Martin Garrix Talks Solo Release Animals EDM In 923 NOW Interview

ninety two three now ninety two three we are live in studios with subs Toro I got my friend Martin garrix in the house and we stopped bro how's that we think going you just got off of a Asia tour like two days ago and now you're in New York how's our trip going for you man big cuddler a lot of jet lag now let's get down to the nitty-gritty of it man I mean for everybody that's that's starting to get you to know you out here you're rocking overseas you were number one out in UK you're doing everything out there now in the States your song that is uh rockin with us as animals I mean I know you're pushing wizard to which is really really dope I listen to all your stuff I love it now what animals what we want to know like here is you're 17 years old we waited like it come from where did what happened how did this come about yeah the funny thing is I'm actually producing already four five six years and two years ago I got assigned to spinnin records and I started releasing tracks on a label and I released like twelve tracks and for me Ellis was just a lot of track yeah and I made the track to get played in the clubs and the festivals and then suddenly it starts it started getting played on the radio and we started charting and there was one one big surprise dude what was it like hearing your song on the radio for the first time it's crazy like we're not like usually at 16 17 years old with rock and playing mat and witches song animals is on a magnum commercial which is even crazier like what made you go that route of saying I want to make music then do other things and instead of playing sports or becoming an artist you wanted to make music what what happened in your life at that time to make you want to do this I don't know I really really liked electronic music and I I saw Chester performing at Olympics in 2004 that was the first time I got in touch with electronic music and from that point and just start buying CDs saving up money to buy DJ set and to buy a program which could let me produce my own music yeah on my computer I work with FL Studio and with logic yeah I just started hang around in the last few years it became more serious and dope and it's crazy because not a lot of I mean it's different out here not a lot of songs that are predominantly based around sounds get a lot of love you know the last one the last one before this was levels when Avicii came out and before that if I'm right in the States the last one before that was like sandstorm which is a long time ago what but what I've seen too is I heard a herd of vocal remix of tsunami - are you gonna keep animals as just a beat song record that has anybody hates you trying to pull vocals over it we're definitely gonna keep it as just a beat so we were considering about adding top lines on it but I only want to top line on a track if it actually leaves the track to the next level you know there are a lot of tracks I can give you a lot of examples for tracks which I like okay this strike didn't in the top line but I just put a top line on it because they were thinking are now we can play it on radio but you know I for me I only want to have a top line on my track if it's if it's leaving a track pushing a track to a next level do you want to be like on the radio or do you want to stay just like doing festivals and stuff like that for me being on the radio is it's not it's something which radio decides I just make a music which I like to make which I like to play my says life at the shows and then the radio can decide they want to play it or not it's the same thing with animals I made the track as a club records to get it played in the clubs and to play it in my own sets and the radio really liked it and they played as well so the amount that you're traveling dude like are you getting at anything like schoolwork and stuff like that how's that happening for you I didn't finish my regular school okay but right now I'm attending a special Academy for producers and musicians okay so when I'm in the Netherlands it's not that often recently but when I'm in the Netherlands I'm attending that school and learning more about producing and it's it's really interesting who do you like look look up more like has anybody came down to you and said listen I really like what you're doing if maybe I could give you a little bit of guidance I've been here and been through that is there anybody that that's been there for you like that yeah chest oh definitely really yes fun because I start because of him at Olympics and right now we Skype on on a weekly basis and Hartwell helps me a lot with giving advice and tips and also if I set up new tracks also chest though they give feedback or if they like they play it out in their sets and it's it's really it's really great how they are supporting now funny question just just put it out there what animals there is a vocal on there yep there is like a animal I have yet to hear a dirty version of it I have yet to hear the word the curse come out is that is that because maybe you know I don't know maybe oh yeah I'm thinking like out here when I was 17 years old and that curse I got punched in the mouth on my mom so she could be like I like to track you good but that's not gonna play like that no it says it's just weird animals when it's just it's that's the lyric of the track you know I'm for the for the us radio and we are also getting played in a lot of big stadiums yeah from from big match matches and also in the UK radio I had to make a different version so we actually have one which is saying we are the freakin animals we're fun which is just saying we are and I do like a king animals so you don't actually hear that I like it more I like it more kind of like silence now because it lets everybody else say it yes like people can get animals what it is but now and you push a wizard too yep for you and your fans that are here in the States out here in New York what can they expect next from you definitely show New York my first u.s. headline - in February we're looking forward to that and besides that I'm I'm also a lot of nice to do when I'm not traveling to create new music I got five six new tracks ready enough tracks to get released until April yeah and right now I'm working on some really big collaborations with with other artists some new solo stuff new remix I'm gonna release lot of tracks coming here and you having fun I'm having a lot of fun enjoying life that videos are crazy I mean I go on the website checking Martin garrix can't see the video I mean cuz the video you did for wizard that's up on YouTube right now kind of shows you traveling around at the fairs it's more animals was a video with with people with the mosque and the animals animals in the wizard we have more like a life element we see as partying Gerard Way and me together and Julian Jordan is also a little bit in the clay friend of mine and I pulled Joe Hart went on stage during five shows and there was a cameraman and yeah the way that claim just shows how how much fun we have on stage and how how it actually is at parties where we play hope now before I let you get out here I mean I just want to know what do you think is next for EDM and and its music itself like what's your goal on it on this to like what you end all and you're 17 years old you've got a lot of time a lot of time to have fun put out music like not being afraid to mess up and just rock out but what is you what is that like last goal for you my and and the end goal is just keep having fun you know that's the most important thing for me if I if I don't like what I'm doing I wouldn't do it and you don't want to work no more work for us - yeah I'm looking I'm not gonna call it a joke what I'm doing right now I love to make music I love to DJ only the the the traveling part is a little bit harder sometimes because you're sometimes sure you're you're you're having a 12-hour flight right now I'm having the worst jetlag because I just came out of a chest like 12 for you every time be okay yeah it'll get past you soon yeah used to this stuff my own in no time it is this dat'll daylight all right whatever is daytime yeah but III don't know what what what the future will bring I just hope I can keep on doing what I'm doing right now just keep on releasing tracks when doing shows and if I can keep on with doing that I'm happy well I think you should take the word fre vocabulary's I think you are gonna do it Martin garrix is here hanging out with us in 92 through now New York City it's just a beginning dude this is all in the beginning I see you getting to later on in the future when we rockin out and doing some other songs it's 92 3 now baby