okay this is actually super rare where is it here's the horse oh my god oh god oh god no I kill the horse dang it don't kill the horse Felix you idiot okay okay just gotta make sure I don't bear this yes you're mine does that work yes I thought for sure you didn't need a Saito but I guess you do doing their bone Hey oh my god don't kill my hairs then their bone got a girlfriend that's out now Frank did I tell you to stop working never stop working ever see I'm not gonna wear this one cuz this when gets scared if I wear this one spend it does approve of this one now for our battle with the ender dragon the last boss of the game are you serious they there's the thing I want to show you guys you know in the beginning you guys tricked me Oh cute oh god I'm scared all right good night you tricked an old Minecraft veteran so now I'm gonna do what everyone told me to do in the very beginning of this series another Felix yeah well guess what this time I'm gonna do it on my terms blast protection baby didn't even feel a thing oh god I'm on fire eat the meatball ate the meatball that's how we're gonna kill the Ender Dragon baby with beds now before we beat the ender dragon we need to assemble our army I won an army are you kidding me I won an army of snowmen I want to spend there I want Jurgen there or you cannot be serious okay yeah I want to do this hey guys we're gonna go ice skating yeah yeah [Music] yeah they love it they absolutely love eight I'm so happy guys you got it go a little quicker it's like a bajillion things you can do this game it just never ends thanks for taking over my beautiful place what in the world are you doing stop stop that Oh Council of what there she Oh council of authorship why why can't sell photoshoot what did I do to make them there's a point at some midnight ice-skating for you guys beautiful damn Dinnerbone way to be subtle dude so apparently if you let a skeleton guy kill a creeper which is what I'm trying to do here Oh God they have a chance of dropping are you kidding me so yeah I think according to you guys skeleton man has to kill hey it's me creeper it's a lot trickier than it seems oh yeah this is how you want it yes hit him once oh god don't blow up dang eh okay well there's a lot of things to hit here maybe I shouldn't have this helmet on yes keep shooting them yes keep shooting them come on Oh it happened it worked yes yes DJ cow play that okay so jukebox this is now a face of Grande all right what song is this all right we'll play we'll play that once we beat the game and this range is stopped you want this yes my queen I mean my king yeah my queen sure why not my queen Fifi Popo my queen we made a promise that we were gonna defeat the Ender Dragon together and I intend to keep that promise we're gonna beat the ender dragon together we're gonna finish the legacy of Legends go forth to my child got bought go through faster my queen faster yes with enough beds and enough courage and enough speed we will outnumber the Enderdragon don't be a god I hate these oh my gosh be careful Beibei Bobo baby Bobo [Music] that's it for this episode smash like if you enjoy check out the hundred million club merch represent that comedy by epic epic see you guys next one bye bye