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[Music] now class I want you to be on your best behavior it isn't every day we have a ballet company come and visit this is so exciting I've never seen a real live ballet before I saw my cousin Dee Dee's recital at the Twinkle Toes Academy of Dance but I'm not sure that counts that looks more like a counting horse a counting horse hi wish what is the square root of 4 to TD no horses in the classroom I wish I had a horse to get me out of this ballet yawn city oh I think you'll love the ballet Alice it's an extremely difficult sport how is dancing a sport it's very athletic and it takes a lot of coordination coordination yes when you're able to move different parts of your body together in a smooth way it's called coordination does ballet have any tackling or field goals uh no I rest my case [Music] I still don't see how you can call ballet s bore that's like calling school summer vacation I saw a show on TV where they proved a ballet dancer was just as fit as a linebacker no way really and it said lots of athletes like football players or baseball players take ballet to improve their balance really Alice what's Alice are you okay me sure why you're popping up and down like a jack-in-the-box oh I'm trying to get that thing on the top shelf I can't quite reach it swimming goggles what do you need those for I have sensitive eyes uh see ya how could she see in those things ah why am I such a klutz so how was the ballet did you like it it was okay the dancers were really graceful not as graceful as professional wrestlers but close ha ha ha Alice went gaga for it she was all yay I did not go gaga did so did not well that's good because dancers have to be coordinated if you dance you'd be all oh sorry excuse me oh sorry oh I can be coordinated when I want to be just watch me [Music] here come the dancers just because I like the ballet doesn't mean I want to do it you should have seen it Nelson they were so beautiful it was like watching a dream I wish I could be graceful like that Oh [Music] am I kidding even in my dreams on the klutz I'll never be a dancer I cannot get that file lay out of my head me neither last night I danced my way through all my chores [Music] do it yeah you're so athletic you have much better balance on skates than I do balance I don't have balance balance means you can stay on your feet and not wobble or fall down I'm a klutz maybe when you're on your feet what she means is you're really graceful on the ice yeah it's kind of the opposite of everybody else come on try it here come the dancers I was such a klutz today if ballet works for football players and for baseball players maybe it worked for hockey players too hey maybe we should all take the ballet class together I'm Dana vollis's Alice plie releve plie releve and pathway again come on it's fun oh I can't I've got a charley horse in my leg you have a horse named Charlie in there how doesn't really have a horse in her leg it's an expression it just means she's got a muscle cramp I gotta go see you later Dada Dada Dada oh I wish I could quit thinking about ballet [Music] are you watching ballet no you were so I heard it how do you know have you memorized all the ballet music in the world no I just know what boring sounds like beautiful I bet you're quite the dancer well I stand back my sister is a little clumsy let's go it's not clumsy clumsy means someone falls down a lot or stumbles into things she's with opposite of clumsy I mean she moves so smoothly she's so beautiful to watch may I help you okay [Music] why don't you try them out [Music] hmm what do you know I think beautiful [Music] okay first position second position this is easy third position fourth position this can't be right it feels really awkward does it look awkward Wow why am I asking you you probably don't even know what awkward means awkward is when you do something and it looks goofy and feels even worse keep your bottom tip under you're just lifted and your knees straight they've got to be kidding [Music] Hey look Nelson I'm doing it hey Alice and this is really awkward why do you have to be sneaky if you like ballet you like ballet I'm sure your mom would let you take classes if I took a ballet class Ronald would never let me live it down Alice boxwood here come the dancers here come the dancers [Music] everybody's awkward when they first start something that's why you take classes to get better yeah if you want something I think you should just go for it as TD says you can't let a little thing like total public humiliation stand between you and a good time mom I've been thinking and I don't care at all it says but I wish you wouldn't say anything because they already feel like a jerk but even if he does say something I want to take ballet classes and I know what you're thinking it's hopeless I'm a klutz and I'm awkward and I'll never be able to keep my balance and I'll stumble all over the place but I want to try hmm Ronald thought you'd say that he did he said he thought you really wanted to take ballet classes and he made me get you this mom thank you oh it's so beautiful I got you a leotard too I had it made special you're a pretty good athlete when you practice I figure you'll get the hang of dancing eventually but in the meantime danger I make wide turns thanks here come the dancers [Music] jumping pouring running balancing roaring is there anything good on it's some international sports games thing none of the usual shows are running I don't like sports shows you just said you didn't like sports shows that was people this is dogs dogs make everything fun to watch what is that what you're seeing now is an agility course agility course what's that beats me you may ask yourself what is an agility course agility means moving quickly and easily and course means a place where you play a sport like playing golf on a golf course or racing cars on a race course now let's watch while our nimble friend Rudy speeds through the agility course he quickly jumped through the hoop he easily clears that early that takes real flexibility folks what I was gonna ask what flexibility meant but he'll probably explain it flexibility is a fancy way of saying you can bend easily like this strong this show is so informative Martha's putting on speed what flexibility folks now that takes real skill [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] wowie where do I sign up huh why not because because why because I don't think you'd like it why not because you're not exactly the most athletic dog in town Helen an agility dog is my lifelong dream I thought your lifelong dream was to be a firehouse dog Bob dreams are like cable TV there's always more than one thing on all right maybe she knows where there's an agility course as a matter of fact I've got one in my yard you do I had it custom made especially for Francois you're welcome to try it if you like speed is important but you also must be nimble and flexible [Music] good boyfriend soir it's very challenging challenging challenging means something is hard and takes a lot of work what's challenging about running in a circle and jumping over rails oh there's more to it than that oh right it's also a lot of fun okay Helen I'm ready let's go promise you won't be upset if you don't move as smoothly as Francois I mean it is your first time smooth Oh ho-ho I'm smooth you think I won't be smooth [Music] [Music] no reason see I'm smooth I'm speedy who are you calling a clumsy sausage at least she didn't fall down again there you feel better now oh the indignity [Music] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] Hey chasing rabbits just being clumsy really clumsy were you dreaming about the agility course again yeah Francois was right there laughing at me I bet all dogs fall down on the first time you just need practice no Francois is right I'm a clumsy sausage I'm never gonna move in public ever again ever [Music] why is it Martha moving she fell down in front of another dog and made fun of her if I refused to move just cuz I fell down in front of someone I'd have stopped trying when I was about six months old once I fell down just standing still in an empty room [Music] at least the room was empty it wasn't anyone around to call you a clumsy sausage you fell down it's not a big deal not everyone is naturally nimble nimble yeah it's like a child it means move easily and quickly whoa hey I didn't fall that was pretty nimble of me maybe ballet classes are paying off Alice I'm okay sir you don't want to dive in Martha sausages don't swim I'm really worried about Martha I'm sure she's not really that clumsy Adil Edie stuff is just challenging yeah like learning to ride a bike Oh remember how quickly TV you learn to ride I know I felt like such a klutz it took me forever to get rid of my training wheels hmm I wish I could get rid of mine you still got him uh-huh all this time I thought there was something wrong with me but then I realized my bike is too tall too tall now when I'm standing still my feet can touch the ground it feels really awkward my parents are try to get in for a smaller one hey maybe that's my best problem she needs a smaller bike no she needs a bigger agility course France was course was custom-made to fit him he's much smaller than Martha that's probably why she got stuck in the tunnel she's not uncoordinated she's just too big exactly if we make an agility course that fits her she should be able to move through more smoothly [Music] keep your eyes closed Martha we've got a surprise for you okay you can open your eyes now [Music] isn't it great it's your very own customized agility course we figured you couldn't move smoothly on Francois scores because it didn't fit you right I bet you'll be very agile in this course well aren't you gonna try it out I bet you'll be much more coordinated on this one whoo I can't I'd only fall down and embarrass myself take it from a klutz like me you can't worry about what other people think of you like TD always says you can't let a little thing like total humiliation stand between you and a good time come on Martha try it nope you want to try skip I know it maybe I'll try it too yeah maybe I will [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] messing up [Laughter] [Music]